1. W

    For Sale Montrose, Colorado: 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser factory lockers

    This vehicle is equipped with factory front and rear lockers. 196,890 miles $12,500 OBO Changes in the age of our family and a new season of life leads us to part with our Land Cruiser. We have owned it since 2010 and it has served us well. It's primary purpose has been our part time driver...
  2. Dustin Messina

    For Sale $8500 96 Locked White Rust Free Toyota Land Cruiser Mississippi

    I have for sale a clean rust free basically unmolested 96 locked Cruiser for sale. The only thing done to it is an OME lift, even still has factory radio and third row. I picked this up not to long really as a complete impulse purchase and thinking I would sale my built LX and keep this one in...
  3. Zypher

    For Sale 1996 FZJ80 - 196k - 3 Locked - Oregon

    All info is in this Craigslist ad except I forgot to add that it has a new battery as well. Give me an offer, I had no idea what to price this thing at and my mechanic said list it at 15k. Would way rather sell it to one of you fools and my phone number is in the ad if you have any questions...
  4. dutch865

    SOLD SOLD: 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser LOCKED San Diego, CA

    I’m considering selling my ‘97 LC. I’ve had her for almost 4 years & have loved owning & driving her, but the time may be coming to sell. 203k mi when I took delivery, & currently 232k mi. Oil & filter changes done approximately every 3k mi. *just got smog done 5/18/19 & new registration, good...
  5. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Full Float Rear Axles Complete, non locker

    SoCal Non Locker 4.10 gears - From a 1996 model with no leaks, no issues, complete with brakes and everything but the lug nuts. Two available $500 each. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. R

    For Sale SOLD 93 Fj80 Lifted Locked on 35s

    SOLD!!! Hello everyone, Here is my 1993 FJ80 with triple lockers, OEM 3" lift and K02 35s. Tires have lots of life left. Lockers are working perfectly Engine still pulls fine Great suspension. AC needs work, we nailed down to a compressor Reverse lights need some work. The dash is cracked...
  7. S

    For Sale 1997 LC - 210k mi, Locked, Supercharged - Denver

    Craiglist link: 1997 Toyota Landcruiser - 3x Locked and Supercharger Selling my 1997 LC for $21,500 obo. I am the second owner, picked it up in Palm Springs, CA with 130k mi on it. Have kept up with maintenance and oil changes. It still runs great (it's my DD), just looking for something...
  8. Jarrad Coleman

    For Sale Fzj80 93 locked Idaho

    Exterior completely disassembled and repainted to show car quality glass pulled to paint. New windshield and gasket new Toyota fender welting leather seats rebuilt and new covers I bought to clean up and sell I have been building Landcruiser’s for 18 years bought from ariginal owner they were...
  9. Sherif Eldibani

    SOLD 1991 HDJ81 55K or Whatever - I am keeping it

    Added New Pics of the under-carriage, showing suspension, and all the rest. If Other pics are requested please let me know. Year 1991 Pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/iFpYP7tPvgd6wica6 This car is NOT in a rough Shape - This would be my car of choice if i were to keep one since all I...
  10. Sherif Eldibani

    For Sale 1991 HDJ81 55K miles Locked, Winch , Clean, Registered

    (Duplicated) Year 1991 Pictures: http://openjanela.com/1991-for-sale/ 88,000 KM - about 55K or 56K miles. OEM Differential Locks Front and Rear. Some Body issues - Minor cosmetic scratches and damage to front OEM bumper, & left side Mirror. Very Good Condition In and Out Great & Clean...
  11. J

    For Sale SOLD 1998 UZJ100 SO CAL $6750.00

    98' UZJ100, 249k miles. $6750.00 Hey there, im selling my 1998 Toyota Landcruiser with 248k. LC has been very well maintained. I get lots of complements on it. 2 owners since 2006 (and ive only had it about 18 months. Large folder full of maintenance records, and original documentation...
  12. anothernord

    SOLD CO: Mildly built + baselined 1996 FZJ80 - Red - 3x locked, lifted, ARB/OME, Altimeter

    Located in Fort Collins, CO - message or reply with any questions or inquiries. **the truck has a 91-94 grill swapped, but I have the original; it is indeed a 1996** I have put so, so much work and love into this truck, but great regret, I am selling my 1996 Land Cruiser. It's clean for it's...
  13. dividedwood

    For Sale Nebraska: 1992 FJ80, 3x locked w/ARBs, 9.5XP winch, 161K miles, much more $10K

    Hey guys, I am selling my 92 FJ80 that I bought from another MUD user last November. Price is $10K. 161XXX miles. I love the truck, but am realizing after 6 months that I want something with more creature comforts as my daily. (I was in a 2-door Jeep before this.) My other vehicle is a ’74 Land...
  14. B

    Builds My First 4x4 Build - 94 Triple Locked

    Hello fellow Mudders! My name is Edwin and I'd like to welcome you to the build and activity thread. For as long as I have been into cars, they have always been built with the interest of going fast. Now don't get me wrong, I have not lost my desire to go fast, but it's not something you can...
  15. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ40 - Early front axle part out with Warn brand Hubs

    SoCal Prices run $50 to $100. Warn Hubs Birfields Steering Arms Inner Axle Shafts Knuckles Shipping available
  16. F

    For Sale 1994 Fj80 Factory Lockers

    1994 Factory Lockers. Very good condition. Kept in garage it’s whole life. Power windows are temperamental. OME 2.5. Castor plates. 295/75/16 New Tires. Warn m8000 in front bumper. 161k. Located in Florence Or. 916-955-4403
  17. JackAttack13

    SOLD Expo Built 1999 100 Series Triple Locked

    Sadly I am selling my adventure ready 100 Series Land Cruiser. This rig is ready for any adventure you can throw at it. The build list is extensive, and the rig taken care of. Here are a few of the major modifications. Triple Locked - factory rear and Center, ARB front. ARB Diff Breather Kit...
  18. raYGunn

    For Sale SOLD! Locked 1997 LX450 SoCal

    179k miles (Bought with 144k miles 7 years ago) $11,500 (lower price) Includes: Cargo Barrier Original 3rd row seats Random spare parts CO2 Tank HiLift and Air Jack Tow straps and hooks Fuel and Water totes HAM Radio and Antenna antenna works just passed smog registration is up to date Needs...
  19. B

    Wanted 95-97 fzj 80 locked

    Interested in a locked 80 95-97 cruiser or LX preferably 12k or less. Clean well maintained. I'm located in AZ so Southwest is preferred but may travel further for a good deal.
  20. edog333pizzaE

    For Sale Locked nice 96 235,000 first 5500

    Runs great, lockers, ac, 3 rows of seats, new this spring BFGs, metric 33s 4 wheel drive is smooth no clicking birfs no rust Went broke so i have to sell the truck , never wheeled more than dirt roads, No check engine light Needs brakes soon, and i dont think i will smog at this price but...
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