1. Ebike toter

    Isuzu Trooper windshield swap??

    Hi all.. neighbor recently sold a 1988 Isuzu Trooper & I parked my LJ78 next to it & the front windshield looks identical (actually a lot of parts look identical) . at around $240 installed ... I've got a cracked windshield that needs replacing... Cheers
  2. T

    Engine swap For LJ78 in Malawi: Advice needed

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, joined hoping for a bit of help with a project I have. I work as a field biologist with an NGO in Malawi. I was recently assigned the responsibility of sourcing and overseeing the replacement of the engine in our LJ78. First off, can someone just confirm that this...
  3. BiffS

    For Sale Prado, LJ 78, 76 series, 79 series Toyota OEM snorkel kits

    Complete, new Toyota OEM snorkel kits for sale, have several left. comes with airbox adapter and filter cap. OEM part # 53299-60190, 53285-60090, fits: 78 series, 76 series 79 series and I've heard some 80 and 60 applications possible with modifications. FOB Burnaby, BC, Canada $400 CAD/...
  4. BiffS

    For Sale 130,xxx KM 2L-TE engine, very good compression, no head leaks

    2L-TE engine for sale. Came from good running truck, no head gasket issues. COLD dry compression test: 451 450 455 500 Comes with injection pump, power steering pump, turbo and manifolds. Alternator, and AC pump not available. Being pulled form the truck to make way for 1HDT 5 speed swap combo...
  5. Ebike toter

    For Sale LJ78 OEM 16" Rims

    Hi all.. just put a set of old school 33x12.5 wheels & tires on my cruiser.. so I am selling the OEM 16" set of 5 wheels... $350.00 + shipping.. no curb rash.. all straight & true.. tires still on.. but will pull for shipping...
  6. LJ78MacNeil

    LJ78 4WD question

    Just recently got my LJ back from the shop, and for some reason my transfer case doesn't want to engage the front diff. It worked perfectly before it went into the shop (locking front hubs, then engaging H4 etc..) so could it possibly be the vacuum system? I heard somewhere that the transfer...
  7. Tristan Perry

    LJ78 2L-TE Fuel Flow

    Hey all, happy holidays! I'm curious if anyone knows what the macimum gross fuel flow rate for the 2L-TE? I've installed a 2-micron Racor 220R with a maximum flow rate of 30gph. I've noticed my truck getting sluggish, and I'm curious if this flow rate is insufficient. I know some injection...
  8. LeonLJ78

    2lte intercooler - LJ78

    Hi, Wanting to know if anyone has fitted a Isuzu bighorn/ trooper (also the Holden Jackaroo) top mount intercooler to a 2lte, and if there is much improvement with it in the system. Ive seen a scoop from these installed to a LJ78 and it looked tidy, but wanting to know if i could run the...
  9. J

    For Sale LJ78 231xxxKM in Idaho well maintained

    Wife says it's time to get something with air bags, proximity sensors, etc. So Lurch the 1990 RHD LJ78 is going to be sold. Even though it's just about the most inexpensive vehicle, in cents per mile or KM, that I've ever owned. 1990 LJ78 with 231,000KM. Runs great. Lots of upgrades but not of...
  10. J

    SOLD 1990 LJ78 in Idaho, USA

    Wife says it's time to get something with air bags, proximity sensors, etc. So Lurch is going to be sold. Even though it's just about the cheapest vehicle, in cents per mile or KM, that I've ever owned. 1990 LJ78 with 231,000KM. Runs great. Lots of upgrades but not of the lifted, rock crawler...
  11. S

    Winter Prep -2LTE

    Hello Everyone, I'm from Illinois and fresh to diesel land cruisers and ih8mud. I'm starting to gather information regarding winter prep for my turbo diesel (2LTE) LJ78 and was hoping you could steer me in the right direction. I'd like to know more about fuel additives (if needed) , oil, tires...
  12. Bonznfc

    Hilux Surf 2LTE AC Idler arm mounting bolt size??

    I am trying to mount this thing and don't have time to order the bolts. Anyone know the size of this bolt part number>90119-10367. Thanks for the help!
  13. LJ78MacNeil

    2LTE aftermarket injectors

    Just ordered a denso injector kit for my lj78 and was curious if anybody on here has any info on them. Wondering how much pressure they can handle and if they are reliable. Thanks, Ian
  14. LJ78MacNeil

    2LTE intercooler options

    Just curious about putting some sort of intercooler system in my 1991 LJ78. Picked it up about two months ago. It's in really nice shape, only has 203 on the clock and zero issues with the engine. I'm really ambitious to put a new turbo in it, but understand that doing so without the proper...
  15. M

    Loss of power in my LJ78 (2LTE), possible turbo issue??

    Hey again, in my urrent string of mild repairs i took the cruiser out for a drive. No issue leaving home but i noticed a significant loss in power a couple minutes later. I was only able to get to about 30KPH on a mild uphill. Im thinking its the wastegate on the trubo stuck open, but i also had...
  16. jozefwright1

    Builds Joe's 1992 LJ78 Build Thread

    Hi Guys I wanted to create a thread for my new 1992 LJ78. Picked it up 3 weeks ago with 110,000kms on the clock. Really tidy I am brand new to diesels, landcruisers and working on them. After reading a lot of your threads there is so much cool stuff I have seen done to LJ78's that I would...
  17. Chachi254

    I MIGHT be buying an LJ78... but I'm a noob and need advice.

    Hello all, First time poster here and current 80 owner. I know this is a long post, but it's got all the detail you might need to help give me advice. I feel like I might be making a mistake but don't know enough about LJ78's, so I'm at the mercy of friendly guru's. Background: I'm looking to...
  18. AirheadNut

    Builds Another Prado in Montana

    Well, here goes again! After selling my G-Wagon, I wanted something that was better suited to a daily driver, and something that got better than 15mpg on the highway... So, I bought another Prado: This one is a 1991 SX5 with an R150f 5-speed manual. It is absolutely bone stock, with a...
  19. J

    Mysterious stalling, lack of fuel 2LT-E

    My mechanic thought we had fixed my sudden loss of fuel to the fuel pump problem. We replaced the ecu, checked the wiring, etc. but now it’s returned. My LJ78 runs great, a half tank of gas maybe, then randomly stalls. After it completely cools down, it will start up again and run fine till...
  20. S

    Wanted Windshield 1994 RHD LJ78 (located in AB or BC)

    ISO a clean windshield for my 1994 Prado. Mine's done! I'm in Calgary, but willing to travel/arrange shipping for a good one. Thank you!
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