1. Matt1260

    For Sale  FJ40 bucket seat back metal panels

    These were sandblasted and ready for powder coating. No longer need them. They are not perfect, but in really good shape for any restoration cruiser. Came off a 1974 FJ40 bucket seats. Selling as a pair. I'm thinking $40 + $10 shipping?
  2. V

    Wanted  Metal tech 1.5 or 2 inch spacers

    If you want to let go of your MT spacer, please let me know. Thanks!
  3. Krondor

    FREE  Old Wheel Well metal

    Hey Guys, I cut my old wheel wells out of my '65 FJ40. There are some decent sections That could probably be used to repair someones 40. Let me know your reason why you need them and they can be yours with shipping. If you have a good enough reason, I will pay for the shipping! All I ask is you...
  4. crustycruise

    Wanted  45LV Rear Hatch

    Discovered yesterday that the top half of the hatch on my '67 LV is rotted. Prefer complete hatch frame but if you have a good top half please let me know. Can pay by PayPal, USPS money order, bank check as you prefer. Thanks.
  5. gholsie

    Metal Tech Lower & Upper Links

    Hi guys, Do any of you run the Metal Tech upper and lower links? Metal Tech 4x4 100 Series Land Cruiser/LX470 Link Bundle stage 1 (upper & lower links) I have a set of these on my 2000 LX470 and they have problems. The performance is good, but, they tend to snap and pop as I turn. I've made...
  6. co4wheel

    Metal tech LT spring trade. HD for your Mediums

    Anyone want to trade a pair of Metal Tech HD LT rear springs for the Medium Duty you already have?

    Looking for inside wiper seal, metal split ring

    I was putting together the knuckle rebuild last night and noticed I am missing parts included in the FSM diagram. I bought a rebuild kit and assumed they would be included. First, I'm taking about the back side of the knuckle assembly. I'm missing the metal split ring, that is supposed to be...
  8. sigorama

    For Sale  1979 FJ40 Metal Seat Backs

    I have a pair of good seat backs from a 1979 FJ40. These are the black ones that wrap around the backs of the seat, not the silver-y ones. View pics of the metal seat backs here $100 plus $25 to ship via UPS anywhere in the lower 48. PM me with questions
  9. mstrsltr

    Los Angeles Outiftter that stocks Metal Tech?

    Anyone know a Los Angeles Outiftter that stocks Metal Tech? I want the OPOR GX470 sliders Metal Tech has, but don't wanna pay $200 in shipping! Also wouldn't mind having someone install them for me since it seems like a special tool is required and even then it seems like a two person job...
  10. ZBeastie

    Metal dashboard repair

    1966 Fj45 resto where PO cut holes in dash for modern gauges (approx 2" in diameter). Any recommendations on gauge of metal to use as a weld on and bondo repair? Also have a hole in the dash area that has the raised lines. Any suggestions as to how to reproduce those? Thanks from a newbie!
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