1. O

    1982 FJ40 Rear Body Mount & Frame Patch

    Good afternoon everyone, I have used the search feature but I am unable to find any info this, so i’m reaching out for help offered. I am currently looking at purchasing a stock 1982 FJ40 for $3500. When I looked the car over I was surprised at how rust free the frame was, however there was a...
  2. R

    Wanted FJ62 Frame in Southern California

    Good afternoon, I'm looking for an FJ62 frame. I'm located in San Diego but I'm open to getting one shipped from out of state.
  3. CBeckFJ

    were 100's ever part of a frame recall?

    I just saw a craigslist ad that said that a 2000 Land cruiser got a new frame replaced under a 2009 frame recall program, shipped in from California. Is this true? I searched google and I couldn't find anything about a frame recall for a Land Cruiser. Thanks!
  4. 64Rotorhead

    Frame Twist

    1) How much is your frame twisted? I’m curious what seems to be normal in these old rigs? I guess some standard of measurement would be needed for consistent usable info. My 1973 isn’t complete, so my measurements were with rig weight on and my rear leafs tacked, shackle angle set. I leveled...
  5. masperk

    Wanted FJ60 Replacement Frame

    Looking to do a frame swap and would be in need of a donor. This is a late 1985 FJ60. Thanks!
  6. HawkDriver

    Hawkdriver’s 1975 FJ40 Refurb Thread

    Holy schnikies! There are enough “build threads” on this section that the subject should probably have its own subforum. This factor alone has been a main reason that I’ve hesitated to start my own thread, ever since the ol 40 was parked and this project began some 3+ years ago. Among the other...
  7. Ali M

    FJ60 to 140 Conversion question

    I have an opportunity to consider a 84 FJ60 and swap guts with FJ80. IMO nothing beats the classic look of an FJ60/62 in the land of LC. It is the iconic look for this legendary wagon,. Are there any benefits if I start with FJ60 vs FJ62 body if I want to go the full 140/142 conversion?
  8. bosscruiser

    Wanted ISO rust free FJ60 frame

    I have a 1984 bj60 that is in need of a new frame, I have temporarily patched over the not so good parts of my truck in the meantime. I’m looking for a fair deal on a rust free Fj60 frame (or bj60 frame if you have an unrusted out one). Hoping to find one for $300-500. I’m located in...
  9. starclassic

    Crazy clean 03 LX470 ... is this a leak?

    I've been looking at this 03 LX470, it has one of the cleanest undersides I've ever seen. But it looks like there's some kind of leakage on the frame above the left rear wheel. Any ideas what that might be from?
  10. CBeckFJ

    Frame Replacement

    so I took my '99 in to get it inspected last week, and it failed due to multiple things, but the biggest was a hole in the frame, to the extent that the frame might need to be replaced ( I could'nt find the hole). How much would it be to replace a frame from a dealer? Is it worth just buying...
  11. C

    Wanted 1979-84 FJ40 Frame

    Looking for a frame for my 83 BJ42 build in SF bay area, thanks! Also interested in a body tub, doors and a roof panel and willing to drive for pickup.
  12. 64Rotorhead

    Shocks FJ40 Outside Frame, rear shocks

    I've seen a lot on here but not on this particular question. First off, I'm a newbie, first build. I've read a bit about designing for shock mounting, locations etc. This basic article was helpful: Everything you wanted to know about Shock Absorbers - 4x4Review Off Road Magazine I realize it...
  13. B

    Advice on undercarriage rust treatment?

    Hey Guys, I had my car up on the lift and was changing the oil and greasing the zerks and noticed that the under carriage is starting to rust. I have had it just over a year and it was really clean underneath and no rust. I got the car from near riverside and I live close to the coast in San...
  14. sigorama

    Parting Out 1963 FJ40 - Frame and Tub (and more)

    I have a complete frame and tub from a 1963 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-40. Located in Monument, Colorado Frame is $350 Tub is $1000 Frame in excellent condition. Already sanded, primed, and ready for final paint. Hardly any rust. Includes factory motor mounts, shock mounts, and steering box...
  15. T

    Tubular chassis/frame

    Hi there, I have an 85 fj60 which I have yet to start an overhaul on, it's in pretty rough shape underneath. Has anyone made, considered making or have engineered drawing/plans for a tubular chassis? I have been contemplating fabricating one for my rig for a while now as oppose to patching or...
  16. Economist LC76

    FJ43 frame from FJ40.

    Hi! Is anyone made FJ43 frame from FJ40? Few ideas: FJ43 is much more interesting for collecting, has more space, more loading capacity, but still capable for off road. As well as a lot of funs start the full frame off restorations, it might be interesting to upgrade FJ40 (were produced...
  17. mrjordann

    Anybody know someone who could fix my bent door?

    First off, yes I am stupid. I've been through enough self-hatred and regret for damaging the neatest truck I've ever seen. It is what is is, and my door is smashed. So I was backing my FJ40 out of my garage, and I thought my door was closed. The latch was half-closed, but just enough to swing...
  18. brizzle

    Aux Wiring on Frame

    My search skills are sucking today because I know I have seen this before. Can anyone tell me their experiences running large gauge auxiliary battery wire along the frame and into the rear. Where did you enter the vehicle? Did you protect the the wire? How specifically did you run it? Would...
  19. AaKnight

    Man-A-Fre Control Arm Drop Bracket Problem

    Well, after doing my oil pump seal I was feeling brave and thought I would tackle this 2" control arm drop bracket setup I bought from manafree about a year ago. The brackets fit ok into the eyelet hole, but they don't perfectly align with the frame. But are close. They look perfect, until...
  20. SportsmanJake

    2nd gen Tundra Double Cab(145") on a Regular Cab(126") Frame?

    Is there anyone here familiar with the 2nd gen Tundra platform? I was thinking about the Tundra's shortcomings and I kept coming back to the long wheelbase (145 inches for double cab and crewmax). The Regular Cab offers a much more attractive 126 inch wheelbase. Is there any reason why I could...
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