For Sale  Third Row Seats - $Free OR Shipping - From 2010 LX570, Grey, Good Condition (

    All bolts/facia included, good condition on the leather, (the work, obviously), grey interior color. I'll upload more pictures when I have the good sense not to snap an awful picture and head out of town for two days. Do not hesitate to make me an offer, these things seem to be all over the...
  2. O

    Second row radio replacement with power outlets

    I thought I’d share, but I have replaced the second row radio with power outlets, clipping into the factory wiring harness. Check it out! It was pretty simple to do. Took a while to find the correct clip (so I didn’t have to cut up the old harness). A quick 3D print and some minor wiring later...
  3. foresteez

    Turbocharging a 73 1F motor in FJ40. Should I do it?

    I have a 1971 FJ40 with a 73 1F engine in it. I’m just curious would it be possible to turbocharge that I6? Let me know of your opinion on it. If I did do it it would be all custom fab so any ideas would be great.
  4. Hiace4wd

    Half a year overland trip with ONE battery for starting & aux

    So, as a signal of how you can solve things differently I create this thread. I see everybody keep adding batteries to there rigs. 2 batteries for starting (even if you have only 12v) and then two extra batteries for the equipment (fridge and stuff). But then, yes, the batteries need to be...
  5. D

    Do I need a Steering cooler

    up grading our 67 restoration with a mini truck power steering conversion, boy those boxes are hard to find, just got one. We are using 33 inch tires, do we need a power steering cooler?
  6. M

    power steering issue by low RPM/ idling only

    Hi to all, I have noticed that sometimes it is hard to turn the steering wheel when idiling or low rpms. I have changed power steering fluid as it was gray, but this did not help. Has anyone experienced this kind of issue ? It is that the power steering does not genereate enough pressure by...
  7. suttonkb

    For Sale  Power Leather Seats 80 Series

    I'm wanting to sell my gray power leather seats from my 1994 cruiser. This includes front, rear, and 3rd row. The front seat headrests have screens installed for the rear passengers to watch video. I believe they are Clarion screens. Leather was replaced not long ago by PO. Seats and screens...
  8. M

    poor acceleration, doggy, etc...

    Hello folks, still fighting with this rig since the last debacle, but it has evolved. Description of current issue: Lacks power, idle seems good. Right now its about as quick as a automatic NA volvo 240 wagon, full... It will get up hills, and though it does not really seem to be straining, its...
  9. RFB

    Want to rebuild a steering gear and pump

    Just picked up a PS gear and pump from a fellow mud member, I want to rebuild them both and have as spares Im asuming 37 i mud grapplers and KO2s arent going to lenghthen the life of the units in the truck now, my question is wheres the best place or who is the best guy to get oem rebuild kits...
  10. Gregol

    1HZ subtle power hiccups

    Hello hello from Switzerland, I just got this beautiful troopy HZJ75 from 1999 with 200'000km on a 1HZ engine 4.2 D without a turbo. My problem : I have this kind of subtle hiccup power loss that becomes very distinct just around the happy cruising rpm zone. The only way to drive is by going...
  11. LCHardriver_02

    Gauge Fuse - IMPORTANT!

    So, I'm back in my 100 series, as my wife took my daughter and headed to the mountains in my 200 series LX:cheers:. This last week, I was troubleshooting the wiring on a small two-wheel trailer and accidently shorted 12V to ground....:doh: This took out my Gauge Fuse, located in the driver's...
  12. J

    Power Steering Cooler - Replacement

    I just spent a couple evenings working on my 1994 Land Cruiser. The power steering cooler had some pretty bad corrosion/rust that lead to a leak in the "paper clip" cooler. To help the next guy I wanted to let you know what all needs to done to replace the cooler with an OEM part or like me, a...
  13. W

    1990 FJ62 Driver sideview power mirror

    Does anyone know where I can find a driver sideview POWER mirror for my 1990 FJ62? Some douchebag smashed mine and I'm having a bitch of a time finding a new one. TIA.
  14. Rebelle110

    Power Steering Lines Wrapped Around the Frame

    I am trying to replace my power steering gearbox. I'm guessing it's all original because the fluid lines WILL NOT come out of the top of the gearbox. Got a lot of recommendations to cut the lines, because really they need replacing anyway. Dove into that this weekend, and I realize the lines...
  15. DoubleNickels

    Wanted  FJ62 Power Antenna

    Broken or not, please let me know if you have a power antenna assembly. Thanks!
  16. A

    Driver Door Power Lock Gets Stuck When It Hot Outside

    I live in Sacramento, California where the summers get quite hot. At the end of last summer I started having an intermittent problem with my driver door's power lock not working. I noticed the problem occurred on hot days over 95 or when the sun was directly hitting the driver door. No problems...
  17. L

    1HDT Clutch Vs Power

    Hi, And here I am thinking with my buttons about what kind of power upgrades or even "raw HPs" would the stock clutch handle. In my case I'm running a custom clutch based on the stock one but it isn't all that much aggressive then the stock one. Engine wise I'm running stock CT-26 @ 15Lbs...
  18. Aloha Jen

    '91 fj80 manual seats into '95 with power seats

    Looking for advice on those that have swapped fj80 manual cloth seats with their leather power seats. From what I've read, looks like they bolt right in, with some minor differences in overall seat height. What I am looking for, is how you have dealt with the seat belt issues. The ones I am...
  19. T

    Power window lock button

    My search skills are totally failing me...does anyone have a picture or diagram of the window lock assembly? I apologize if I've overlooked it amidst the million window switch threads. I took the switch apart to clean the window contacts and the lock button assembly came apart with a vengeance...
  20. blbuck12

    HP loss to fan

    Have been planning on moving over to an electric fan to clean up the engine bay and leave all hp for the wheels. Engine Masters (Motor Trend guys) tested a Chevy 350 with a bunch of different fans to see how much hp they use. Definitely going to be switching now, the 2f needs all the help it can...
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