1. jjh123

    Thermostat question

    So I have begun replacing parts on my cooling system starting with the radiator and all of the radiator hoses. Today I decided to take apart the thermostat housing, and to my surprise there is no thermostat. I have had no issues with my engine running cool, it typically holds 180* on long drives...
  2. John in Utah

    For Sale Non-US FJ40 Front Drums, wheel cylinders, 3" shoes

    I have the front drum brake assemblies off my 83 Middle East spec 40. $20 plus shipppng for the shoes and cylinders. Wheel hubs, backing plates and hardware, and large pattern knuckles are free if someone wants to pay to ship them. I will probably scrap all this but want to see if someone...
  3. B

    1979 - 1984 Purchase Recommendations

    Greetings all, After fifteen years for messing around with diesel trucks and dual sport motorcycles, I find myself in Bogota, Colombia where I am surrounded by awesome Land Cruisers every day. It's gotten to the point that I can't resist anymore, and I have to take the plunge. In spite of the...
  4. D

    For Sale 1982 FJ43 for sale

    Hi All, I am putting up a link to my Craigslist ad... I have solid FJ43 for sale -- Colombian build. I purchased the truck while living in Bogota for work, and I shipped the truck up here this summer. I had hoped to hold on to it, but our family is going to be moving back to South America in...
  5. FJ40GURU

    SOLD Rear license plate FJ40, BJ42, HJ47, FJ43

    Hi Mud, Rear license plate, Used. the plugs are missing, and there are 2 holes on each cover (damn it....!) $170 plus shipping from Australia
  6. Tony919

    For Sale Wanted "US SPEC" FJ43

    Looking for a FJ43 thats been recently restored and brought to US level specs...larger water pump with heater and AC installed, Front disc Brakes, power steering, Seat belts ect ect... Has to be already Titled and in the US. Budget $25k-35k Thank you!
  7. Borrego

    Beauty in Coeur D Alene, ID.

    I was dropping the wifes 470 off last night at Parker Toyota in Coeur D Alene, ID. and came accross this beauty in the parking lot... Anyone know who's it is? Would be awesome to meet up in CdA and check it out!
  8. aljollano

    SOLD 1978 FJ43

    For sale is this '78 fj43 that I brought from Colombia. This truck sat for 12 years in a garage and was bought from a friend of mine who repainted it 4 years ago, added a/c and power steering and used it as daily driver. Drum brakes all around, new engine gaskets, new upholstery, new tires...

    Getting an FJ 43 from Colombia

    Hey guys! I'm interested to know any experiences in bringing an FJ 43 from Colombia. The car has been in my family for a while but I now live in California and I would love to bring it here. I would probably get it in good shape before bring it here. Disc Brakes, new soft top and power steering...
  10. R

    For Sale 1974 FJ55 F1 Motor - Rebuilt and Running - late model production

    Hello - I am selling a running F1 motor that has very little miles on it since a rebuild a number of years ago. The engine is still in the Land Cruiser and running - Long story short - the only reason we are selling it is because we are rebuilding the original motor at this time. It can also...
  11. R

    For Sale 1974 FJ55 F1 Motor Late Production Rebuilt Running Condition

    Hello - I am selling a late production F1 motor from a 1974 FJ55. The motor was rebuilt a number of years ago but has very few miles. Long story short - we are rebuilding the original engine to our 74, and as much as I like keeping this motor in the cruiser - we are trying to bring this one...
  12. Scotch

    eBay 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ43

    1981 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ43 | eBay "" This 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ43 (VIN FJ43-100812) is originally from Colombia and received a body-off restoration at three years ago in Colombia. The seller acquired this FJ43 six months ago to use as a personal vehicle and is now being sold via...
  13. tpscruisers

    SOLD 43/44 series hardtop and rear door in CT Sold

    I have a 43/44 complete Hardtop, rear door and any hardware attached for $1500 Will fit FJ43/FJ44/BJ43/BJ44. I included 5 pics here but you can see it installed (inside and out) on the TerraCruisers website from their restoration (81 FJ43 Freeborn Red in the inventory section). Owner...
  14. MayflyFJ43

    43 frozen cooling system

    I very recently imported a Colombian 43 with 2f engine and stock carb/radiator. This is my first lc and it got here a couple of weeks ago. I've had been troubleshooting an idle problem and leaking gas pump the last couple of days when the cold temps arrived in Tennessee. This morning I noticed...
  15. Economist LC76

    FJ43 frame from FJ40.

    Hi! Is anyone made FJ43 frame from FJ40? Few ideas: FJ43 is much more interesting for collecting, has more space, more loading capacity, but still capable for off road. As well as a lot of funs start the full frame off restorations, it might be interesting to upgrade FJ40 (were produced...
  16. prosport

    Wanted FJ43 BJ43 Roll bar

    Hello, I'm looking for a roll bar and the mounting hardware/pads that would fit my longer base 1973 European BJ43 (mine came deleted from the factory and the PO converted it to a hard top with an aftermarket top). Please let me me know if you have any for sale. Thanks
  17. prosport

    Wanted Roll Bar for 1979 BJ43

    Hello, I'm looking for an OEM Roll bar for my 1979 European (French)BJ43 that came with a Deleted Roll bar and a soft top from factory but was converted to a hard tip by the PO. Thanks.
  18. Y

    For Sale OEM FJ43 Bow Set

    SOLD Hi, got a set of solid OEM FJ43 bows for sale with hardware and brackets. Decided not to modify them for my 40 and go with a Metal Tec cage. They are in good shape, some surface rust on bows but not the pillars. Asking $650 located in Orange Beach, Al. Local pickup prefered, but will ship...
  19. Y

    For Sale FJ43 jump seat frames

    Hi fellow muders, I bought these jump seat frames to do a resto on my 40.. Come to find out they are FJ43 jumps, not the long 40 jumps. Asking $200 I can pallet them up if your not local, but would prefer local pick up. I can drop them off at fastenal for shipping.
  20. A


    Does anyone know a proud owner of an fj43 in GA that I can connect with? I am thinking about getting one, but never actually drove one. Would love to connect with someone local and check it out. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!
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