1. leucadiacruiser

    Giant Loop 5 gallon gas bag review

    In an effort to lighten the load and make space on longer trips, I’ve made the switch from Scepter cans to the Giant Loop 5 gallon gas bags and have used them on my last two trips. With a few hundred miles off road (and too many of those washboard), so far I can attest to how well made these...
  2. Ironman 4x4 USA

    12,000lb Synthetic Winch $649 plus FREE shipping (Lower 48 States)

    Includes a 5-year limited warranty Universal bolt pattern for fitment to your bumper Includes all hardware and electrical wiring required Installation requires basic tools in a couple of hours. SHOP 12K WINCH DEAL SHOP ALL WINCHES
  3. Ironman 4x4 USA

    Ironman 4x4 Bumpers and Winches at Huge Discounts for July

    For July, our bumpers are discounted 20% off plus.....FREE SHIPPING!!! See the Bumpers Need a winch? Pair it with the workhorse known as the Monster Winch, savings up to $450 get them before they're gone. See our Winches
  4. EastBayGX

    SOLD  SF Bay Area - Superwinch Husky 10 Winch (Complete - Never Used)

    Hey there, This has been sitting in my garage for over a decade. Originally purchased to be installed on a SafariGard bumper on a Land Rover Discovery 1 project I had - that rig met an early end rolling off a cliff before this was installed. I've since moved on to a GX and went a different...
  5. Winching Tips & Tricks 01 - Winching A Tree Off The Trail

    Winching Tips & Tricks 01 - Winching A Tree Off The Trail

    Often in backcountry travel, we come across a downed tree across the trail. We take you through a basic tree removal winching scenario using our 12,000LB Mon...
  6. alohafj55

    For Sale  Hawaii: RARE TEQ Factory PTO Transfer case for FJ55 (Came off a 1979) EASY SHIPPING

    I have a RARE Factory Dual Direction PTO Transfer case for FJ55. In GREAT condition ready to bolt on to complete your restoration. See Pics. Easy to Ship. These are soo difficult to find. Verify Bolt patten to make sure it will fit your vehicle. Asking $700 obo (knuckle attached not included)
  7. Alexh85

    Winching Backwards

    I was being an idiot again, and i got stuck with no one to pull me out backwards, so i tried winching backwards with pulleys. Too see if it actually works, or is it just a story people tell when their drunk. This is how i rigged up my winch rope; I didn't want to break anything, so i took...
  8. RFB

    Securing Synthetic Winch Rope to a Drum with a plasma lock

    Never even saw it done, So here ya go.
  9. RFB

    2 monster recoveries and then SEARCH AND RESCUE

    We did 2 recoveries and on the 3rd at 12K ft we had to call in SAR
  10. SandiaFJ40

    For Sale  Warn 9.0RC for Sale or Trade

    Hey Mud Members, I have a fully functional Warn 9.0RC for sale. It has a new control pack, new controller, new mounting bracket, and new terminal boot covers. It has been tested and works perfectly. It will need a hawse fair lead and winch cable or rope. I am willing to trade for a Warn 9.5XP...
  11. JADANT

    DMOS Shovels!!!!

    DMOS makes an amazing shovel. I have 3 different models and they are all great, strong, and light weight. The compact down to fit just about anywhere. Lifetime warranty too. Right now they are having a sale!!!! SALE
  12. morganism

    Exhaust jacks coming cheaper soon

    Just a ton (ouch) of china companies putting these out now. But i like the roll up traction aids at these guys site, and they have snorkle kits for all cruisers after 80's. China Snorkel manufacturer, Wheel Spacer, Air Jack supplier - Telawei 4x4 Off-Road Accessories Factory Telawei 4x4...
  13. Bluetribal

    Vendor - Trail Tailor

    I am prepping for a trip to Moab in March and in doing so I new I was going to need some real front tow points. At the time I was ordering a custom wood sign from the vendors section and noticed @reevesci had ordered a sign and I had been talking with him about some parts for my old 80 Series...
  14. leucadiacruiser

    Deadman Kickstarter campaign

    @Torch Engineering I know these guys! Great looking product and Kicskstarter page Bryant - check 'em out here: Deadman: the world's most versatile off-road recovery anchor
  15. DirtScaresMe

    anyone recommend a recovery strap? (stretchy)

    I have a tow strap that's good, but today we used it (didn't have much choice) as a recovery strap and, well, I'd like to get a proper stretchy snap strap. I've found some on amazon but the reviews seem a little... bad.
  16. Kyle Fogle

    120 series front recovery points

    Hey guys! I just started Treaty Oak Offroad, we sell heavy duty front recovery points for 120 series rigs. I wanted a better option for front recovery than the standard tie down points, but didn't have $1k+ to shell out for a new bumper. I found similar recovery points for sale by some Aussie...
  17. G

    Front recovery points on GX460 (2010-2013)

    On my 2011 GX460, Just behind the front bumper air dams (easily removed with twist fasteners), I see what looks like factory tie down or tow points. Their location however looks like any strap or bridle attached would hit the lower bumper when pulled tight. Has anyone used these with a strap...
  18. Romer

    Colorado Crowd, want to learn spotting winching and recovery techniques?

    Come to the Rising Sun Club meeting. This month only an earlier time and different place. 7PM at Jefferson County Fairgrounds next Wednesday April 5th Rising Sun Member Forums - Powered by vBulletin There is no May meeting as we are all in Moab
  19. 80 Sack

    2nd Annual Basic Recovery Techniques Clinic

    Greetings friends and members of 406 Cruisers! We are happy to announce our next clinic. We will be conducting our 2nd Annual Basic Recovery Techniques Clinic on Saturday, April 1st from 10 am until 2 pm at Dark Horse Customs. The clinic will focus on the safe and proper use of the standard...
  20. S

    ARB recovery points for 200 LC

    Hello, I just purchased a '13 LC and am looking for a set of the ARB recovery points. Can you please help me with price for two and shipping to 12866? Thanks so much, Paul
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