For Sale  Nor Cal. Locking front axle and rear third member. $2000

    Asking $2000 OBO I’ve been holding onto these for about a year trying to find a project for them, but I need the space. They’re out of a 95 that had 154k on the clock. I picked them up at a junk yard and rear axle had a slight bend, so it’s gone. The fronts all there, I wire wheeled the...
  2. 99LandCruiser96

    Center locker stuck/ broken?

    Hello everyone! This morning I was driving my 99 Land Cruiser (287k miles) back home from PT and when I got into the parking lot the center locker light came on and now I can’t get it to off. I can hear the relay activating and everything, but nothing is happening. Also, now it looks like my...
  3. SoCalFZJ80

    SOLD  Sold Aussie Locker Toyota 8" XD-20830

    Aussie locker XD-20830. I purchased this by mistake, greased it up for install then realized I had order the wrong locker when checking tolerances. This has been sitting on the shelf for a few years but is fully functional. Comes in the original box with everything included for install including...
  4. taylorhayis

    Just bought front and rear cable lockers, what next?

    I think I just scored a deal of the century, saw a guy selling a front cable locker for the 60 for $325. Went to pick it up and he threw in a rear as well! Front is in a housing, and rear had been laying out in the rain, but I gave it a wire brush last night and turned out better than I...
  5. D


    This rear axle is out of a 1994 LandCruiser with factory diff lockers (locker not included). Differential housing has the cut-outs for the factory locker. Unfortunately though, the axle housing is bent. Everything else is fine. Doesn’t come with rotors and calipers. $450 OBO. Toyota...
  6. Riviera

    ELocker Rear Axle Swap-Axle ordered today!

    So I have a 1998 LX470 that I just gone done doing a TON of work on, and it seems cross fingers all is well. So, I've been going back and forth on a locker. Many will say "get a bumper and winch first", but I found an elocker from a 1999 LC for $350, another $150 for shipping to the dealership I...
  7. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Full Float Rear Axles Complete, non locker

    SoCal Non Locker 4.10 gears - From a 1996 model with no leaks, no issues, complete with brakes and everything but the lug nuts. Two available $500 each. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Duc13

    For Sale  ARB Front Locker 100 Series $500 - San Francisco, CA

    I have an ARB Front Locker for sale for a 100 series. Located in San Francisco, CA $500.
  9. J

    FJ40 traction control options?

    Newbie here, I am eventually wanting to put in some traction control upgrades for my FJ40. Right now I have 31" tires possibly goto 33" in the future but probably not bigger than that. Automatic/LS conversion - mild, saginaw PS upgrade was done in the last year. Would like something...
  10. Whiphub

    Alternatives to onboard ARB air compressors

    Aside from bottles and ARB compressors, what are other options you’re using?
  11. bigredmachine

    For Sale  locked third for sale in nj

    I have a locked third that was taken out of an 07 fj cruiser due to a bad pinion bearing with 170,xxx miles on it. toyots p/n is 41110-35b61, p/n shows that it is a 4.11 gearing and will fit a 07-09 fj cruiser and 08-09 4runner. it should also fit a third gen Tacoma as it is the 8 inch rear...
  12. lx450landcruiser

    For Sale  2006 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab with aluminum flatbed

    Vehicle is located in Seattle WA. 2006 Tacoma double cab trd off road (with electric rear locker) Truck has 120k miles and is in good working order. Truck has custom all aluminum flatbed on rear with an aux battery underneath. BlueSea automatic aux battery isolator (will automatically...
  13. fj40toycruiser

    Wanted  80 front axle ARB locker

    Does anyone have a ARB 80 series front locker sitting around they would like to sell? My buddies mini has an 80 front locker and he is trying to save some coin for his 4 link. Thanks in advance. PM, email or text works best Beau 603-547-7283
  14. D

    Lockers ARB a different Prespective

    Please don't comment about something that you heard or be dismissive. ARB took a swing a Yukon Zip Locker in 2009...Why punch down? The Yukon Zip Locker Broke at 6671 Ft pounds of torque. I know that Yukon builds a good product and I am fine with the video. ARB Engineers state the the...
  15. KLF

    SOLD  TRD 8" e-locker, ready for regear

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have a TRD rear electric locker, not sure if it's from a Tacoma or 4Runner, can't remember the age either. I bought it as a spare years ago in case anything ever went wrong with the one I had in the back of my mini, but never needed it. The front pinion bearing was bad when I...
  16. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  Front & Rear E Lockers, Actuators, Switch, Etc Everything!

    PRICE REDUCED TO $2,100 for both locked axles, actuators,switch, everything! SoCal Factory 1997 E locker package including complete axles, wiring, switch and everything, etc. $2,600 firm. You pull the parts and photo and scribble and take whatever notes and hardware you need and the wiring...
  17. Jdmfun

    SOLD  1990 Toyota Land Cruiser LJ78 Prado

    Clean LJ78 diesel, with automatic transmission. Factory electric lockers, rear diff locker and power options. Moonroof, HID Lights, daily driven, seats 8, runs great! 5k miles on Goodyear Wrangler MT/R's, 32x11.50R15LT. Link for pictures: 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD Classic Florida title...
  18. R

    SOLD  Lunchbox Locker

    Like new locker that I removed from my 1972 40. First pic is how it looked when removed. Just wipped it off in second pic. Paypal family and friends $153.33 shipped in US.
  19. E

    '99 ABS alarm tone with locked rear

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Taken care of many niggles thanks to IH8MUD. I have a new behavior with my '99 100 series where I get a steady alarm tone coinciding with the ABS light when I lock the rear diff. From my research here, I guess that is the tone ABS emits when it's...
  20. Volcanic Iceberg

    I may have done something bad....third member help

    Last night I dove into replacing my rear axle seals on my 74' FJ40 since my drum brakes were contaminated. I had helped a buddy once, but it has been years since then. I have a lunch box locker and got confused once I opened it up. Anyway, I inadvertently unbolted the 4 carrier bolts .... How...
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