1. B

    SOLD Portland OR - 1991 FJ80 Landcruiser

    Vin: JT3FJ80W0M0033214 1991 Land Cruiser 80 from Eastern OR, 3 Owner land cruiser. Title: Clean Mileage: 137,XXX (Daily Driver) Engine: 3FE w/ 4 Speed Automatic Drivetrain: Full time 4WD with locking Center Differential (non-viscous) This car was originally a trade in to a Toyota...
  2. jmcclusk

    Sniper 2GC EFI swap

    Lots of Sniper builds, but haven't seen many 2GC large bore snipers so here is what I did. Advantage of the 2GC is it looks better than the 2300 in this situation and it fits directly to the stock air cleaner assembly. I designed and machined an adapter between the manifold and 2GC. I still...
  3. Zion

    For Sale Santa Fe, New Mexico. ‘85 4Runner. Automatic.

    In good to fair condition. Last year with solid front axle, first year with EFI. Living in the desert so very minor rust. Runs. Custom front bumper and oversized rims/tires. Was daily driver, not using daily in the last two years. Mechanic says there is a rod knocking but was driving well when I...
  4. 63FST

    Check Engine Decal for FJ60/62

    For anyone who has updated there FJ60 or those with a FJ62 looking for a replacement -- I have made 'CHECK' engine decals....please see pictures below. So if anyone wants a decal please PM me and we can chat -- I am offering them as pairs just in case you make a mistake. Let me know what you...
  5. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Injector set for 3FE engine

    SoCal Set of 6 fuel injectors for 3FE all from a good running engine. $72 for whole set, local pickup add $10 for shipping
  6. Leeroy66

    Sniper EFI on SBC - can I use the factory fuel return line?

    Hi, This might be a bit niche but he goes: I have a small block Chevy in my FJ 60 and I’m putting a sniper EFI kit on that requires an electric fuel pump and a return line to the fuel tank. My question: Can I mount a electronic fuel pump on the feed line close to the tank and use the existing...
  7. vankho

    FJ62 3FE Cylinder 1 Not-Firing? Running Rich?

    This pass weekend, I was doing some compression tests trying to diagnose a possible head gasket leak and did a double-take on the state of my relatively new spark plugs. FJ62 is pretty rough from a cold start, especially under 1500 RPM. There's an occasional popping sound but disappears as it...
  8. F

    1984 2FE FJ60 HELP!!!

    I have a 2FE converted FJ60. I have been having the hesitation/stutter/and fuel starvation from hell... the truck will run pretty good until about 10-20 minutes of driving. That’s when the hesitation/lack of throttle response/bogging/fuel starvation starts happening most frequently. Original...
  9. Tristan Perry

    2LTE EFI Troubleshooting

    Hi all, having a bit of a rough time and thought I'd reach out with some of my experiences. Truck ran great, no problems starting, no problems overheating. Stopped for groceries and 10 minutes ater she just would not start. Messed around bleeding injectors for some time before towing home...
  10. RollOn

    3fe EFI headache. Need help.

    Hey guys, so I have read through Jon's EFI diagnostic and am currently stumped as to where I should go next with my current issue. After wheeling for about 2 hours while going up an incline my engine began to sputter and then began acting normally and let me continue moving forward. Shortly...
  11. Taosfj

    ZZ6 EFI 350 Turnkey

    Has anyone out there had the privilege of installing one of these in their FJ 40? ZZ6 EFI Deluxe Small-Block Crate Engine | Chevrolet Performance
  12. wngrog

    Builds The Warthog v4.4

    About 2 years ago I got word that there was an abandoned FJ-55 in North Mississippi that had a low mileage 2F and drivetrain that needed to be rescued. At the time, my FJ-60 was running on 5 cylinders at best, but it was becoming my favorite Cruiser in the herd and it needed a motor. This...
  13. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale 3FE (1992 FJ80) rebuildable block without head $165 + Engine Parts $$

    SoCal From a running car. There was a lower end slight knock from a wrist pin or connecting rod possibly. We needed the head so it is off. I have an engine hoist here to load it. Engine Block is $165 I ALSO HAVE FOR SALE ALL THE STUFF THAT GOES WITH THE 3FE ENGINE - , alternator...
  14. J

    GM temp sensor to F block bushing adapter

    Hello all, I have a 2 barrel FiTech EFI system to install; it uses a GM type temperature sensor. I am desmogged and would like to use one of the two temperature sensor ports in the block. I have an OEM temp sensor bushing that I’m considering retapping the threads to fit the GM sensor but am...
  15. Dustin Messina

    Builds 1985 FJ60 Gets a Holley Sniper EFI Setup

    This is my first build thread so give me a break on how bad this is going to be... Most people don't want to read so...Yes, the Holley 2300 2bbl Sniper is awesome (200 plus miles on setup), yes it works on a 2f, yes its a straight forward install, yes I am running stock dizzy and figured out...
  16. Vavrinyuk


    remote start
  17. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Air Flow Meters from Good Running FJ80s. Intake Hose 91-92

    SoCal Air Flow Meter for 91-92 (3FE engine) $160 + shipping for 93-94 (1FZE engine) $160 + shipping for 95-97 (1FZE engine) $100 + shipping None of these meters have been opened or tampered with and came off engines that ran good. Air Flow Meter Intake...
  18. MiikeSnow

    2F TBI Megasquirt EFI

    To anyone that is interested out there, I wanted to post up some pictures and info about doing Megasquirt on a 2F. My cousin recently started building a 1974 FJ40 that had previously been converted to a carb'd V8. When he acquired the truck it had not been working for about 10 years. He had a...
  19. Ryno5150

    Wanted 2F engine, 3F-E head + EFI components and engine management

    Doing a frame off restoration of my father's 65 FJ40. Looking to build a 2F-E for it. Need complete 2F engine, 3F-E cylinder head and all engine management components - intake and exhaust manifolds, wiring harnesses, etc. I live in GA, but the vehicle is at my parents' house in WA...
  20. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale 3FE engine from 91 FJ80 for Sale $850 firm.

    SoCal, Los Angeles area. ABSOLUTELY NO SHIPPING! I bought this car for body and axle parts, and test drove it. Engine is in the car now so you can test it for yourself. Head has been redone recently. Odometer shows 121,000 miles but is doubtful that this is true. My mechanic says it is...
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