1. F

    1984 2FE FJ60 HELP!!!

    I have a 2FE converted FJ60. I have been having the hesitation/stutter/and fuel starvation from hell... the truck will run pretty good until about 10-20 minutes of driving. That’s when the hesitation/lack of throttle response/bogging/fuel starvation starts happening most frequently. Original...
  2. Tristan Perry

    2LTE EFI Troubleshooting

    Hi all, having a bit of a rough time and thought I'd reach out with some of my experiences. Truck ran great, no problems starting, no problems overheating. Stopped for groceries and 10 minutes ater she just would not start. Messed around bleeding injectors for some time before towing home...
  3. RollOn

    3fe EFI headache. Need help.

    Hey guys, so I have read through Jon's EFI diagnostic and am currently stumped as to where I should go next with my current issue. After wheeling for about 2 hours while going up an incline my engine began to sputter and then began acting normally and let me continue moving forward. Shortly...
  4. Taosfj

    ZZ6 EFI 350 Turnkey

    Has anyone out there had the privilege of installing one of these in their FJ 40? ZZ6 EFI Deluxe Small-Block Crate Engine | Chevrolet Performance
  5. wngrog

    Builds  The Warthog v4.4

    About 2 years ago I got word that there was an abandoned FJ-55 in North Mississippi that had a low mileage 2F and drivetrain that needed to be rescued. At the time, my FJ-60 was running on 5 cylinders at best, but it was becoming my favorite Cruiser in the herd and it needed a motor. This...
  6. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  3FE (1992 FJ80) rebuildable block without head $165 + Engine Parts $$

    SoCal From a running car. There was a lower end slight knock from a wrist pin or connecting rod possibly. We needed the head so it is off. I have an engine hoist here to load it. Engine Block is $165 I ALSO HAVE FOR SALE ALL THE STUFF THAT GOES WITH THE 3FE ENGINE - , alternator...
  7. J

    GM temp sensor to F block bushing adapter

    Hello all, I have a 2 barrel FiTech EFI system to install; it uses a GM type temperature sensor. I am desmogged and would like to use one of the two temperature sensor ports in the block. I have an OEM temp sensor bushing that I’m considering retapping the threads to fit the GM sensor but am...
  8. Dustin Messina

    Builds  1985 FJ60 Gets a Holley Sniper EFI Setup

    This is my first build thread so give me a break on how bad this is going to be... Most people don't want to read so...Yes, the Holley 2300 2bbl Sniper is awesome (200 plus miles on setup), yes it works on a 2f, yes its a straight forward install, yes I am running stock dizzy and figured out...
  9. Vavrinyuk


    remote start
  10. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Air Flow Meters from Good Running FJ80s. Intake Hose 91-92

    SoCal Air Flow Meter for 91-92 (3FE engine) $160 + shipping for 93-94 (1FZE engine) $160 + shipping for 95-97 (1FZE engine) $100 + shipping None of these meters have been opened or tampered with and came off engines that ran good. Air Flow Meter Intake...
  11. MiikeSnow

    2F TBI Megasquirt EFI

    To anyone that is interested out there, I wanted to post up some pictures and info about doing Megasquirt on a 2F. My cousin recently started building a 1974 FJ40 that had previously been converted to a carb'd V8. When he acquired the truck it had not been working for about 10 years. He had a...
  12. Ryno5150

    Wanted  2F engine, 3F-E head + EFI components and engine management

    Doing a frame off restoration of my father's 65 FJ40. Looking to build a 2F-E for it. Need complete 2F engine, 3F-E cylinder head and all engine management components - intake and exhaust manifolds, wiring harnesses, etc. I live in GA, but the vehicle is at my parents' house in WA...
  13. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  3FE engine from 91 FJ80 for Sale $850 firm.

    SoCal, Los Angeles area. ABSOLUTELY NO SHIPPING! I bought this car for body and axle parts, and test drove it. Engine is in the car now so you can test it for yourself. Head has been redone recently. Odometer shows 121,000 miles but is doubtful that this is true. My mechanic says it is...
  14. C

    For Sale  Howell TBI EFI Conversion Kit

    I have a Howell EFI conversion kit (part number K247T) complete minus fuel filter for sale. It is brand new and has never been installed. They go for $1400 on their website. I am offering my whole kit for $1100 shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. PM me if interested.
  15. L

    FJ-45 2F-E Build

    After having a lot of issues with the current 2f and charging system, I've taken to the quest for more power and reliability. Not trying to break any land speed records, just after enough to hold 100km/hr on the hills. So the grand plan is to put a 3fe head on a 2f block and MAYBE add a turbo...
  16. 88Retired62

    DISCONTINUED Emissions and EFI System Parts

    As with some of the FJ62 discontinued parts, we've been able to substitute existing parts from other TOYOTA models. Is there a previous thread on this subject? Can anybody confirm available compatible parts for the following ? 23260-69026 Cold Start Injection Valve 89462-20010 Cold Start...
  17. 85FJ60SD

    For Sale  [CA] FJ62 EFI

    No longer have my 62. So these parts are up for grabs. 40 bucks + ship for this lot (everything on the pic below) Hope all is well, -Victor
  18. mdsims

    Wanted  FJ62 EFI Emblem

    Need two of these, but even one would help. Now NLA by Toyota. I should have bought them last year as I had planned. Oh well. If anyone has a spare, I'll be your huckleberry. 11292-61010 is the pn.
  19. W

    For Sale  1985 Toyota 4runner, EFI, Straight Axel, Automatic - RARE

    1985 Toyota 4runner 22re EFI STRAIGHT AXLE AUTOMATIC Low miles ARIZONA truck Yes, this is the unicorn of 4runners AC WORKS, NO LEAKS I have driven my 4runner to Texas a few times. I have a Landcruiser now. I don't need 2 SUV's. Someone who understands why this 4runner is unicorn will bid on it...
  20. Splash

    Input requested on best 302 EFI crate engine

    I have an old 302 connected to a C4 and Orion that needs replaced. I have a Turbo City EFI so plumbed to and from both tanks. I would like to replace this engine with a new crate engine with current EFI technology. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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