1. masperk

    Wanted fj60/62 rear wiper motor and rear hatch lock w/ rubber pad

    I'm looking for a rear wiper motor for a 60/62 and the associated rubber grommet and nut. If an 80 series arm is available I would consider that too. Also looking for rear hatch lock w/ the rubber pad that surrounds it. Thanks
  2. T

    Key Fob programming To unlock and lock doors - Toyota Tech here?

    I bought a new key from 1010keys and already have Techstream. I was able to program a new key with Techstream and when I went through the process to program the new key to unlock the doors, it took the program and I was ready to go.... i thought. I got out and tried to lock the door with the...
  3. DCIfICare

    Wanted fj62 lift gate lock

    I bought a 89 fj62 with a liftgate lock destroyed by thief. The button functions, but the lock had been ripped out. Thanks!
  4. M

    Ignition Key Question

    I just bought a 2005 Land Cruiser. Great shape with a few minor issues. When I turn the key off and remove it, the display does not turn off. When I reinsert the key, it will turn off. If I do not reinsert the key, the display will stay on indefinitely. Is this a problem with the ignition switch...
  5. Baja73

    Wanted 73-79 Fuel Door Lock Catch

    I am looking for a fuel door lock catch that screws into the top of the fuel filler recess on the tub that the lock on the fuel door catches. I believe that a 73-79 will work on my 73. I have attached a couple of pictures. Thanks.
  6. Baja73

    Wanted FJ40 Fuel door lock and catch

    I am in search of a lock with a key for my fuel door. Also need the catch that screws on the 40 that the lock catches onto. I have attached a picture. (I have the door.). I am also looking for a gas cap and the filler neck without rust. Thank you.
  7. D

    For Sale 96 flz 80 triple lock 230k 6500?

    Has too go hate to do it. Very clean in and out, purchased in Tn. So only one winter in Mi. and it kicked winters butt. All the diffs lock everything works want more pics just ask.
  8. A

    Driver Door Power Lock Gets Stuck When It Hot Outside

    I live in Sacramento, California where the summers get quite hot. At the end of last summer I started having an intermittent problem with my driver door's power lock not working. I noticed the problem occurred on hot days over 95 or when the sun was directly hitting the driver door. No problems...
  9. markdrm1

    Window and lock control switches

    like a lot of other 80s, my window and lock switches are giving me problems. The driver side window button works slow to not at all and requires being pressed several times. The lock buttons are not working at all. I decided to take one of the switches apart and have a look. The first thing I...
  10. T

    Power window lock button

    My search skills are totally failing me...does anyone have a picture or diagram of the window lock assembly? I apologize if I've overlooked it amidst the million window switch threads. I took the switch apart to clean the window contacts and the lock button assembly came apart with a vengeance...
  11. aljollano

    Wanted Gas door lock

    Hi, I'm looking for the gas door lock in working condition with the key for an 81 fj40. Thanks. A.J
  12. txnight

    Drivers side door lock

    Put down your flame thrower. I have searched this issue to death. Symptom: drivers side door will not unlock with key fob or electric door switch. All other locks correctly. In order to lock the front door you have to flip the manual lock switch on the door. Attempted fix: thinking the...
  13. 8atman

    torque converter lock up wire 80 series

    Would someone be able to tell me which wire I need to send power down to lock my torque converter on a Toyota land cruiser 80 series a442 auto. The problem I'm having is the torque converter locks up normally once, but won't lock up a second time.
  14. shmukster

    For Sale FJ60 complete lock set in PA

    Selling this lock set removed from a running inspected FJ60. Included is the ignition tumbler, both door locks, fuel filler door lock, and the tailgate lock assembly. Also included is the rubber escutcheon for the tailgate lock assembly. One key, included of course, fits all locks. price $85...
  15. christianleeboy

    For Sale Nice- 1997 Lexus LX450 Fully Build 4x4 diff lock

    Not affiliated... Just sharing a find. What do you think of the build and the going price ($26,750)? I am searching for a 80 series that is nicely build for the right price. 1997 Lexus LX450 Fully Build 4x4 diff lock Wagon at an EXCEPTIONAL...
  16. Ayune

    Center diff lock light weirdness (video)

    My center diff lock light is acting funny. When I engage the switch the light gradually fades in and sometimes flickers until the diff engages. Its behavior is never the same twice. The diff locks and the bulb is obviously good, so I'm thinking a 'lock sensor' switch or similar gizmo needs to be...
  17. H

    Center Differental lock indicator keeps blinking

    Hi there fellow community meme nerd My 2011 LC has been parked for 4 days and today I went to go warm it up to use and noticed the Center differental lock blinking on the dash and not turning off.. how do I stop it from doing so and what does it mean ? Thank you
  18. R

    Rear diff lock activates by itself

    Hi Folks, Coming back from Mexico, the rear diff started engaging randomly. Pretty strange when you're going 60 mph. The central diff. does not come on. Just the rear. I had to stop at the shoulder and turn the center diff and rear and front buttons on then back off and it went away. Did it...
  19. Kenneth Ferro

    Tailgate question 87' pickup (lock?)

    Anyone hear of an aftermarket lock mechanism for my 87' pickup tailgate? I have locking cap and would like to lock tailgate too. Thanks Ken
  20. decavo

    How to turn off auto lock function 05 tundra

    How can I turn this feature off... I have been cursing it since I got the truck about a year ago.. I knew it would be a disaster one day... When one unlocks the truck it will auto lock in a few unless the truck is started.. The truck locked me out of it while I was taking out the trash in...
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