1. T

    Ground cable engine top?

    Hey! This is a 1988 HJ61 LHD cable picture taken from the passenger side. Anyone know where these should be connected to? There is black/yellow cable coming from the same cablestack that the oil pressure sensor is connected to. The other is a ground connecting to the engine top. The sockets does...
  2. Classic85

    For Sale  Take off Original 1991 Asian winch (38600-60050)

    SOLD Toyota original 1991 Asian winch (38600-60050) from 1991 HDJ81, everything works. Upgraded to bigger winch/bumper. Includes everything in the diagram plus remote control with pouch, factory bull bar, and factory tow points. Everything needed to pull your bumper and install full JDM...
  3. B

    bj73 3B gauge cluster electical diagram

    if someone has pictures or a file of the electrical diagram for the gauge cluster for an bj73 from 86 with an 3B need all the numbers and colors of the cables
  4. Arcticredleg

    Intrument/dash/interior lights/radio not working

    Okay so my 1981 FJ40 interior lights aren't working, not an issue as long as I drive during daylight hours. I can't see the instrument panel to guess how fast my flying brick is going when driving. Here in Alaska in the winter, kinda need to see that stuff. Oh and the radio isn't working...
  5. morganism

    Electric valves coming

    "There are no timing belts or valve springs, with each valve getting its own miniature camshaft, complete with a desmodromic system that opens and closes the valves precisely and mechanically. And instead of being driven off the crank, each valve's camshaft is controlled by an electric motor."...
  6. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Electric Window Master Control and Bezel FJ80, Window Regulators

    SoCal Master Control does all 4 power windows plus Doorlock $75 Bezel for Master Control in Very Good Condition $40 One in Brown, One in Grey Shipping at cost, and it is less than $10 within USA Window Regulators with Motors for all 4 doors for 1990-1997 FJ80 $50 front, $45 rear, shipping at...
  7. ElectricGT

    For Sale  1970 FJ40 Gas Tank - Under Seat w Filler neck, Guard & Cap

    1970 FJ 40 - Pulled for electric conversion a good condition gas tank as pictured. Only surface rust on bottom makes for an easy clean up. $175. Tank Fastening Strap(s) included. Electric TLC FJ-40 Build
  8. G

    Electrical / heater fan problem hdj100

    So i have my lovely cruiser action up on me, first of All I Also have a belt missing check image, here is Connected to what exactly? - and the pipes leading to it Connectes to what? ( we Are not taking about the oil furnace to the right Also should it have Any connection to why my midderconsol...
  9. M

    Power supply to fuel cutoff solenoid

    My 1975 FJ45 (early 2F engine) stopped idling recently. Eventually I discovered that if I hard-wired the fuel cutoff solenoid on the carburettor, the engine idled perfectly. The solenoid is OK, it seems. When I plug it in to its regular part of the wiring system, there's little or no power...
  10. FWaltersnewbie

    Converting Lincoln 125 to MIG, newer model

    Hi all, While I've been doing oxy-acetylene welding for a while, I'm newer to MIG welding. Bought a relatively cheap Lincoln 125 last year from the Home Despot, expecting that I would be able to convert it to true MIG rather than the (what I now realize is messy crap) flux-core. I looked at the...
  11. PbnFJ

    SOLD  Electric Locking Hub Adapters for 70 series - Norcal

    SOLD Locking Hub Adapters these allow you to replace your Toyota Electric Locking Hubs on a 70 series with Aisin or other manual hubs. The adapters are brand new and were never used and include gaskets, etc. SOLD
  12. F

    Electric fan on radiator behind A/C condenser?

    Gentleman.....of course I use that term loosely. I have searched quite a bit on here on electric fans, but am not finding the answer I am looking for. I have seen members post pictures of electric fans on the passenger side, mounted on the A/C condenser. I cant help but wonder how effective this...
  13. red66toy

    Electric Pressure Washers- found answers

    Found answers in other forum area. Thanks!
  14. M

    I'd like to remove my fanbelts and install an electric fan.

    I disabled the fan on my old Porsche 928 because it already had two electric fans from the factory. They only turned on when traveling slower than 45 mph. I liked them. Never had one cooling problem doing so. Reversible dual 12 1/8 inch X-Treme S-Blade electric fan with Variable Speed Controller
  15. C

    electric over hydraulic w/parking brake

    has any one looked into this type of system? https://www.hydrastarusa.com/pdfs/HydraStarSalesSheet.pdf $550-700 1000-1600psi 17.5 Amp electro hydraulic system for trailers. i'm thinking about converting a conventional rear disc with parking brake to my trailer. there are calipers out there...
  16. BustedBanjo

    BJ40 Electric power steering Fj40 Build

    I just wanted to get a new thread started regarding my current electric power steering build. First, Let me start by giving a HUGE THAANK YOU to KEN at Welcome to ePowerSteering.com He is setting me up with everything I need for the build. I will be sure to keep posted as we go. First of all...
  17. BJrusty

    Help with electric fan switch on '84 BJ60 with 3B

    Hello everyone, I have the Ford Contour fans mounted and wired up to a relay (so I have the power wire, ground, and acc. wire coming out of the relay). My problem is finding the best way to switch the fans on. The kit I bought came with a probe, but I have a brand new Champion all aluminum...
  18. 1973Guppie

    Electric Power Steering on early column?

    Is there anyone out there that has done EPS on an early fj40 column? I am wanting to procure a kit to do this on my 1972 fj40 but the only write ups I have seen have been on the later columns and am wondering if it is possible or not to get this done on an earlier column? Any links to threads or...
  19. G

    LJ77 electric to manual hub conversion

    Hello, I just converted my 1991 LJ77 OEM electric hubs to manual AVM hubs from Euro4x4. The conversion mechanically went fine, but 4WD is not engaging (front drive shaft spins when hubs are locked). Prior to conversion the dash push button Hub Lock and 4WD buttons worked fine. Now the Hub...
  20. Tuite

    For Sale  NC: FJ62 Electric Mirrors

    Pair of electric mirrors $50 Prefer local pickup in Charlotte NC but will at cost
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