1. thehumaneraser

    Remove sunroof without tilting it - or manually tilt it open

    I have a 93 cruiser with a sunroof that has been broken for a few years now but wasn't leaking so I did nothing about it. Recently it got worse and now it is leaking straight through the crack in the glass so I tracked down a new piece of glass to replace it. My plan is to just replace the glass...
  2. CloudCity

    Looks like it's radiator time, no?

    I noticed a very small but near-constant stream of red coolant running from the passenger front yesterday after a short drive. Today I crawled under and found nothing leaking down below so inspected the top and the leak appears to be coming from the upper part of the radiator on that side, or...
  3. nicopodaca

    Leaking Front Output Seal on Transfer Case

    Former lurker, new to posting on mud, not sure if this question has been asked or if this is the right place to post. If it has been asked or if this isn't the right place to post then direction to the proper thread would be appreciated. I have a 93 Cruiser and the front output seal on the TC...
  4. srfdntchk

    How bad is this coolant leak and where might it be coming from?

    Hi all, I've got a nasty coolant leak but I'm not exactly sure of the cause or where it's coming from. It sounds (loud hissing) like it's coming from inside the area circled in the image below. Below that is a YouTube video of what's happening down below. Any thoughts on what might be the...
  5. Lalalx470

    99 LX470 heater core leaking, what else should I worry about?

    Hey all, Just joined the club and bought a 99 LX470 with ~265k on it. Well, the heater core immediately started to leak. Pretty good amount of coolant in the passenger footwell... So yeah, it's at the shop, waiting to have the dash torn apart to get at that mother... So, what else should I be...
  6. T

    Scepter Fuel Can Leaking

    I was planning on carrying this can on my roof strapped down on its' side. When I tried to do that it began leaking fuel. I ended up putting it in the vehicle and keeping all the windows down. Not a great solution. Any idea why this thing would leak? I do not have one of those wrenches but...
  7. RFB

    passenger side floor leaking

    I had the AC on as its stupid humid here, AND its raining like when noah closed the door on the big boat. inside engine bay dry, firewall grommet is good and the rooftop tent covers moonroof. is this the AC condensating a LOT ??
  8. R

    Sunroof Leak 1994 Land Cruiser

    Hey, I've been looking for a fix for my sunroof leak but, haven't been able to find one. I have 1994 Land Cruiser Currently the roof leaks, Very Badly, a quick fix would be to clear the drains and apply some sealant in some areas. But i cannot open the sunroof at all. Anything is helpful. Also...
  9. White Stripe

    LS Motors leaking everywhere

  10. saltycoconuts

    FJ80 leaking gasoline like the BP spill

    Hey there! It's just about that time of month again where I have found another issue that the PO hasnt mended to. Since owning my FJ80 from January there has been an acute smell of gasoline. Originally I thought it was just because of age and perhaps the injector was being a bit strong. Well 4...
  11. teambell

    Washer fluid leaking - how to access headlight nozzle supply hose?

    I have had a persistent washer fluid leak coming from my front left fender. Today I inspected through a few of the holes at the bottom of the bumper and it appears the leak is coming from a supply hose to the left headlight washer. What is the best way to access that hose? BTW - this link is...
  12. E

    Help.I have a 1995 80 series diesel landcruiser and antifreeze is leaking out of the heater inside

    Can someone suggest where to start to repair the leak.At first glance it appears as though I will have to pull the whole heater assembly apart .Is there a procedure or more simple answer.
  13. Ezra

    Brake cylinder blew - leaking all over the place.

    So, I think my brake cylinder is shot. I mean its clearly shot. A few days ago I replaced my front brake shoes and adjusted the brakes all around. The old ones were installed backwards, and one was chipped. The cylinders are also reversed, but I have just been adjusting them in reverse...
  14. E

    Leaking crank seal

    So I am just in need of a bit of advice. A month ago I replaced the timing belt/WP cam/crank seals etc....Well I have developed a nice little oil leak from the passenger cam seal. I am wondering how far I need to take this thing apart again to get to that seal. Am I crazy in thinking that once I...
  15. ZRotheohv

    Leaking New Front Diff

    I JUST got my truck back on the road after replacing the front differential, and installed the third with a dry gasket. Apparently that wasn't enough since it's dripping out of there (the bottom is wet and leaves a little half dollar sized puddle whenever I stop). I read about using FIPG instead...
  16. H

    post-air filter, pre-turbo leaking oil on HDJ81 with 1HDT

    I was hoping someone could help me out here with a diagnosis and hopefully, an easy fix. I noticed that the corrugated, bent portion of the air intake hose that is AFTER the air filter (probably a foot or so below the air filter along the air intake hose), but BEFORE the turbo, is wet with...
  17. ghillie989

    HELP - H55F transfer case leaking through gaiter where selector enters

    Good evening. Appreciate any help you can offer as in title its leaking oil through the boot/gaiter where the selector enters the transfer case. is this just a gaiter out of place or is there a seal behind there i need to replace? thanks again
  18. A

    FJ62 A440F leaking ATF from bellhousing

    About three years ago I replaced the front transmission seal in my A440F. The original seal was brittle and fell apart during removal. During a road trip 3 weeks ago, I caught a faint whiff of ATF. Pulled over and found AFT leaking out the bellhousing. I was able to get home but lost about 3...
  19. cruiseroutfit

    Spring showers bring wet floors? Leaking windshield or HVAC?

    I hopped into my 2008 200 this morning and found the passenger floor mat containing a small reservoir. Not a huge amount of water but a cup or so approx. Closer inspection yields its dripping from above perhaps out of the HVAC or up higher? Glovebox is dry but plastic trim panel above the...
  20. N919HJ

    Front Axle Seals Leaking

    My LC is a 6/79. My question is, am I hurting anything by driving it while this is happening? I have not put it in to four wheel drive and don't intend to until I get it fixed. I would just like to run around town and give the kids a ride when it is nice.
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