1. Alexholl2015

    Maintenance: SPC Adjustable UCAs, Inner & Outer Tie Rods, both Axles, Front Sway Links and Diff Drop X-member

    Hi All, Putting in some good TLC on the 2007 LC w/ 3" OME lift. It's 256k miles strong and in great working condition. Purchased back in Feb 2020 and I'd feel better knowing I installed the following. Just lining up my notes for each. My question is, given install, would you do the same in...
  2. afgman786

    BudBuilt Skid Install

    Hey all, just wanted to provided a write up on BudBuilt Skid plate install. Wasn't difficult when I took time to slow down and thing it out instead of just attacking it. Hoping this will help someone else out in the future that is trying to wrench on their 200, but like me and getting into...
  3. Recon Aircrew

    Metal Tech Slider Install

    Finally got around to installing the Metal Tech sliders on my Wife's '16 LC. It was a long weekend! I spent most of Saturday installing the rivet nuts and doing some test fitments. I spent an additional 5 hours or so today mounting the sliders. I did this alone, with some help from my wife in...
  4. F

    Harmonic Balance Install - Key falls out - Help please

    1996 Land Cruiser - 4 hours of trying to put the harmonic balancer back on the cam and the little half circle lock key keeps popping out of groove in cam shaft. What is the secret?? I have to be on the 50th attempt - I am soooooo frustrated. I have the key slot positioned on the very top. I...
  5. Miamedia

    FZ-J80 / LX450 Head unit & speaker MasterSheet

    Crutchfield sent me the attached MasterSheet for the removal of all of my OEM dash & door speakers and the main stereo head unit. Please note that the CD changer and center console speaker are not covered in the attached.
  6. Connorham

    Slee 30mm Spring Spacer Install

    I recently had Slee 30mm rear spacers put in. They were installed by my "normal" mechanic. (just a NAPA guy). All looked good and road well at speed. BUT going slow over bumps it feels TERRIBLE; even small ones. It feels like they are not attached to the frame, makes a knocking sounds and...
  7. PNWFJ80

    How To: PO155 O2 Oxygen Sensor Heater Circuit Bank 2 Sensor 1 - Replacement Install

    It's been posted elsewhere, but here's the easy way to install the passenger side upstream O2 sensor for code PO155 Oxygen Sensor Bank 2 Sensor 1 Total time about 10 minutes. 1) Get a Denso Direct Fit Oxygen Sensor part number: 234 4169 2) I was on the passenger side and broke it...
  8. J

    The last bit of my rear bumper install

    Hey guys, I've got my new 4x4labs bumper almost all the way installed. I am having a hard time getting it the last 1" onto the frame, I have removed all rivets and there is nothing blocking it, its just the friction against the frame (in my opinion) that is keeping it from sliding all the way...
  9. T

    Metal Tech OPOR Sliders installation

    This guide is intended to assist with the installation of the OPOR sliders from MetalTech. If you're still on the fence for this purchase, hopefully the guide/pictures will help make your decision. This installation is on a 2006 LX470 with AHC. The install on a truck without AHC is even...
  10. phi1osopher

    $98 ARB-Clone Snorkel install -- It turned out GREAT!!

    Quick Intro: I picked up a $5k 1999 stock, locked LC about two weeks ago, and I am building it up for a bit of overlanding. I'm fairly mechanical -- used to be a Porsche service manager, but really am more of a Toyota man at heart. I also co-lead off-road dualsport motorcycle trips through...
  11. A

    3FE Front End Plate Installation Question

    I am installing the front end plate on my 3FE. Should I put any gasket treatment or something similar on the gasket between the block and the front end plate? I was going to use some Toyota Black FIPG but I wasn't sure if that is what is normally done. What is the best way to install the gasket...
  12. lechnito

    What to do with my LSPV after OME lift installation?

    After installing my OME lift kit, my braking performance went from adequate to bad. After installing 255/85/r16 tires, my braking performance went from bad to "holy s*** this is scary dangerous". Went through the FSM and several threads on mud. After performing some routine diagnostics, I...
  13. GS 60

    Bow packing installation

    Hi, Has anyone any tips on installing these?
  14. jestlurnin

    Rear brake cylinder installation

    Can someone confirm I'm an idiot? I'm putting new brake wheel cylinders on my 75' RHD FJ45. I bled the hell outa these things and still can't get em' to work properly. Went to adjust the rears again and noticed both adjusters were on the bottom. See picture... Can someone confirm that one...
  15. Weiry

    Rear Auto Locker/LSD Installation

    G'day All, I have a 1975 FJ45 with a 350 Chevy and original four-speed and i've been told that putting in a locker in the rear makes them a lot more fun. I was just wondering which brand was the best. I was also wondering if they are a bit beyond novice to intermediate to install?
  16. cc93cruiser

    F engine water outlet paper gasket installation order

    Quick question... I have the diaphragm from an F engine cooling system/waterpump and I noticed I did not put the gasket on the pic ( letter D) in the correct order.. I put the thermostat on the lower piece water outlet and then paper gasket on top then the upper water outlet piece with rubber...
  17. Forrest Murphy

    Tembo / Exel 15 gallon Aux Tank Installation

    I wanted to share some of my thinking on the Tembo/exel aux tank install a bit as the 200 goes into the shop for installation of the Aux tank this week. I was going to do the install myself, but work always gets in the way of the best-laid plans. A little background, while 60L/15 gallons does...
  18. LandCruiserPhil

    PUMA Compressor Installation on a LX470

    Having had 7+ years of excellent performance and reliability out of the PUMA in my 80 series it was an easy choice when I upgraded my MV-50 compressor in our LX. I wanted it to take up as little space as possible and be travel friendly. We use the LX as our travel/tow vehicle and it gets packed...
  19. LN106

    Old man emu installation

    Can anyone explain how to fit these steel plates? I'm reading the instructions they gave but it isn't clicking. Two FK10's came as part of the suspension kit for a front solid axle.
  20. G

    Aussie Locker Installation HELP !!! Rear differential spacer ?

    Help !!! My Costa Rican mechanic is trying to install an Aussie Locker on my 1997 LC. Neither the instructions, or this tutorial mentions the RDF (rear differential) spacer (part No. 14 in schematic below) which fits over the RDF shaft (part No. 13.) It is sort of a cylindrical collar with 2...
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