1. M

    For Sale  72 FJ40 Hood Hinges

    Up for sale is a good solid set of hood hinges from a 72 FJ40. $30 shipped I wire wheeled them some but the could use a good blasting and paint of your choice.
  2. wngrog

    For Sale  1976 FJ40 Fender/Hood Skirts

    great shape. $40 plus $15 to ship
  3. Y

    For Sale  FJ40 hood hinges

    Hood hinges in excellent shape. Original hardware off 1980 FJ40. $70 plus shipping
  4. W

    Wanted  White hood for FZJ80

    Recently purchased a white 1997 FZJ80. Hood has some hail damage and I would like to replace. Hoping to avoid having to paint a different color one to match. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated! Thank you, WJR
  5. hobbes

    Hood and windshield latch color

    On a 1974 FJ40, what factory color are the latches holding down the hood and for the windshield? Pictures seem all over the place. I'm guessing they are both same pewter as the interior color, but not positive. I just got new windshield hold downs and I am certain I don't leave them bare. My...
  6. J

    For Sale  fj40 hood

    hood is clean but has been creased. It did pop back out and the brace could be straightened. $100?
  7. aznxfactor

    For Sale  Fjz80 Hood and fender flares for sale

    I have a fjz80 hood and 94 fender flares for sale. Hood is in great shape. The coat is bubling but whoever that takes this will be repainting anyways. Overall its in great condition. $100 plus shipping at your cost. Fender flares are in great shape. Its the dark green color. I bought it...
  8. Thirsty

    Another Hood Vent Option

    As a half banana DIY guy (at best), I’m actually pretty happy with the way this turned out:
  9. Rifleman

    Before your hood lock fails, got a backup plan?

    Today i was going to do the 7 pin mod on my truck. After opening up my dash, i came across an old car alarm that the PO never told me about. So since i was already there, i made up my mind to remove that alarm before it starts giving me problems. While removing it, i opened my hood (this turned...
  10. odinskind

    Hood Dimensions?

    I know this is a silly question "why don't you just go measure your own hood?". Well, I'm in a hotel, and all my tools are in shipping right now, and I don't feel like driving to Home Depot to buy yet another tool that I already own. So, Can someone please tell me the length and width dimensions...
  11. 1973Guppie

    eBay  New reproduction early FJ40 hood emblem

    please see here: FJ40 Toyota Landcruiser early hood Emblem Badge reproduction | eBay $85 starting bid, auction, free ship conus
  12. fooldall1

    Hood Deflector - Missing Hardware?

    All: I know many of you HATE the hood deflector, but the roads here in FL are TERRIBLE and rock chips are inevitable. IN a few months, i will do a 3m film, but for now- this will do. My buddy gave me his take-off Hood Deflector. Do I need a specific kit (screws/washers..rubber nipples to...
  13. Mightymes

    For Sale  FJ40 Hood

    I have a 72 FJ40 hood for sale. It's not perfect and will need some work. $125.00 gets it.
  14. drtyfun

    For Sale  Various fj55 parts for sale.

    I have a hood, rear tail gate, couple of doors,
  15. S

    Rubber hood stoppers

    ello all, Does anyone know the size (dimensions) of the rubber hood stoppers. I need a couple but after seeing the prices for some used cracked ones , I thought maybe I might check other options. Thanks
  16. stock

    Buckling hood

    My hood on my 1991 80 starts wobbling. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154731430714760&id=714194759 Any thoughts?
  17. mct75

    Deleting the hood blanket?

    I'm in the process of removing my windshield washer system and noticed that the insulating blanket under the hood looks pretty sorry. Does anything bad happen if you just remove it? It's gotta be just for sound insulation, and I would rather hear my engine anyway. If I can just remove it...
  18. Irish Reiver

    Hood Rattle

    My hood appears to have seperated from the frame it sits on. I assume the two were glued at some piont. Can i just squeeze some rtv along the gaps or is there better solution? Nothing coming up on a search.
  19. cruisertom

    For Sale  FJ60 hood latch and cable

    Complete hood latch and cable with bolts that bolt to underside of dash, good condition, remains from project that got parted out. $30 shipped
  20. vapilotda

    For Sale  100 Series hood bug/rock shield and sunroof wind deflector

    Both are OEM and in excellent condition. I do not have the screws to mount the hood shield to the hood but they aren't anything special that you can't get at a hardware store. $50 each plus shipping. I'm in Richmond, VA for local pickup. Thanks!
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