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  1. J

    Wanted  3B power steering crank pulley, pump bracket, idler pulley

    Hi, I'm looking for a p/s pulley (with spacer would be great), the pump bracket and idler pulley for the 3B engine of my 1983 BJ42. Any offers by PM please. regards Jan
  2. E

    Power steering flush

    Hey I was wondering if anyone knows any threads regarding flushing power steering fluid or if anyone can give me an overview of the process. Thanks
  3. RND1

    Power steering whine at 10 O'Clock position

    This started fairly recently, when I turn the wheel through the 10 O'clock position, I hear something akin to a power steering whine and then it goes away. If I turn it to the 10 O'Clock position and hold it there it doesn't whine. It's worse when it's cold and better when warm, but doesn't go...
  4. A

    Power steering fluid leak

    I went out tonight a noticed a puddle under the truck towards the drivers side. It looks like it is coming from the Control Valve Housing on the steering rack. I checked the power steering reservoir and it was empty. I had not noticed any difference in driving. Anyone rebuild just the...
  5. dfrfsucks

    catastrophic power steering pump failure

    Has anyone ever had a pump snap in two peaces under normal driving this was a week old remaned pump
  6. 1973Guppie

    Electric Power Steering on early column?

    Is there anyone out there that has done EPS on an early fj40 column? I am wanting to procure a kit to do this on my 1972 fj40 but the only write ups I have seen have been on the later columns and am wondering if it is possible or not to get this done on an earlier column? Any links to threads or...
  7. richxd87

    SOLD  FJ62 Power Steering Gear Box

    Power steering gear box from a 1988 FJ62 with 270k miles on it. Fits later model 60 series with offset mounting holes, slightly different than early 60 frames. Asking $150
  8. lethal1

    Lucas Oil Power Steering Fluid with Conditioners

    I know the LX and LC call for Dexron but would Lucas Oil PSF (not the stop leak) really harm the system? It says it's compatible with all systems...Hmmm I wonder. I went to change mine and it was black so I took some out of the resevoir with a pump and refilled with Lucas Oil PSF. Drove around a...
  9. Astralcat

    Oil and Power steering Pump O-rings/Leaks.

    Hi Guys, 97' LX-450 125K. Small leaks from power steering pump and Oil leak under Engine. Very minor fluid loss. Shop, That is familiar with FJ80 says is O-Rings. Main on PS Pump, not Pump failure and Oil pump in engine leaks after time and pulley comes off, Repair is $450.00 or so. Should I...
  10. Picz34

    Power steering gearbox identification

    I got this gearbox as a throw in when I bought my FJ40. The previous owner bought it to install on the 40 but never got around to it. Can anyone with more knowledge than me let me know if this is the right gearbox for a fj40?
  11. S

    Advice on Replacing Power Steering High Pressure Line '91 FJ80

    I have a leak in the high pressure power steering line on my 1991 FJ80. I have it disconnected from the pump and the power steering box and I removed the three brackets holding it to frame. The skid plate is out. I'm stuck trying to pull the line out. It looks like it needs to pivot down...
  12. mccurdyp

    Sluggish Power Steering

    My 2001 diesel Land Cruiser is down here in Honduras where the roads are very rough. A while back, the power steering became very sluggish. Sometimes it's very difficult to make a sharp turn, and it doesn't return to center easily. Belt is good and no noise for it My local mechanic suggested...
  13. C

    Question: 2F Header Options with Power Steering?

    I would like to install a header on my 2F FJ4x with unknown power steering conversion. A previous owner installed power steering, it appears to be Toyota parts. The Power steering pump is on the upper passenger side of the engine, so not in the way of the header. The steering box is above the...
  14. CruiserZen

    1985 FJ60 PS Gear Box Reseal

    After 268,000 miles our FJ60 still runs like a champ and since we became the proud owners the number of leaks has decreased down to a precious few! But recently I found the telltale signs of leaking red ATF on the floor under the drivers side. A quick look showed no issues with the hose seals...
  15. Hokierig

    Air in Power Steering System (FJ62)

    Hello 62 owners, I have a problem that I have been unable to diagnose and unable to find by searching existing threads. A few weeks back I heard what sounded like the bearing in my power steering pump going bad so I replaced the unit and my low pressure lines (cracked) and flushed the system...
  16. Bsclly

    1996 80 Series Power Steering Leak

    Hey guys, I've got a bit of an issue. I've got a 1996 Land Cruiser, and recently the power steering has started leaking. This is the 2nd or 3rd time it's happened and the mechanic said last time that he doesn't know if he'll be able to weld it again. We're taking it in tomorrow to see. Well...
  17. S

    For Sale  FJ40 1978 entire rig and extras

    I am looking to sell my project fj40. I have a clean PA title and rig in my name. Included is everything in the pictures. I am really not really sure what to ask looking for offers since I am moving and have no where to take it make offers, If I have to post a price let me know. This is a...
  18. Radelafu

    FJ60 1983 Power Steering Pump - Where to find one?

    Is there a way I could get a hold of a power steering pump for my FJ60 1983 that doesn't cost $500!? (new or used) I rebuilt mine in a company in Colorado but the pump just doesn't worked. Thank you
  19. blinnqb

    Bled Power Steering Twice... Still Having Trouble at Low RPM

    About a month ago I was driving aggressively on a dirt road. I went through a turn pretty sharp and had a little more traction through the turn than I expected. When I cam out of it my steering was very stiff and did not feel right at all. Now when driving at low rpm's (below 1000) my power...
  20. nmcbride89

    FJ62 Power Steering

    I apologize if this has been discussed, but I searched for power steering issues and didn't see exactly my problem... Basically, it seems like my power steering works off and on. Sometimes it will work with the truck parked and other times the steering wheel pulsates and it feels like there is...
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