1. G

    Builds  FInally starting FJ-45 LPB Restomod.

    I have had this FJ-45 in storage for many years, and am finally starting on the rebuild. We have had the frame blasted, primed, and painted, and the body goes to media blasting later this week. It is a 67 LPB, original US truck. The motor was swapped some time ago to a Toyota Diesel, but the...
  2. crawlin cruiser

    Another lpb found in the jungle of bc

    Took a small detour after a family Easter weekend to scoop another 45 for the farm. Not beauty by any means but that box is fantastic!!! The factory toyota fenders were a treat to find aswell. My boys first 45 :)
  3. whitey45

    For Sale  SOLD 1965 Fj45 lpb Spring Green St Pattys day special!

    Very solid 1965 Fj45 lpb still wearing its original spring green paint. This is a great start for a patina build or full frame off resto. 97% complete with all the hard to find bits accounted for. Complete uncut dash with all knobs, switches, mirror, wiper motors, sun visor, all j hooks intact...
  4. cppilot

    Wanted  FJ45 LPB Red/Red tail light lens

    I have several Red/Amber FJ45 LPB tail light lenses but I am looking for a Red/Red lens. I am also willing to trade.
  5. cppilot

    Trade  Early FJ45 LPB tail light lens

    looking to trade a early FJ45 LPB "Red/Amber" tail light lens for a Red/Red lens.
  6. cruiserjunktion

    Builds  Bucket List

    Knocking a couple things off the bucket list this week: Cross country road trip Fj45 lpb Pics to follow
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