1. G

    For Sale 2004-2007 100 Series Audio / Navigation Part Out - All Parts Excellent Condition

    This is from a 2004 Toyota Land Cruiser. All parts work with no issues. Have everything from navigation screen, to cassette player to factory amp , to six disc changer to navigation computer to the climate control board (climate control ecu), backup camera ecu. All prices negotiable. ++...
  2. d3lta foxtrot

    Good sale on GPS tablet!

    So I have been looking for a tablet for viewing maps on trails, and found out that the Samsung SM-T350 has GPS, and is in stock at the Bozeman Costco. The price recently came down from $170 to $100, so I bought one today. I installed GPS Test Plus, and it got a lock when location was switched to...
  3. jerryb

    For Sale 2006 NAV ECU, DVD changer and JBL amp

    all from my 2006 LC, They have been on the shelf for a month or two. They all worked fine. Back up cam computer will also be on here when I can take the pass seat out again. DVD changer # 86270-60115 $400 JBL audio amp # 86280-0w061 $250 NAV ECU # 86841-50090 $250 Shipping included at those...
  4. tedzap

    2003 Nav screen interchange?

    I am having a problem with my 2003 that is similar to the one common on the 2004+ models. Climate control is intermittent and the screen tells me to check the a/c connection. Although I may try the "pin 60 repair" I am looking around various salvage yards for a replacement screen. Can...
  5. Cannon88

    Dealer 2005 GX470 w/KDSS no NAV

    NOT MINE 2005 Lexus GX470 Sport with KDSS
  6. Malleus

    Replacement for factory stereo, Boss and Eclipse NAV headunits

    Does anyone have any experience with the Boss BV960NV as an update for the factory headunit? Boss BV960NV I know there was some excitement over the Eclipse Nav units a couple of years back, and although NOS units are available at a really good price, they've been discontinued. I'd like to hear...
  7. BrewTuna

    Gx460 Sport Design / No Nav

    Not affiliated. Thought this one was pretty cool. Sport Design w. No Nav. 2013 *LEXUS* *GX 460* *Premium* 4WD V8 Third Row Seats Leather SUV 13
  8. E

    Nav Replacement Question 2003

    I have a 2003 100 series and the nav screen randomly broke today. The audio is now stuck completely in "audio off", and the map buttons do not even respond. I would like to just replace the screen with a non-nav 100 series climate control board and an upgraded aftermarket stereo system. Has...
  9. CLHickman

    LX Prestigious Society Install

    This afternoon I installed the Prestigious Society navigation bypass... I initially unhooked the negative lead to the battery: I noticed that the connectors were corroded so I just unhooked them both and sprayed them down with RODI water. I then used a wire brush and rinsed. Next up I started...
  10. Shilly

    Remove Navigation Unit from 2002 100 Series

    Here is a link to a FB post that I did to show the results of removing your malfunctioning (or un-useful) NAV unit from your 2002 Land Cruiser. This also shows you the 4 wires that need to be spliced in order to restore the front left speaker function - as well as preserve the wiring if you...
  11. S

    Pioneer Navi 2015 Map Update

    Hi everyone - if any of you are running a Pioneer Z or X series navigation units check out the AVIC forum for an update to your maps. 2015 Avic Z120 map update - Page 6 - Hacks/Mods I did it and worked well on my X930BT head unit. For your specific unit you may have to dig around the forum; if...
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