1. Riviera

    HVAC Control Head & Blower Motor

    1998 Lexus LX470 with factory radio (pre-nav) and digital readout/automatic climate control. So, about 3 weeks ago, I started my car to let it warm up as it was -10 and let it run for about 15 minutes. When I climbed in to go to work, I realized the fan wasn't blowing. I played with the fan...
  2. S

    Flashing Cruise Control Light 2000 LX470

    Strange thing just happened this morning. Flashing cruise control light and rig runs fine. I even tested cruise control and that works just fine. I hooked up my scanner and there are no codes. I've tried a search here and on google with no luck. Any other help will be greatly appreciated...
  3. Nevada470

    Manual antenna control w/ factory switch

    This was all in a 2001 LX470 without factory navigation. Yours might be slightly different but the concept should be similar. This involves poking around in the factory wiring, so be careful and double check before doing anything destructive, ultimately it's pretty simple and if done right...
  4. inkpot

    Idle Air Control valve overhaul

    I have searched and found references to folks that have pulled, cleaned, whatever, but no actual mention of taking it apart and servicing it. Anyone open one of these little gems up? I am having floating idle speeds and I have eliminated about everything except this. I have tested the valve...
  5. NC 100

    FJ-60 Cruise Control

    I have not found a good thread on having a cruise control installed on a stock FJ-60. I had it done with one I owned in the 90's but the company that did it then is out of business. Any recommendations on doing this or the type of shop that can do it? Issues with doing this on the carburated 2F?
  6. bumpersignal

    temperature control knob problem

    The main temperature control knob on my lx470 the center console spins loosely when I turn it to adjust the temp. It does work to adjust the temperature but not accurately. Sometimes I have to spin the knob a few times and it'll just adjust by 1 or 2 degrees and other times it'll go to max...
  7. markdrm1

    Window and lock control switches

    like a lot of other 80s, my window and lock switches are giving me problems. The driver side window button works slow to not at all and requires being pressed several times. The lock buttons are not working at all. I decided to take one of the switches apart and have a look. The first thing I...
  8. jbatx

    Rear control arm mount protection

    Who has protection on their rear control arm mounts? Post pics, please. ...I manage to nail them every time I'm out. JB
  9. S

    What is the best way to check control arm bushing health?

    I just picked up a 2000 lx with 160k miles on it and am loving it. Going in i had planned on a mountain of PM work all up front so i dont have to think about it again for a while since im likely only putting 5k per year max on this vehicle. So one of the things on the list is a suspension...
  10. kilmarkid

    heater control valve blew at 263k miles(EHCV)

    Blew the heater 263k miles. It was not just brittle, it was toast. Zero integrity. Thought it was the PHH but that turned out to be fine. Replaced the pesky part since most of the fluid was already drained on my driveway. PHH took about 2 hours between cold ones and mucho forearm skin...
  11. C

    For Sale  Land Cruiser-1985 mirrors and climate control

    Land Cruiser-1985 mirrors and climate controL Please send messages if interested 832-452-6647
  12. wfd175

    Climate Control Issues Specifically A/C

    I've been searching for a 200 series AC issues thread. In troubleshooting mode right now. Front AC drivers side vents blow cool not cold. If I turn the fan to low the temp gets cooler. The passenger front is half as cold as the drivers , both sides set on low, re-circ or fresh air in makes no...
  13. Z

    Wanted  Functioning Idle air control valve....1997

    Have 4 kids .....don't want to buy new. Tks in advance.
  14. T4RBoarder

    A/C Amp or Control Unit

    Good Morning everyone, hopefully I didn't miss a thread about this in my search. I currently do not have A/C in my recently acquired 40th and would like to hopefully rectify the issue before the weather gets too warm. Symptoms are the engine idles up as I feel like it should when I push the A/C...
  15. Ayc3

    Do I need upper control arm?

    Getting ready to purchase suspension kit from slee and wanted to know from you all if I needed to get the upper control arm. Is it a must or what. Thank you all.
  16. fj40toycruiser

    Heater control valve Servo Motor

    New to the family 1993 fzj80. I am in the process of diagnosing why I have no front heat. I have a solid temp reading on the dash. With the cable disconnected at the firewall the valve feels to move freely. When I removed the radio and disconnected the cable at the servo motor the cable moves...
  17. MDarius

    Upper control arm is rattling. What else?

    Last time I went out my upper control arm was loose and slapping around. We torqued it down and it got better, but still rattling when it gets a little rough. I haven't dealt with this before. Do I just need to replace that bushing or what's the next step for proper inspection and replacement?
  18. ChewBaca

    Audio Control LC6i for Amp upgrade

    Has anyone used the LC6i contraption from Audio Control to upgrade the 100 series sound system? LC6i - AudioControl My plan is to use this along with my kicker CXA Series 5 channel amp. I just installed 4 jbl club 6520 door speakers and it needs more of a punch. I also have an older mtx woofer...
  19. 100 series

    90-92 Cruise Control Fix

    Hello all, i've been reading here for years but this is my first post. I've got a 90 HDJ81 with cruise control problems. Mr. Toyota no longer makes the speed sensor for the 91-92 80 series (or 90-92 HDJ81) and call me a soft but having the CC is awesome for driving our rigs long distance. I...
  20. landcrusher80

    SOLD  Toyota WINCH CONTROL SWITCH #38640-35010

    OEM Winch Remote Controller with the original bag. The remote is in excellent working condition; the bag is has no tears but shows some black scuff marks on the inside. This winch controller works for all Toyota Aisin winches installed on vehicles listed below. Part 38640-35010 (SWITCH ASSY...
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