Map & Compass Class, August 21 @7pm


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Jan 5, 2018
Hey cruiser folks,

I will be holding a map and compass class on Tuesday, August 21st at 7pm sharp.

Key details:
- Bring your own compass if you have one. I will have a very limited quantity of extras. If you don't have one, consider picking one up at REI - basic models with everything you'll need run about $20-40 which is pretty cheap insurance! Make sure you get one with a baseplate.
- Location: Creekwood Park (cul de sac of Creekwood Drive) coordinates: 45.705580, -111.004781
- We will begin PROMPTLY at 7pm to ensure we have enough daylight. Please arrive a few minutes early to settle in.

We will go over the following:

Maps 101:
- Quick Geography essentials: latitude, longitude, elevation and North, West, East, South on planet Earth
- How maps represent the real world
- Topo maps and map symbols
*maps of the area generously provided by Axles & Antennas

Compass 101:
- Parts of a compass
- Where is North??
- How to take a heading
- How to maintain a set course

Putting it together- answering the 2 most important questions:
- "where am I?" - triangulating your position
- "how do I get there? - plot a course and follow it.

My qualifications:
I have a graduate certificate in cartography and Geographic Information Systems. I am also an experienced backcountry hiker and backpacker. In October I will be competing in the Rebelle Rally, an all-women's offroad navigational rally-raid that takes place in the California and Nevada desert over 8 days, using only analog navigation... no GPS! I am part of Team Free Range Dames (which you can follow at or @teamfreerangedames on facebook/instagram). Feel free to stay after the class to chat about the Rebelle, GPS systems, advanced analog navigation, women in the offroad industry, etc.

I look forward to seeing you guys there!
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