1. dugsgms

    Grizzly locker install

    Installed a Grizzly locker in the rear of my 95 today. Everything went smoothly with a couple of hiccups so I thought I'd share with the forum my experience. Took about 6 hours total including removing all the old gasket material from the housing and axle flanges. First of all, don't buy the...
  2. Howardkats

    Locker and New Ring & Pinion install

    To ih8mud members in Utah: I need a referral for getting my new lockers and ring & pinion installed in my FJZ80 3rds. Can anyone recommend someone that does a great job for a fair price? I can take the 3rd anywhere along the Wasatch front. Thanks in advance.
  3. dubsb

    For Sale  NY mini and 40!AXLES GALORE FREE DELIVERY

    I have the a Following for sale, all axles are complete. Hub to hub we are headed to Moab in a week and could arrange free delivery. Toyota IFS rear armored pumpkin 4.88 e locker 1200$ Disc brakes Toyota Rear IFS 4.56 e locker 1300 chromoly disc brakes Diamond front long field high steer 4.56...
  4. btbowie

    For Sale  1998 UZJ100 - 151K - Locker -Baselined + Extras - Virginia

    Hi Everyone, The time has come to sell my ’98 Land Cruiser. It’s in great shape and has been baselined quite heavily as well as some new parts and a few mods. Sitting now with 151K on the clock. The easiest thing to do was build a quick website for it rather than try and do a giant forum post...
  5. Stevesnj

    Air Locker Actuator Conversion from Russia!

    So searching around i found this site. They make air actuators for 80 series rigs. I built my own rear actuator from a DIY on the main forum then i came across this. I'm skeptical about the Russia thing but it is kind of out of the ordinary product to scam someone on. I'm thinking about pulling...
  6. AndyO78FJ40

    SOLD  Sold Black 1998 100 Southern Truck with rear locker and 198k miles.

    For Sale. My Black 1998 UZJ100 with 198k miles and a OEM Rear Locker. It has been a Southern truck it's whole life (Alabama and Mississippi), so no rust. Currently in Madison Mississippi. Since I have owned it, I have replaced the suspension with Ironman Torsion Bars, Old Man Emu 866 Rear...
  7. jerzjer

    97 FJ80 CDL or front locker problem?

    I have a 1997 LX450 with stock lockers front and rear. I am having problems getting either the CDL or the front locker unlocked. I do not have the switch on the dash so the CDL locks automatically when I shift to low range. Everything looks like it is working properly according to the indicator...
  8. Tank5

    SOLD  FJ40 Aussie Locker Complete Rear Third Member

    SOLD SOLD Selling a complete third member with a new Aussie locker installed. PO said it was never run and I believe it because the axle it was bolted in was not completely built and it looks really clean, has 4.10 gears. I got it with a project rig. Asking 300.00 for it plus shipping...
  9. T

    For Sale  96 Lexus LX450 - Non Locker - 291K - Wichita, KS

    3 Owner Cream Puff. At least once a day get complements on how clean this LX is! This is my daily and I have serviced it as such! Oil change just completed at Lexus of Wichita Saturday where it was inspected by Sam, their 28 year tenured Lexus Master Tech. He to was very impressed with the...
  10. 2fpower

    locker actuator options

    This is news to me, found that dorman makes front and rear replacement actuators. Dorman part 600-460 and 600-442 $300ish.
  11. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  FJ80 Rear Axles for sale NON LOCKER Good Condition

    SoCal Complete Rear Axles: 1993-1997 Full Float Complete with lugnuts, brakes etc. $525 1991-1992 Semi Float without third member complete with lugnuts brakes, etc. $100 NO SHIPPING.
  12. ariff

    Rear diff locker relay operation help

    So it appears I have a issue with the rear diff locker in my 93. I have been reading all the threads and I am prepared to disassemble and dig into the rear actuator, but before I do I want to check all the easy stuff first. Last night I checked all connections and wires everything looks good and...
  13. D

    Locker Install shop needed

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a shop that is within say 100 miles driving distance from Chicago that can do a good install of either Harrop e-lockers or the ARB airlockers? I called Attitude Performance in Arlington Heights and they quoted me about $1,200 for labor for the ARB (they are...
  14. akarilo

    Lunchbox Locker

    I know there is a lot of web wheeling going on here but has anybody had any actual dealings with an auto locker (Aussie perhaps) on an all wheel drive setup like the 80 or 100? I had them in the 62 and loved them, but of course you could disconnect the front when driving on the street. Just...
  15. Tank5

    SOLD  80 / 40 series Yukon Locker

    Edit I have a rear Yukon locker that I removed from a 1993 Land Cruiser that had 120,000 miles on it. I do not know how much use the locker has seen. The housing it was in had been tapped for an ARB, so I assume the Yukon replaced it. It was installed on a semi float axle but I have read it...
  16. spencer184

    Lockright locker "slack" issues

    so i've had a lot of drivline slack for a while, finally narrowed it down to the locker in the rear end. When turning the pinion there is a lot of movement around the drive pin before axle shafts start moving. like i can rock the pinion something like a 1/4 turn back and fourth and watch the...
  17. Koe E


    Does anyone know of or make a wiring harness that connects the arb locker switches to the factory locker switch?
  18. chase norton

    Locker actuator extra part?

    I'm an idiot, so I thought Id take my rear actuator apart. Good news, its really clean in there. The magnets are busted off the cover, and the constant tension springs came off as I tried my ass off to remove the pieces. So yeah, I'm totally screwed. The really cool part, is that I found an...
  19. cruiseroutfit

    Buy a ARB locker (or two) and get a free compressor and more!

    ARB LOCKER PROMO - We've been waiting patiently to be able to share this promo offer! Achieve true four wheel drive with an ARB Air Locker, which have been commanding power for the last 25 years. Used by the some of the biggest names in off road racing and by expedition teams around the globe...
  20. G

    Aussie Locker Installation HELP !!! Rear differential spacer ?

    Help !!! My Costa Rican mechanic is trying to install an Aussie Locker on my 1997 LC. Neither the instructions, or this tutorial mentions the RDF (rear differential) spacer (part No. 14 in schematic below) which fits over the RDF shaft (part No. 13.) It is sort of a cylindrical collar with 2...
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