1. alecanglum

    LJ78 Fuel/Temp spike

    Hello everyone! Like millions of 2LTE owners before me, I have been spending my time chasing a random overheating issue on my LJ78. The temp will spike to nearly the red at random times with no consistency surrounding the driving conditions. I’ve been assuming the worst, but today I noticed...
  2. EastCoast

    For Sale  Raleigh, NC

    Original 7 blade fan and fan clutch from LJ78 2LTE motor. worked fine, but Iupgraded to the 8 blade and a new clutch. If anyone needs these, let me know. Any fair offer to make it worth boxing and shipping them.
  3. N

    2LTE Blowby

    Has anyone had experience with blowby on there engines? The truck was consuming quite some oil so I fitted a catch can. Found that fills woth oil pretty quick....200ml with about 150km of driving. Found quite a bit of excessive pressure from the oil cap cover and dipstick when removed which...
  4. N

    LJ78 Engine Removal

    Looking at overhauling my 2LTE myself. So I don't run into problems removing the engine. How or what is the best way to split the transmission (a343f) from the engine to remove it?
  5. N

    2LTE - EGR Delete

    Hi Guys Ive seen a few EGR forums on here regarding deleting it. Im quite new to these engines and have seen on mine that the previous owner (in Japan) has played around with the system. Can someone tell me or see what they have done in terms with the vac lines? I inspected the inlet manifold...
  6. LJ78MacNeil

    1KD-FTV into LJ78

    The 2LTE in my 78 blew up at the beginning of 2020 and I've been looking for an engine to swap into it for a while now. I was considering the 1uz but I recently found a 1kd for sale in my area in great condition. My 78 has the a343f auto trans in it, and I know the 1kd was mated to this...
  7. EastCoast

    North Carolina: 1991/Toyota/LJ78

    Daily Driver, Great shape. Synthetic Fluids. Building a house on land and i'll need a Tractor/Backhoe/FEL or BobCat more than I'll need this now. Or a heavy duty 4x4 Diesel Truck maybe with a Dump bed. Anyway, Replaced the Fan Clutch with brand new and upgraded to the 7 blade fan per one of the...
  8. DieselMechanicN

    Lj78 insulator on the floor

    Is this the original glow plug insulator? And does anyone if there's suppost to be one on the bottom of the intake manifold where those two wires go? Dropped off the side of the block and onto the floor when I was shifting the harness.
  9. DieselMechanicN

    2LTE Boost Cut fix

    Fuel Cut Defencer | ELECTRONICS | PRODUCT | HKS This is a voltage clamp for a MAP sensor. You wire it into your map sensor, work out the voltage of the signal just before 14psi and the clamp will prevent the signal from increasing. Therefor you can run as much boost as you like without the...
  10. DieselMechanicN

    2LTE LJ78 Holset Turbo conversion, easy upgrade.

    Allright guys, Over this past year I have been reading up on this forum for different tips and tricks to gain extra power out of the 2LTE and thought i would share my experience, as I haven't seen it been done on any of these related forums. I obtained the truck in February, and in the saddest...
  11. S

    For Sale  Oro Valley/Tuscon AZ LJ78 Turbo Diesel Craigslist add posted 10/29/19

    https://tucson.craigslist.org/cto/d/tucson-lj78-land-cruiser-prado-turbo/7009463914.html Newest one I found pop up. Add: Gauging interest in my recently imported 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser prado Great opportunity to own a vehicle that was not offered for sale in US Extremely clean and low...
  12. shushu

    LJ78 wheel bearing torque

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone could assist me with this question. My LJ78 is currently getting aligned and looked over before I head out on a long road trip. My mechanic who is doing the work is concerned about forcing this piece out (attached below). Does anyone have any recommendations...
  13. MFK

    92 Prado Auto Transmission Troubles

    Hi everyone. My 1st post here. I need your help. I have a 82 LJ78 for the last 4 years. I got tired of the underpowered 2LTE engine and swapped it with a 1KZTE but kept the transmission from old engine. Now, it is giving me troubles (tranny has been rebuilt once as it was slipping in all gears...
  14. N

    Square Nose/Round Headlights on a KZJ/LJ78?

    Hey all, New to MUD and to cruisers in general, I'd appreciate it if one of you could answer my question. I've got my heart set on a light duty 78 (engine doesn't matter, I'm swapping it out) but I would really, really, really prefer to have the more square and angular grill and nose of the...
  15. Ebike toter

    Isuzu Trooper windshield swap??

    Hi all.. neighbor recently sold a 1988 Isuzu Trooper & I parked my LJ78 next to it & the front windshield looks identical (actually a lot of parts look identical) . at around $240 installed ... I've got a cracked windshield that needs replacing... Cheers
  16. T

    Engine swap For LJ78 in Malawi: Advice needed

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, joined hoping for a bit of help with a project I have. I work as a field biologist with an NGO in Malawi. I was recently assigned the responsibility of sourcing and overseeing the replacement of the engine in our LJ78. First off, can someone just confirm that this...
  17. BiffS

    For Sale  Prado, LJ 78, 76 series, 79 series Toyota OEM snorkel kits

    Complete, new Toyota OEM snorkel kits for sale, have several left. comes with airbox adapter and filter cap. OEM part # 53299-60190, 53285-60090, fits: 78 series, 76 series 79 series and I've heard some 80 and 60 applications possible with modifications. FOB Burnaby, BC, Canada $400 CAD/...
  18. BiffS

    For Sale  130,xxx KM 2L-TE engine, very good compression, no head leaks

    2L-TE engine for sale. Came from good running truck, no head gasket issues. COLD dry compression test: 451 450 455 500 Comes with injection pump, power steering pump, turbo and manifolds. Alternator, and AC pump not available. Being pulled form the truck to make way for 1HDT 5 speed swap combo...
  19. Ebike toter

    For Sale  LJ78 OEM 16" Rims

    Hi all.. just put a set of old school 33x12.5 wheels & tires on my cruiser.. so I am selling the OEM 16" set of 5 wheels... $350.00 + shipping.. no curb rash.. all straight & true.. tires still on.. but will pull for shipping...
  20. LJ78MacNeil

    LJ78 4WD question

    Just recently got my LJ back from the shop, and for some reason my transfer case doesn't want to engage the front diff. It worked perfectly before it went into the shop (locking front hubs, then engaging H4 etc..) so could it possibly be the vacuum system? I heard somewhere that the transfer...
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