1. JJ Cruiser

    Wanted  FJ 40 1982 odometer 6 digit plus tenth

    Will pay well for this part. Tks. !
  2. Grouchy

    Wanted  Speedometer/Odometer (No longer needed)

    my 1974 spins the tenths digit, but no more. Anyone have parts to rebuild/replace the unit that I could take off their hands? Cheers and thanks!
  3. D

    KZJ73 Speedometer guts

    Hello, today I took apart kzj73 cruiser speedometer and I found that under the speedo plate, right next to odometer there is another hiden -meter, that has a gear running it from odometer, but at a little faster rate, and when it runs aprox. 500k units, it should power a T-BELT light from the...
  4. Scott Novellas

    Odometer help!

    I have a 1976 40 with a stuck odometer. I've taken it out multiple times and followed the instructions I found on these forums to clean it thoroughly but it just does not work. I bought one from a nice gentleman on eBay but it did not fit my instrument cluster. If anyone has any suggestions...
  5. DougCoMo

    Odometer problem

    Hi, all. Doing some odds and ends waiting for a fuel pump actually. My odometer stopped working so I've disassembled to go through the cleaning and re-lubricating process mentioned in other threads here. It appears the main worm gear is stripped out. I'm unable to find the part online so I'm...
  6. F

    Odometer suggestions

    My speedometer works but the odometer doesn't any suggestions? 1976 fj 40
  7. Fort Knox

    Strange behavior from Tundra odometer

    The wife and I took the Tundra down to Hilton Head this weekend to visit a good buddy of mine from high school and to transact some business. On the way down, my odometer crossed a threshold: The strange thing though, is that on the way back home, the odometer looked like this...
  8. BILT4ME

    Wanted  WTB: Gauge Cluster 96 Land Cruiser Odometer

    I need a speedometer or odometer for my 96 80 series Land Cruiser. Preferably mileage under 200K if possible. Mine has 250K on it. It's not about making the mileage less, it's about wear on the internal gears. I don't ever plan on selling......
  9. Ali M

    LC 100 w/Odometer off

    Found this 2000 LC100 w/Ironman foam cell shocks front and rear and OME 865 rear coils that were put 2 months ago. When the owner bough it, the odo was showing 75K. Now it is at 85K but carfax says odo is saying it is off and supposed to be at 283K. That said, the owner (4th owner according to...
  10. S

    Speedometer is out in 94 land cruiser

    My speedometer and odometer recently went out on my 1994 land cruiser. all the other gauges work fine. I have a buddy with a 1993 land cruiser selling parts, would his speedometer/ head be compatible and fit in my truck?
  11. S

    Speedometer out on 94 land cruiser

    My speedometer and odometer are out on my 94 land cruiser, all of the other gauges are working fine. I took it into the shop and they said it would be $500 to replace. I have a friend with a 93 cruiser selling parts, would his speedometer/ head fit in my truck?
  12. C

    VIN Check and Some Advice on Odometer Rollback situation

    Can someone please run a carfax report or something similar on: JTEHT05J712005676 I fell in love with this website a few years back when my seat motor sprockets got stripped on my 80. I was able to fix it on the cheap. The seats still work great! Extremely helpful website. Many thanks. Now I'm...
  13. D

    Speedo/ Odometer heal for larger tires

    Hey everybody. I'm sorry if this topic has been covered already, but I haven't been able to find a good answer yet... I just bought some Duratracs for my '06 LC and decided to upsize a bit (I went to a 275/70/18). I know this will throw my speedo off by 7% or so, which I'm not very concerned...
  14. Borrego

    FJ40 odometer Gear

    Hey guys, My odo wasn't working on my '71 when I bought my 40. I took it all apart and found that it was all gunked up, I could barely turn the numbers by hand. I took it apart and cleaned it extremely well and everything spun much easier, however, I found that the little worm gear was pretty...
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