1. wklywilderness

    Overall body dimensions LJ 70 ,73

    Hey all, could someone tell me the overall exterior length (nose to tail) of an LJ 70 and an LJ 73? I'm trying to figure out if I can fit a potential new purchase in a shipping container with another vehicle... or 2. 4x4 tetris, if you will. If you have an aftermarket bumper on yours when you...
  2. G

    1hd-t dimensions

    Tried searching but I keep getting flywheel diameter.... I'm looking for the overall length and height of the 1hd-t motor from the front of the pulleys to the back of the block and the height from bottom of oil pan to top of the intake pipe.
  3. Lumpskie

    Radius Arm to frame bushing dimensions

    Like the title says... can any of you guys get me the official dimensions on the rear bushings that attach the front radius arms to the frame? (looking for width, height/outer diameter and bolt diameter/inner diameter) I'm sure this info is widely available but an internet search didn't get...
  4. dan1554

    1hdt injector o-ring Dimensions

    I purchased a kit that included the copper washers but not the o-rings, and I'd rather not pay/wait for shipping from Australia to get them. Does anyone know the dimensions for the 1hdt injector o-rings? I heard Viton rings might be a good upgrade to what Toyota provides. Is there any truth to this?
  5. T

    BJ70 Rear Storage and Dimensions

    Hi all, I did attempt a search, but no joy. I do have joy in being the happy owner of a new-to-me LHD 70! I've owned several 60's, a couple of 80's but this is my first 70--stoked! It, unfortunately--is in storage a few hours a way until I get rid of my current daily. It will be my new DD...
  6. L

    FJ 60 Dimensions

    Hey all, I am looking to buy either an fj60 or fj62 as my daily driver. if I have googled for days and cannot find the front and rear seat legroom, hip room, and shoulder room. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  7. KY Longhunter

    1981 FJ40 Tub Dimensions Needed

    Hey if any 80+ FJ40 owners could help, I am wanting to double check some dimensions. 1. Distance between A pillar and door post? 2. Distance from Tranny Door and Seat post? 3. Distance from firewall to Seat Post? Thanks in advance!
  8. AussieFJ40

    OEM parts gurus - dimensions/pics of stock rear muffler 1978 2F

    Hi guys As part of my resto I am recreating the OEM exhaust system as closely as I can, albeit with extractors up front. Part of this means sourcing a muffler that closely resembles the OEM item. Would anyone be able to provide basic dimensions (length x diameter) of the stock rear muffler...
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