ignition cylinder

  1. Matmac22

    ‘98 LX Ignition Lock Cylinder Barrel Rod

    Hey guys, I know there are plenty of threads about this issue, but I am really just trying to source the right part. I have a 1998 LX470. Ebay sells a ton of them but they all seem to be stamped “7853B.” My understanding is that this part will not work and that it is for the LC with the manual...
  2. K

    Ignition Rod replacement?

    After reading a horror story, I am thinking about replacing my Ignition Rod before it breaks. I am not currently having any problems but, my 2001 LX has 122,000 miles. Do you all think that is a good idea? If so, what is the best rod that I can buy?
  3. R

    HELP Ignition Lock Cylinder replacement

    1987 FJ60 Land Cruiser: I'm trying to replace the ignition lock cylinder, and I've removed the old cylinder but now the new one won't go all the way in. Even the old one doesn't go back in so I assume the issue isn't with the cylinder itself but rather something in the column. Key is turned to...
  4. CruiserClay

    Ignition Cylinder Posts on a '72

    Hey y'all, I could use a little help with the wiring involved with starting my '72. I tried searching but can't seem to really find what I need, so I'll just have to ask. Several weeks back, the original starter crapped out on me. Everywhere I looked seemed to recommend switching in a GR from a...
  5. WaTrout88

    Ignition Cylinder Wiring Harness

    I pulled off my steering column cover to replace my ignition cylinder and noticed one of the soldered wire had broken loose. Can I solder it back on without buring the plug or am I looking at a replacement?
  6. cruzerDave

    Spastic EFI Relay & Ghostly Door Chime

    This thread is a partial continuation of this one: in need of ideas on two problems with the cruiser (thanks to @jerryb for some good suggestions there) but as that one had starting & driving issues, and mine does not, I felt a more accurate title and focused discussion were warranted. PLUS...
  7. LoopersLX

    LX450 vs Toyota Ignition Cylinder

    I have looked through the forums and everywhere I can online as this is a common issue but cant seem to find a clear answer to my question.... I have a 97' LX450 and while the ignition works well at the moment, the key sits very loose in the cylinder at all times. I can easily remove the key...
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