1. O

    New vin cut key problems. Valet or Master blank.

    I received my 95 LC with keys that were badly worn and looked like a tooth pick. They only opened the front door to unlock and start the ignition(will it open hatch, passenger or glove box). I thought it was due to them being worn so got new keys cut by code/vin by a local lock smith and they...
  2. Rdeschain

    Key weirdness

    Forgive me if this sort of thing has been discussed before. I did a search and found nothing, but I'm admittedly new to searching this forum, so definitely could have missed something. '94 FZJ80 GXL, Aussie RHD import. I've had it for about 5 weeks. Came with two keys. One of those keys...
  3. M

    LC Series 100 ignition mystery challenge...

    My beloved 2001 LC has a gremlin. She has 190k miles and still runs and rides like new. But, three long dealership visits and $$$$ later, the gremlin still remains. No one seems to be able to figure out this one. I'm hoping someone here has experienced a similar issue.... 1) First issue; Car...
  4. mfox808

    Emergency Starting Issue

    Hey all, new to the forum and really need some help! Recently purchased a 1998 LX470, (pictured) in Oregon, thanks to the buyers guide on this forum. Drove it up to Seattle to get it shipped to Maui where I live. I left it at the docks to be shipped. Today I got an email from Matson saying...
  5. suprarx7nut

    YotaMD 2019 Black Friday Sale - Biggest Yet

    Alright 'mud, it's that time of year again. The YotaMD Black Friday Sale is back and better than ever. This year it's Buy One Get One 50% on the ENTIRE STORE. All kits, all spare parts, all colors, all versions, everything! I've got lots of stock built up with...
  6. T

    Key Fob programming To unlock and lock doors - Toyota Tech here?

    I bought a new key from 1010keys and already have Techstream. I was able to program a new key with Techstream and when I went through the process to program the new key to unlock the doors, it took the program and I was ready to go.... i thought. I got out and tried to lock the door with the...
  7. R

    HELP Ignition Lock Cylinder replacement

    1987 FJ60 Land Cruiser: I'm trying to replace the ignition lock cylinder, and I've removed the old cylinder but now the new one won't go all the way in. Even the old one doesn't go back in so I assume the issue isn't with the cylinder itself but rather something in the column. Key is turned to...
  8. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  70-series door lock/key set

    I bought this to install it on the 70 but didn't get to it. New, never installed. Three keys new matching are included with this kit. Didn't include the photo since the cylinder code is shown on the photo. Asking $250 plus shipping.
  9. TheBog

    2006 LX470 Clear Master Keys?

    Hi! I'm new to the forum, I think I'm supposed to get some kind of welcome:flipoff2::flipoff2::flipoff2:? I just picked up an '06 LX470. It's not super clean but the price was right. It's quite the upgrade from my 07 Corolla! Of course, I only got one key from the stealer dealer, so I got...
  10. RFB

    Woodruff key Placement

    Ok Ive marked everything Ive read and re read everything Im pulling my sttering box and pump tomorrow to replace with remanned from rock auto, one question I cant figure out is where does the "woodruff key" go? the shaft on the pump is tapered and keyed already, so is this still needed? It...
  11. MrCWineMan

    Key Help

    Okay so I have a weird situation: I have been through training and am almost a member of the local mountain Search and Rescue group. They have, rather intelligently, suggested that when you respond to a location for a mission that you leave your keys with command in case your car needs to get...
  12. MrCWineMan

    200 Series Ti key shell

    I was looking around in the 100 series forum pages and saw a vendor that makes a titanium spine with a replacement plastic shell for the 100 keys. I thought that it would be a cool upgrade to the 200 series remote key fob if they would make a Ti shell replacement for the 200 keys. The vendor...
  13. S

    Key Mystery

    I have a 2004 LC with 3 keys. One is a master key with buttons (confirmed as master via FAQ). The second is a valet key without buttons. Both of these keys do what they are intended to do. I have a third key with buttons. The buttons unlock the doors and the key is cut and kicks the starter...
  14. bumpersignal

    can i set alarm to unlock all doors one key press?

    i have a 98 lx470 and the factory keyless entry system. I have to press unlock twice in a row to unlock all doors, otherwise one press only unlocks driver door. Is there a way to program the system so that one press unlocks all?
  15. Jay-

    Where to get 1994 key fob?

    I dont shop at toyota much but the ebay keyfob, cant fine the old square audio vox 1994 alarm keyfob? Any ideas?
  16. Snoozecruiser97

    97 fzj80 Help 4 a Lost Key

    So to keep it short I lost the one key I had for my cruiser and need to replace it. Luckily I have the tumbler turned to ACC because I needed to keep it in neutral for repair reasons so it should be easier to replace the lock cylinder if need be. Here are my questions: 1. Does anyone know how...
  17. doug720

    Key Code Info

    I have my key code off the PS door lock barrel. Are the codes 4 numbers long? Ie., 2234? Not longer and no letters? I cleaned up the barrel, but all I saw was just four numbers.. Can someone post an example of a made up code combination? Thanks Doug
  18. fooldall1

    Master Key Question

    All: A buddy of mine picked up a nice 99 a few days ago. He didn't realize that all he was given were valet keys. Is there any way around the 600 dollar dealer fee for creating a new master? Everything I know/read indicated that an EXISTING master key must be inserted for the programming...
  19. DuckLN

    2006 fsm pages for key programming needed

    Trying tirelessly to avoid trip to stealer. Yes ive searched and read many many threads on this issue. I have been able to program the lock, unlock function to my two new oem master keys. I have not been able to program the computer (immobilizer) to accept the new keys. I have tried...
  20. suprarx7nut

    3D Printed Key Fob Shells - Trapezoid Two-Button

    Hey all you hardcore 80 series folks! I made a key fob for the 100 series remote. I have had dozens of requests to make a shell for the 80 series as well. I have one style complete and ready for orders - the Two Button "Trapezoid" style. If you have another style remote and would want one of...
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