1. reznunt

    100 Series Ditch Light Mount Kits

    A run-of-the-mill rigid ditch light mount can’t compare to the near-infinite adjustability of our Massive single/dual ditch light mount kit. Full rotating design paired with slotted mounting holes allow for almost any desired orientation. Run a single ditch light pair or switch to quads in...
  2. O

    1982 FJ40 Rear Body Mount & Frame Patch

    Good afternoon everyone, I have used the search feature but I am unable to find any info this, so i’m reaching out for help offered. I am currently looking at purchasing a stock 1982 FJ40 for $3500. When I looked the car over I was surprised at how rust free the frame was, however there was a...
  3. Matthew Deweese

    Wanted Early model oil filter & mount

    Looking for early model oil filter and mount. Really just need then mount but will take both thanks so much
  4. utahisrad

    For Sale 80 series CB/FM Antenna Mount for stock location

    Made by Trail Taylor, sells for $65 new will sell for $50 shipped. Antenna Mounts Ended up going a different direction, going to mount my CB on the back and do a regular fm/am in the front. Missing the small rubber washer. Here are the install instructions: » Antenna Mount Info...
  5. Outsane

    Rotenna the rotating antenna mount

    There was interest for a mount I made for my rig. On the what did you do to your rig this weekend. So this is the journey on designing/making a couple more. The original design uses the rack mounting bracket for location , I don't think that will do for most people.
  6. J

    Smog pump bracket

    Does anyone know the size of the smog pump bracket spacer? See circled spacer in picture below. This is located between the water pump and bracket on my 5/1977 FJ40. Thanks! Jeff
  7. SportsmanJake

    Looking for advice on antennas and mounting locations for CB and ham

    Hi CLCC, I am looking for advice on where to mount a CB antenna and a 2m/70cm antenna. I am asking on the club page because I've talked to a few club members who are very knowledgeable and would like to have some local support if I need to troubleshoot. Goal: Determine best place to mount ham...
  8. DoubleNickels

    For Sale SOLD Oil Cooler and Bracket, 2F/3FE Engine, Boise Idaho, $60+ Shipping

    SOLD SOLD SOLD The title says it all! Located in Boise. Includes bolts, of course. Reply or PM if interested. Parts are fairly flat and would probably go in a USPS $14 box. Regards Calvin
  9. D

    For Sale Wit's End Right side Fire Extinguisher mount

    I never mounted a fire extinguisher to the mount. Just installed the mount and found out that it didn't work for my purposes. 80 Series Fire Extinguisher Mount-Right Side Mounted, but never used. Excellent condition. I'll dust it off and clean it up for you. $50 + Priority mail shipping in...
  10. yonah

    RAM Universal No-Drill RAM POD HD Vehicle Mount

    200 owners, I use an IPad for navigation off pavement and mounted it via a BirdDawg HD TechDeck in my Tacoma. I'm considering RAM's Universal No-Drill HD mount for my 200 as it seems like the most stout solution - and I do not want to drill any holes in my dash. Here's a link to the unit: RAM...
  11. F

    Help with alternator and AC unit reassembly

    I was an idiot and didn't take pictures of how the front end of my stock 83 FJ60 was put together before I started taking off the alternator, bracket and the top half of the AC compressor (which I think is mounted to the alternator bracket). Can someone show me a pick of how it goes together ...
  12. fantoyota

    Wanted Frame weld on engine mount 2h hj60

    Hi everybody, I'm new to this forum and i just bought a fj60 converted to 2h, but the engine mount that are welded to the frame are not from a hj60 and it is poorly made.... I would like to know if one of you have or can cut and sell engine mount (bracket welded to the frame) from a hj60 with a...
  13. mrjordann

    How do you mount your gas can?

    I have a 73 FJ40 and I want to mount a jerry can on the back of my truck. I can't use the spare tire rack, because I'm planning on getting a spare. And I don't want to damage the body to mount a jerrycan holder. What did you guys to do mount yours (if you have one)? And even if you don't, what...
  14. DJCloz

    Body mount Sqeeks? Creeks?

    I have recently noticed a little bit of sqeeking right under my driver side floor board while driving. Usually from when I take off from a stand still. There is a body mount there so I assume it has gone bad after almost 200k miles and the occasional wheeling trip every couple months where I...
  15. emaxabundance

    82 fj60 needing to mount rear sway bar

    Hey guys, got a hold of a rear sway bar and am wanting to mount it to my 82 fj60. My year did not come with a sway bar or the mounts on the axle. I have seen several ubolt applications for this type of situation and am having trouble locating ones for my ride. Any ideas or help would be greatly...
  16. Hayes

    Rack mount bushing - how much play is too much?

    Yet another steering rack bushing thread, but so be it. My question for the assembled wisdom of MUD is: How much play is reasonable between the rack and the frame? See the video I've linked to, below. This is on a 2005 LX470, 140,000 miles. Presumably the original rack and bushings...
  17. Dudleyfj40

    For Sale 2F Saginaw power steering pump mount

    Did not end up needing in my build. $50 shipped CONUS
  18. sokoloka

    Wanted FJ40 Passenger Hi-Lift Mount

    Looking for a passenger side hi-lift mount for a 40. Interested in seeing what you've got!
  19. jbatx

    Rear control arm mount protection

    Who has protection on their rear control arm mounts? Post pics, please. ...I manage to nail them every time I'm out. JB
  20. RFB


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