1. nuclearlemon

    Early 2nd gen grill and tailgate to late model

    Anyone know if it can be done? Ih8 the ford look so wondering if 07-13 stuff fits 14 and up
  2. FWaltersnewbie

    Converting Lincoln 125 to MIG, newer model

    Hi all, While I've been doing oxy-acetylene welding for a while, I'm newer to MIG welding. Bought a relatively cheap Lincoln 125 last year from the Home Despot, expecting that I would be able to convert it to true MIG rather than the (what I now realize is messy crap) flux-core. I looked at the...
  3. 4

    Wanted  Late model PS fender OEM

    ISO a late model PS fender in excellent condition, I have a restorable fender just looking for a perfect fender, no aftermarket
  4. 4

    Wanted  Late model hood latch

    ISO a late model FJ40 hood latch
  5. 4

    Wanted  Late model FJ40 PS apron

    ISO a late model apron , no rust
  6. Lil'John

    Help needed with identification of "later" model front door regulators

    I have a few later model front door regulators(ie non-wing window version) I need help identifying if they are driver or passenger side so I can help some folks looking for later style. So with the following picture, is the lightly dirty regulator at the top a driver or passenger side?
  7. gator25

    75 spare carrier on late model sill

    We got our sill from Real Steel Cruiser Parts along all the repair panels, with the exception of the small patches I got from @rkymtnflyfisher .(Thanks Ryan) After fretting about where exactly to mount the spare tire carrier, studying @TractorDoc pics, waiting on the right latch, finally got...
  8. A

    Difference between LC 1994 to 1995 model year?

    Question for any one who can anaswer: I have access to 1995 Service Repair Manual, but have a 1994 LC, What 're the diff.'s. Can I get by with the 1995 Manual?
  9. 4

    Wanted  Late model DS fender

    ISO a late model DS fender no rust or NOS prefered.
  10. yOHda

    For Sale  1978 model Warn winch 8274

    Selling my '78 model Warn 8274. Came off my FJ40. Good condition for age, works as it should. Bumper not included unless you just have to have it. Located in Columbus, Oh. 600 obo. Shipping on your dime, but I'm willing to ship. 740-975-2792 text for questions. Thanks. Kelvin.
  11. Bluegrass40

    3D Model of Toyota Emblem?

    Does anyone have a 3D model of the Toyota grill emblem (or any of the other badges)? I am going to CNC a new one for my grill. I will generate the model myself if needed, but figured someone may have already gone through the trouble. Thx!
  12. FJ404345

    What late model gas evaporator cover do you have?

    Nothing dramatic, but there is a difference between the gas evaporator cover of the later years that I can't figure out, see picture. The most of them of years 1981,1982,1983 of junkers I found are like the "yellow" and the "green" ones, they are also the same of the 1981 and 1982's i have...
  13. akingf5371

    Wanted  Late Model FJ40 Rear Differential Breather

    I'm looking for the breather tube for a later model FJ40 (I'm not sure what years this is similar as it's an odd piece) The Tube is long, doesn't have a cap but is open and has a barb for a hose. It's made to go through the little piece for the brake lines. Let me know what you have.
  14. Jason Reed

    Early model FJ40 oil filter housing?

    Hello all. Starting to look at the parts for the restoration and had a question on my early model (1966) oil filter housing. It appears at some point gramps or Dad repaired one of the oil lines and some of these parts aren't factory. Could you let me know which parts are factory in this shot? I...
  15. davework

    Wanted  Windshield Rest Blocks on Hood Later Model

    Looking for a good pair of windshield rest blocks for Later Model 40 (1979). Please PM with pics and price shipped to 80026. Example in pic attached.
  16. ROBLE

    Model question!?

    Dear friends, I own a bj40 engine B 1981, Today I sow one laddy parking on a garaje, same boddy, 3b engine, powerstering, and air conditioned, Hand break under panel some kind of box on the front bumper maybe the power steering component!? What kind of model it si that!? I do not have year or...
  17. peteinjp

    Bestop paddle replacement- late model

    A buddy of mine here in Japan bought a set of Bestop doors without any handles. He asked me to help him figure out what might fit and how to get it all set up. I'm gonna call Bestop they have to say but I was wondering if anybody else had any thoughts or experience in terms of alternative...
  18. Ouiser

    What do you make of this model number?

    I'm pretty sure the 2B never came with a factory turbo, so what am I missing on this model code? K-BJ41V-KCXY The X should mean turbo, but the Engine code is 2B.
  19. Aaroneous

    For Sale  Late model B Diesel for spare or parts

    ***SOLD*** Post-Aug 1980 B diesel removed because it suffered a coolant freeze and the block is cracked internally (confirmed). External parts and fueling / glow systems are fine, though. The oil cooler was just replaced. Clutch, pressure plate, and bell housing still attached. Make me an...
  20. R

    Oil cooler for late model 1FZ-FE

    Hello guys Im building a stroker 105mm 1FZ-FE with lots of goods and Im gonna punch the hell out of it so im wondering if I need to have an oil cooler kit similar to this one?: Hayden Fluid Coolers 1040 what is your thought guys? should I just buy a kit? or just make my own one like buying a...
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