1. cruisertom

    For Sale  FJ60 hood latch and cable

    Complete hood latch and cable with bolts that bolt to underside of dash, good condition, remains from project that got parted out. $30 shipped
  2. vapilotda

    For Sale  100 Series hood bug/rock shield and sunroof wind deflector

    Both are OEM and in excellent condition. I do not have the screws to mount the hood shield to the hood but they aren't anything special that you can't get at a hardware store. $50 each plus shipping. I'm in Richmond, VA for local pickup. Thanks!
  3. sbechtold

    For Sale  Dash Pod Meter Hood - SF Bay Area, CA

    SOLD Brand new hood sub assembly for a 70 series. Part number 55403-90k00-13. This is the cover for the gauge pod on the dash. It is grey in color. I paid $77 from partsoug shipped. Selling for $70 shipped to the lower 48. PM me if interested.
  4. RodolfoCRC

    Wanted  FJ60 Hood Insulation -USA-

    Hi guys, I am looking for the hood insulation for my FJ60. I dont find it online and maybe you can help me to find the part. Any help will be appreciated.
  5. OG 91 LC

    How To: 100 Series Hood Lift Support

    Once again I looked at a few threads on this topic. Suggestions, but no pics. So here's my take on replacing the OEM lift supports with pics. Easy stuff fellas. I ordered Strong Arm lift supports from Amazon. $35. Amazon.com: Qty (2) StrongArm 4361 Toyota Land Cruiser, Lexus LX470 1998 To 2004...
  6. centralworks

    For Sale  Early FJ40 / FJ45 Hood Hinge

    This is an early hinge with no rust. sold
  7. Climrox

    Cowl to Hood Seal Orientation

    Hi all, I picked up an '05 LX a few weeks ago, and am trying to tend to a short list of things that are in need of repair. One of those items is the absence of a cowl to hood seal from what appears to be the result of a windshield replacement. Part # 5338360031. I'm getting wind noise above...
  8. Redgrrr

    For Sale  FJ40 hood and windshield latches\hooks

    Used FJ40 hood and windshield latches/hooks for sale. $32 for all four shipped.
  9. A

    Hood Hinge led pod brackets for 3rd gen Taco?

    Hey guys new to the forum hope im in the right thread. I have a 3rd gen taco with mods underway. Looking for some hood hinge brackets to mount the square led pods on each lower hand corner of the windshield. The brackets mount to the hood hinges. I have found these made by zroads but havent been...
  10. A

    Ball Stud For Hood Lift Strut

    Just bought aftermarket struts for the hood on my '92 model. These struts require that the OEM ball studs that screw into the hood be re-used and inserted into the new lift strut. The problem is that the old ball studs will not come out of the sockets of the old lift struts. Has anyone else...
  11. mattressking

    Wanted  FJ60 Smog Pump Hoses and hood prop rod

    Looking for the smog pump hoses labeled #40 and #42 in diagram below and a hood prop rod. Located in Ventura, CA area. Thanks!
  12. Wadesters

    Wanted  Hood safety catch FJ40 79-83 (see picture)

    I need one shipped to zip code 30265. Thanks.
  13. pardion

    For Sale  [CA] hood chrome ornaments

    Here are a couple hood spears I forgot I had, not the best but better than none, Chrome shop could straighten and replace missing bolts on one. $25.00 each plus shipping Please specify #1 or #2 Please PM Thanks, John
  14. raynyc

    Wanted  northeast fj80 hood, no damage or rust - Brooklyn NY

    looking for a really good condition hood for my LX450 . please no damage or rust at all. black ones goto the front i live in Brooklyn NY and can drive out in the tri state area to pick up , would prefer not to ship. thanks Ray
  15. sgiandubh

    Wanted  100 Series Land Cruiser Hood and headlight/grill pieces

    Hi, I'm in search of someone parting out a 100 that has a good front end. Someone backed into my '99 100 LC and broke the headlight support, bent the hood and crunched a few other front end trim pieces. Gray (Rock River Green Mica) is preferred but am open to anything in good condition. Thanks!
  16. 2001LC

    Wanted  Hood LX470 99-02

    Preferred color GOLDEN PEARL but any will do. Would like in good to excellent condition. No rust or past accident damage to hood.
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