1. cahoove7

    Shackle reversal rear shackle hanger placement

    Hi all, We bought a man-a-fre shackle reversal kit. In the instructions it says the holes center to center should be 42 1/8" unless you want to move it closer for a softer ride. My dad and I are new to working with leaf springs so don't know much about how to adjust ride quality and shackle...
  2. racevws

    Rear Door/ hatch/ window problem

    I just bought my first Land Cruiser and I am super stoked about it! Anyway, it is in good shape overall, and it seems to run quite well and the factory lockers function well. I do have the following issue: The rear hatch So the right side doesn't close all the way. Tail gate abnormal side by...
  3. WarWagon

    Rear diff motor housing......

    Anyone have the correct part # for the rear diff motor housing? Mine is rusted and torn apart. Who else has had to replace this? Thx
  4. shanester

    Rear vent / Side Mirror Trim Piece

    It's impossible to remove it isn't it? I tried pulling that sucker out for half an hour last night. I don't see any retaining clips or screws for it - is it part of the dash?
  5. shanester

    Running Air Lines for front and rear lockers

    Hey guys - I'm tackling running air lines for my front and rear lockers today to save me some dough when the shop installs the lockers tomorrow. I have the air compressor installed in Slees dual battery tray which is on the passenger side of engine bay. Where should I route the lines and what...

    Rear Window Gear 72751-39020 Question

    Could someone tell me what model years the nylon gear (72751-39020) in the tailgate regulator works in? I have an FJ55 manufactured November 1975. It has front disc brakes so I believe it is considered a '76. Anyway, I have the gear and want to know if it will work in my year.
  7. winstonclein

    LC100 2006 axle elocker retrofit?

    I have been tried to look for a post on this behalf, but not success yet on my especific questions. Can I fit an elocker axle from 98-99 100 to a 06-07 100 with little or easy work? Or it'll be a PITA. It will be worthier to fix another lockers instead? I just put 285/75R18 and if I got the...
  8. E

    Rear cubby?

    I've searched, but can't find a clue as to what the long cubby in the rear passenger side was intended for. It has some stretched out elastic straps in it, so I'm assuming it got some use...
  9. mrhustle23

    SOLD. Unopened 80 series, 4x4 Labs Rear Bumper

    I got the bumper about a year ago and never put it together and put it on my 80. Well, I sold my 80 a couple of months ago and the buyer wasn't interested in it. It is a dual swing out, tire carrier and 3 jerry can basket. Everything is still in their shipping boxes. I'm looking to get a $1200...
  10. Nasr Qaisar

    Grease splatter on rear rim

    Hi guys, I just noticed a few spots of grease splatter on my rear left rim. This wheel also had two hub nuts replaced about 3 months ago. Should I be concerned or is this normal, haven't seen this on any of the other wheels. Check out the attached pictures.
  11. W

    WTB: Rear Center Wheel Caps for 1988 FJ62

    Hi guys, new to the forum here because I just bought my first cruiser (1988 FJ62). Anybody have a spare pair of rear center wheel caps for this type of truck that they'd be willing sell? Thanks!
  12. mmw68

    FJ40 Rear Underseat storage box - prototype

    Some of Ya'll don't get out of the 40-55 Tech Thinking of doing a limited run of FJ40 storage boxes, and any one interested please take a look, and your feed back is welcome. FJ40 Rear Underseat storage console - prototype
  13. webbz47

    Wanted  BJ70 series rear window

    Hello, I am looking for the rear window from the large door (that has spare tire) from a 70 series landcruiser. Mine is a JDM 87' BJ70. thanks.
  14. webbz47

    Wanted  BJ70 series rear window

    Hello, I am looking for the rear window from the large door (that has spare tire) from a 70 series landcruiser. Mine is a JDM 87' BJ70. thanks.
  15. M

    Wanted  Rear Door Speaker Grill

    Looking for 1 speaker grill cover for the rear doors of my '97 fzj80. Thanks!
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