1. Baja73

    Color of 1973 FJ40 Fuel Tank

    I had to buy a new fuel tank. I bought a new OEM tank. It came a flat black color and really looks like it needs to be painted. What is the correct color for a 1973 fuel tank? Thanks!
  2. Gnarwgn

    Roof Paint Peeling

    Ok team - See pics. PO covered this up with his kids Crayola finger paint (or something) and now thats failing and showing rust. I've received a quote from the locally best priced collision repair shop, and they are wanting $1200 for the job. Gulp. I'm guessing I can get that down by...
  3. Prepped Timing Cover and Tappet Covers

    Prepped Timing Cover and Tappet Covers

  4. erse

    looking for advice on beginners spray paint equipment

    Next possible projects on the 62 will include painting newly acquired bare metal sliders sliders and sound deadening/new carpet on the inside. @NCFJ has mentioned lizard skin products in some of his builds and I would like to try it. I have zero paint experience. Looking for some advice for a...
  5. OffRoadScott

    Paint/Body shop recommendations

    Looks like I am going to stay with the factory color on my LC. Dark Emerald Pearl 6M1 I believe is the correct color code. My friend used Campus Autobody when he had his RX7 repainted. I am looking for some recommendations on body/paint shops. His car came out amazing and I would like mine to...
  6. D

    1988 Cruiser Color Codes

    In the process of restoring my white 88 cruiser. Not sure exactly which "white" color code is correct? Everything that I've seen thus far, points me towards color code 045, but the color swatch looks beige/tan, rather than white. Any assistance provided, is highly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  7. CavCruiser

    ‘88 FJ62 Needs a paint job

    Its time for me to pull the trigger on a paint job for my Baby and I’m looking for a decent place around Austin. I’ve seen some posts about Jack from LCS, I don’t know if he’s still around or not. Would love to hear if anyone has any recommendations. 1988 FJ62
  8. TravelswRusty

    Glass-out paint job question

    I'm working on ordering everything I need for my upcoming paint job- those of you who have done it, did you replace all window and door seals, rubber gaskets, weatherstripping, body trim, window felts, emblems etc? Can any of it be reused? I know cuiserparts sells a weatherstripping kit, but I...
  9. Borrego

    Dreaming - What Paint Color

    I know there have been threads on paint colors, but with all the new options out there, if you were to change colors completely, what color would you paint your 60? I'm really digging this new Toyota Calvary Blue. Especially if everything were blacked out.
  10. M

    Pros/Cons of black/grey/silver paint on GX470s

    I'm leaning towards grey (ash blue mica) or silver (silver pine/titanium metallic) BUT a few black (black onyx) GX470s have caught my eye... Anyone have any issues with the black paint... I had a civic back in the day and it had crazy paint swirls that drove me nuts... I'm guessing they'd be...
  11. yonah

    Thoughts regarding black as an exterior color

    I've been searching for a 2013+ for awhile and originally discounted black as an exterior color due to the maintenance factor (harder to keep clean) and that blemishes tend to be more pronounced against a glossy, dark surface. My wife has a black Audi and I find that it doesn't take that much...
  12. Richfj60

    Looking for a painter in NW WA

    Hey Mudders, I am looking for someone to repaint my 85 FJ60 up in the Mount Vernon/Burlingon area. Not looking for Picasso, this isn't a show vehicle, but looking for someone that is willing to strip down and do a repaint. Might be some minor metal work, don't know for sure. Any suggestions?
  13. Nathan King

    Land Cruiser 80 Build---Heck of a Find. Guess what I Paid for it and the Mileage for a prize.

    Here are some pics of my 80. I am slowly getting it back into tip top shape. I am prepping for an Overland Trip from Florida to Colorado with my two lovely daughters before they are grown and gone. They are 19 and 17 now. Here's what I have done so far: Paint job All new wiring under the hood...
  14. D

    Wanted  Upper Tailgate for 2001 LX470

    I'm looking for a rust free (as possible) upper tailgate that will fit a 2001 LX470. Color code: Mystic Sea Opalescent 6S5. Thanks! Dave.
  15. infernalcolonel

    HJ61 original paint colors?

    Hi folks. Had a question about original paint colors on the HJs; saw a black and silver one with decals that I was told was original, and someone else told me they never made those in black. (1989). Can’t find the info anywhere myself. Thanks in advance!
  16. Fuentesfranko

    How much Raptor Liner?

    Hey! I'm getting my '73 FJ40 painted and I'm thinking of getting Tintable Raptor liner on the floor of the truck. I'm looking on Amazon and there are 2,4,6,8 liter kits and I have no idea how much it would take to cover the floor from the front to the back on the ol' 40. Anyone has experience...
  17. HDJdreams

    What’s your favorite rattle can?

    What’s your favorite spray paint for the drivetrain and chassis? I am not looking for showroom pretty, just a solid color and a rust barrier. I used Rustoleum self etching primer and enamel on my rear hubs. I am hoping it will hold up. What have worked long term for you?
  18. Gxme200

    Steering wheel wooden paint and headache

    Ηey all. Fairly new to the thread and basically my first post aswell in the forums. Been active on the form looking at different builds and posts but never posted before. So please bare with me a little. Ok, so basically my Lc 200’s ( 2010 ) steerings wooden paint has faded due to use and...
  19. T

    Metal / Body Work Denver Area

    Hello, Anyone know anyone good at metal work / body work in the Denver area? Have a 77 40 that has some rust issues wanting to get addressed. Thanks!
  20. F

    Advice on dealing with rain gutters on FJ60

    I've looked over the various threads on dealing with removing rust and cracked ancient putty form the rain gutters, and applying new self-leveling putty, etc. My question is, does that putty apply directly to the bare metal in the bottom of the gutters (after they've been cleaned and all old...
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