1. T

    Transmission Rebuild

    Hey fellas! Ive got an 89 with 189K and a working transmission but could use a rebuild... I live in Atlanta and ACC is right around the corner. I called down there to see about having the current tranny rebuilt (would love to not have to worry about it for another 200K) and was told that the...
  2. Shagger1

    So I brought a FJ45..Without the misses permission..

    I have always wanted one, and everyone seems to have good stories of growing up doing some crazy missions in these old girls-so I wanted one to enjoy too! The ute will be useful, and slowly building it up will be a learning process, and my form of "therapy".
  3. Onur

    What's a Parts Guy to Do??

    Well, I'm at a crossroads. Here is my situation and I would like to get some other voices to join the ones in my head (as well as ones named Robbie, Cruiserdrew, Steve, etc.). Head is off, block is what it is (in very good shape for a 260k bottom end), head going to machine shop Monday for a...
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