fuse block

  1. Whiphub


    I’ve been troubleshooting a parasitic drain, long story short, I just threw in a new battery showing 12.8v. Took her for a spin, got home and let her run in the driveway while I turned on headlights etc to measure amp draws. I kicked in the ARB twin compressor and let it fill. I then activated...
  2. mintfarmer

    For Sale  South Dakota: LC100 Fuse Box Junction 82720-60081 (Brand New)

    Bought this chasing what ended up being a fried ECM. NEVER put it in the car. $500 or best offer. I will pay shipping in the domestic U.S.
  3. SmokingRocks

    Wanted  [CO] FZJ-80 Engine Compartment Fuse Block Cover

    I'm looking for a spare fuse block cover for the fuse/relay block under the hood on the drivers side. I used my spare harness to make an auxiliary fuse-relay block and now I can't find the damn cap.
  4. LC4LIFE

    HuddExpo add a fuse block kit - thoughts?

    Hi Everyone, I have had many requests to roll out a simple kit to add a fuse block to the main battery for the guys that prefer not to deal with the dual battery setup or that just want to get some more power into the cab. Here is the beginning. I will be offering a 3/8" thick HDPE panel cut...
  5. E

    Engine idle hunting problem; no trouble codes

    Hey guys, this is my first in the forum, a long time creeper until I finally took the plunge and bought a 100 series! Thank you for all of the awesome posts and inspiration to make the purchase happen. Long story short, I bought a 1998 LX470 with 376K miles on the clock from a guy who didn't...
  6. RFB


    Whats up fellas, So I ve finished my new belts, hoses, power steering lines and dual batteries . And Im installing a Bussman fuse block with 5 relays and 10 fuses. I figured out the wiring to all the switches and then back to repsective accesories. my only sticking point is I have 5 fuses for...
  7. RFB

    removing cruise control module

    I no longer have cruise on the steering column, but the device is still under the hood, any drawback to removing it entirely? Im never selling, Im never going to use cruise ever. and the space could be better used for a fuse block.
  8. boozewz

    Blue Sea Fuse Block Mounting Location

    Can we see some pics of where you guys have mounted these inside the wagon? Most of the images are in the "what have you done this week" thread, so the search wasn't too helpful. I am debating to put mine in the cargo hold above the bottle jack storage. Can either insert it flat horizontally...
  9. jvincig01

    For Sale  OEM fuse block - Sacramento CA

    I have this here fuse block out of my 67 FJ40. I just rewired my rig so I dont have a need for it anymore. I believe this fits 67-71. $25 shipped in the US.
  10. E

    Heavy rain left some gremlins behind..

    We had a large storm cell too through last night in Texas. Around 3:00am I was awoken by not thunder, but a horn blaring intermittently outside the house. By the time I got dressed it was stuck on. I had to scramble to find tools and disconnect the battery while being half asleep. My wife...
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