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  1. T

    For Sale  SDHQ Tundra Dual Battery Kit, SwitchPros SP9100, ARB compressor mount

    SDHQ Dual Battery kit for 07-21 Tundra If you are looking to run dual batteries on your Tundra this is the one and only kit you need. This is the only kit on the market that fits the big boy group 34 or 34R batteries. PERFECT for overlanding or camping. You will never be left stranded! One...
  2. B

    Dual battery setup - now amp and leds wont work unless engine running

    So I was having a draw and batteries were losing charge. I added the smart battery isolator, rewired the system as attached pic shows. Now, the amp, led lights won't work unless the engine is running. They don't work in the "on" or "accessory" position. I noticed the power from the starter...
  3. S

    Please help: switched 12V under the bonnet/hood

    I have tried the method mentioned here in few threads to take 12V from the main fuse box, but with ignition ON (or OFF) I measure the top openings of the fuses and I don't have 12V there. I have checked them for continuity, they are fine. Also, there are 4 plugs / connectors which are not...
  4. ltsr

    For Sale  Bay Area, CA: CTEK D250SA

    Selling a brand new CTEK D250SA. I purchased this last year to mount on my truck but switched vehicles and never got around to using it on my new vehicle. I would prefer to sell it locally to avoid having to ship it. Unfortunately for me the prices on these have gone down since I purchased it...
  5. MGarland

    For Sale  Blue Sea Systems Dual Circuit Plus Battery Switch

    https://www.bluesea.com/products/5511e/e-Series_Dual_Circuit_Plus_Battery_Switch $60 Brand new Never installed
  6. mcgx470

    AC Outlet in '03 GX470

    Sorry if this has been asked and answered but my gx has an outlet in the rear like you would have in a house. Not sure if all of them have it as this is my first gx and I have only had it for a week. Anyway i want to know two things if anyone can answer or guide to another forum post but, how...
  7. LC4LIFE

    Dual Battery Kit Interest

    Hi Everyone, I will be announcing my new website relatively soon over in the Small Business Storefront, but I wanted some input on a package I am putting together. I am a huge fan of BlueSea Systems and have been running their 7610 ACR, fuses, fuse blocks and circuit breakers for some time in...
  8. RFB

    dual batteries and 1000 watt invertor

    So im running two odyssey extremes 170AH total with a photoman bracket I installed a new sequoia 150 amp alternator to charge it all.with 1 guage wire running thru a set of 100 amp breakers with a bussman fuse block where the CC used to be. also have an anderson connector mounted in an...
  9. hatfieldcb

    GX460 Dual Battery

    Has anyone installed a second battery in a GX460? I'd like to add one in my 2012. Probably run a fridge and a ham radio. It looks like maybe PS behind the headlight might work.
  10. RFB


    AFTER 3 weeks in the road my IBS system failed won't swap chrarge over to aux battery both batteries are new Odyssey extremes 1500 series everything's fine 20 days Magnum investor stops redlight says needs monthly test. Then the house battery is t being charged IBS alarm going off constantly...
  11. K

    Battery troubles or something else?

    I have a 2015 LC with a Slee installed IBS system with a second battery. This morning when I opened the door, the interior lights came on. I pushed the start button and all the power dropped. I popped the hood to check the battery terminals. They were on tight. I linked the batteries using the...
  12. RFB

    Running a 6 HP shop vac off my invertor

  13. gummycarbs

    Second battery location: OEM battery box worth it?

    I'm looking into a second battery and I'm wondering about location. Most installations use the OEM battery box on the passenger (USA, right) side. A few look like they mount the battery near the firewall. The OEM battery box looks very nice, but does it really have any tangible benefits? I...
  14. LSDbrand

    Blue Sea ML-ACR 500 AMP Dual Battery with remote wiring and modification to isolate when car off

    Hello everyone. I relay on this website a lot so im want to give back a bit. To get started This is what I have and a Modification that i has made everything work way better. The modification is that when the car is OFF, the batteries are ALWAYS disconnected, so you always have one battery...
  15. M32H32is

    For Sale  Blue Sea ACR & Switch

    At one point I had sourced most of the necessary parts to Fab my own dual battery system on the 80. With the sale of the rig I lost interest. These are NIB, never used. Blue Sea ACR Blue Sea
  16. stock

    Dual Battery and ARB compressor

    Is it me? I'm searching all over looking for pictures of where folks set up a dual battery system and having and ARB compressor under the hood. I have the stock battery now, but have an ARB rear locker being installed this weekend. I want to have the compressor mounted in a position where it's...
  17. M

    Best Cable Route for Dual Battery

    I am planning my install for a new auxiliary battery on the RH side. What is the best route to install the cables to connect the batteries? Around the front of the radiator? Or around the back firewall but this will add an extra few feet of cabling? How do you remove the black plastic clips...
  18. ADVPIG

    Dual battery setup and headlight upgrade in Salt Lake City

    On the growing list of things to do on the FJ62 before Cruise Moab is a dual battery setup and headlight upgrade. I'm looking for a shop in the Salt Lake City area. Cruiser Outfitters told me it isn't a big enough job for them unless I'd be willing to wait until the slow season. Does anyone...
  19. Markuson

    Cutting Big Scary Holes (Inverter Success :)

    So I finally took the plunge and hacked a pretty ugly hole in my driver door panel... Been wanting to find a practical mounting spot for the control/monitoring board in connection with my fairly-high-powered 1500 Watt sine wave Inverter... Starts out pretty dang ugly-- But the ugly cleaned...
  20. woytovich

    Very basic dual battery question

    Trying to understand some basic DC electrical tech here. Hypothetically, if I'm running with a single battery and it is fully charged and I then directly hook up a second battery (just pos<>pos, neg<>neg) that is fully discharged (to a level that has not damaged the battery) and then drive...
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