1. thorkea

    Wanted  E Locker 9.5”

    Hi, anyone selling a elocker for a 9.5” Land Cruiser axle? Im in California thanks!
  2. Acrad

    @@@ - Harrop E-Locker on a 460 (LC Prado Kakadu trim) - https://cruiserbrothers.com/harrop-elockers/ -

    https://cruiserbrothers.com/harrop-elockers/ I’m going down the road of installing a rear Harrop in my 460. I ordered from Georg@CruiserBrothers last weekend. It should get here next week. https://forum.ih8mud.com/members/orangefj45.1209/...
  3. S

    For Sale  Florida 100 Series e locker rear diff with switch plug and play

    I have a 98-02 (4speed) 100Series rear E-Locker for sale. It Comes with a new 12v guy actuator harness and switch and has been tested. Here is a video $900 Freight Shipping Hub to Hub should be around 250. Let me know you zip and I can get a quote for you
  4. cool breeze

    Wanted  100-series uzj100 rear locker

    Looking at all options. Let me know what you have, asking price and where. BUYING ASAP! thanks
  5. krs2fur

    For Sale  SOLD - E-Locked rear axle - Sacramento, CA

    E-Locked Toyota FJ80 / FZJ80 / 80 Series Landcruiser rear axle 9¼" diff (chunk/drop out also compatible with FJ60/FJ40 axles) Full Floater (I was told from a 1993) Complete MINUS all brake hydraulics (no calipers, hoses, hard brake lines) - I got it this way. If you've got a 93-97...
  6. Riviera

    ELocker Rear Axle Swap-Axle ordered today!

    So I have a 1998 LX470 that I just gone done doing a TON of work on, and it seems cross fingers all is well. So, I've been going back and forth on a locker. Many will say "get a bumper and winch first", but I found an elocker from a 1999 LC for $350, another $150 for shipping to the dealership I...
  7. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  Slee Items 80-series (New)

    I have a couple of Slee Off Road items that I will not use on my build. These items are new and never installed. 1.- Slee Caster Plate Kit: - SOLD Slee - Toyota 80 Land Cruiser Suspension Spacers New list for $139. Asking $120 o.b.o. 2.- Slee Rear E-Locker Guard: - SOLD Slee - Toyota...
  8. gearinstalls.com

    For Sale  elocker motor $215

    My elocked 8" diff was sold without the motor attached so that's why I have this Arizona rust free motor getting all lonely. $215 includes the shipping to the states. The motor works just fine.....it was on my 01 Taco and I have owned it since 06 and the motor never had issues...never really saw...
  9. wardharris


    Here is a repost from the 120 Forum - but all this good news applies to 150 / GX 460 as well! Get the full story at www.yotalockers.com or www.cruiserbrothers.com :)
  10. wardharris


    LEXUS GX LOVE HARROP / EATON ELOCKER TRAIL REPORT LEXUS TRAIL EDITION Cruiser Brothers, LLC customer Matt Branson put a HARROP/EATON ELOCKER in his 2004 GX 470 with the help of gear guru Ken "Zuk" Francisco of Toyota Gear Installs. Here is his report: "The GX with the rear Elocker performed...
  11. Riviera

    Factory Locker Swap

    First of all, "Yes I did search extensively". I've got a shot at rear axle assembly with rear locker, for less than $400. It will have a 1 year parts only warranty (standard salvage yard warranty) and I will be having a Jeep dealership I used to work at install it (they lifted my LX and the...
  12. slceso

    edit: This Is NOT normal!? Front diff issues

    This is a 1990 HDJ81. I was pulling up some shrubs today with my winch and some of the bigger ones maxxed it out, so I was pulling in 4L. The CDL was engaged but I was chirping tires on the driveway, so I engaged the front and rear lockers. I can't remember what, but something distracted me...
  13. shoresoccer13

    Elocker Swap

    I have read many of the threads and just want a clarification on what it different about the 93-94 elockers and the 95-97 elockers. I have a 93 that I am going to be swapping in the elockers into. Current list of parts I have for this swap is: 94 Locker floor harness 94 elocker ecu 94 elocker...
  14. mydogsmonkey

    For Sale  FZJ80 FF Locked Axles/Diff Front and Rear, 4.1, Southern California

    I'm looking to sell off my set of locked front and rear diff/axle. Please read the full ad to understand what is included. I am trying to sell together but may be interested in selling off pieces of the front diff and rear complete axle separately. Full floater axles. This set is a little...
  15. G

    Elocker axle swap ubolt question

    Hey, I am swapping a tacoma axle with an elocker drum to drum under my 1986 4runner next weekend. Having done a bit of research, other than moving the ebrake pivot bracket this is a bolt on swap so this is pretty straight forward. But I did read somewhere that 4runner axle is a smaller...
  16. BGMachine

    For Sale  1997 FZJ80 WITH LOCKERS - Detroit, Mi

    I'm selling my 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser WITH factory lockers. She has about 260,000mi on the clock and counting. I'm at a point where I'd sell her if given the right offer. She's been good to me but I want something a bit more fuel efficient. It's a little banged up from all of my adventures...
  17. excessive

    For Sale  80 series and LX450 Garage sale

    Hello Mud, i am cleaning out my storage of most of my spare parts that i seem to have accumulated over the years - primarily to raise funds for my upcoming front axle service and new tires! Location : Charleston, SC. **Prices do not include shipping. Local Pickup welcome and preferred **I will...
  18. PNWBUILT69

    Parting Out  93 factory elocker 80series

    Hi parting out my 93 ELOCKER 80 series. cruiser has 176k engine runs perfect no check engine lights. bought this truck for the frame, axles, and transfer case. everything else is up for grabs. will ship within the u.s. buyer pays shipping. will post what has been sold and what is still...
  19. L

    Wanted  4.10 elocker 3rd

    Looking for one for my 2001 Tacoma Blew my ring gear 2 days ago preferably local
  20. customcruiser

    Help price this 80

    What is a rolled 95 80 with elockers worth? Engine, Tranny & Tcase? How about just the set of elocker axles with all wiring, computer and switch?
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