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  1. will pierce

    rear diff locker will not engage

    Hi this is my first post on mud and also my first 'problem' with my land cruiser. Its a 1998 100 series and when I go to engage the rear locker the red indicator on the dash just blinks repeatedly never engaging. Have read through the owners manuals many times and no help. When the center diff...
  2. Get outside

    For Sale 100 series TJM Rear Locker - Brand new

    Hi guys, I bought this in February while the TJM sale was going on. I only got it out of the box after receiving it. Checked it out then put it back in box until I could install but a lot has happened between then and now! This is no longer going into my 100. I'm located in Nipomo CA, near...
  3. AndyO78FJ40

    SOLD Sold 1998 100 series with a rear locker for an 80

    Looking to sell my 100 or possibly trade for an 80. See for sale thread below and pm if interested. For Sale - Black 1998 100 Southern Truck with rear locker and 198k miles.
  4. AndyO78FJ40

    SOLD Sold Black 1998 100 Southern Truck with rear locker and 198k miles.

    For Sale. My Black 1998 UZJ100 with 198k miles and a OEM Rear Locker. It has been a Southern truck it's whole life (Alabama and Mississippi), so no rust. Currently in Madison Mississippi. Since I have owned it, I have replaced the suspension with Ironman Torsion Bars, Old Man Emu 866 Rear...
  5. A

    Rear Locker Doesn't Engage?

    When I turn on rear locker switch on my 98 LC red dash indicator light just keeps blinking on high or low (did the pin 7 mod). Could this be a simple fuse or relay issue? Just hope it's not the e-locker itself going bad.
  6. DJCloz

    Does the stock rear locker switch light up on a 98-99?

    I recently noticed that the stock rear e locker switch on my 99 and the mirror controls do not light up(. Are the bulbs out or did they never light up? is there a bulb I can replace?
  7. Mudder92

    Buying a 1994 LC, its out of state so I can't physically look at the dash, to check for lockers.

    I'm buying my third LC next week. I've owned a 1992 and a 1997. Loved the 92 hated the 97. The one that I'm looking into now is a 1994. It's in great shape and fully loaded. The only real problem I guess, is that I don't know if it has lockers on it. I can't really see the dash very well in the...
  8. Iceaxe

    Rear Actuator Not Working Post-Regear

    Hey guys, Example #5,436 of why you try NOT to use your name brand mechanic for work on your cruiser. The culprit this time: 4WheelParts. Took my rig in to regear it to 4.88, they quoted me a 1-2 day work duration. Wound up hanging onto my rig for 10 days... where they told me they installed...
  9. a_traut_man

    For Sale Not Mine - Low Mileage Locked 1998 Cruiser - CA

    Still in the habit of searching for 100s even though I already found mine... Low mileage 98 from California found on ebay, ran the Carfax and not much for service records, 3 owners... looks like it could be pretty solid for someone who can go check it out. Carfax attached... Toyota: Land...
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