1. prerunner84

    Wanted  Ac compressor 1993 80

    looking for a ac compressor used in good working condition. Thanks
  2. baldilocks

    For Sale  1993-80 series AC compressor and expansion valve

    I don't know if it works because the AC system had no refrigerant in it when I bought the vehicle and I replaced the entire system before recharging. $20 plus the ride or local pick up in Vacaville, CA.
  3. Charles4x4

    A/C Compressor Seal Leak?

    Just got a 4Runner from TX over the weekend. The PO told me I needed to recharge my '87s A/C system with R12 and it'd be good to go. Bought R12a on Amazon and went to work. The system held pressure but I could hear some hissing. A/C finally blew cold, but wasn't freezing as I was expecting...
  4. Beej

    For Sale  SOLD - York 210 A/C compressor for onboard air

    Hey folks, Bought this to start my OBA project but I'm delaying the project and moving so I'll have to grab another one when I get ready again. This one looks to be in good used shape! I haven't tested it since I bought it on eBay late last year but had every confidence it would work for my...
  5. bujbot

    For Sale  ARB RD08 locking diff & 12V compressor

    Hello, I’m selling the ARB locking diff and compressor that came with my FJ40. I’ve never installed it on the Truck and I don’t think it has even been installed on mine before. I honestly don’t know much about these parts or lockers at all, but I’m not going to install it and it seems a shame...
  6. LandCruiserPhil

    PUMA Compressor Installation on a LX470

    Having had 7+ years of excellent performance and reliability out of the PUMA in my 80 series it was an easy choice when I upgraded my MV-50 compressor in our LX. I wanted it to take up as little space as possible and be travel friendly. We use the LX as our travel/tow vehicle and it gets packed...
  7. tampacruiser95

    Possible to repurpose compressor for rear locker?

    Something I was wondering about today. I am ditching the airbags for different suspension, but if the compressor works, anyway to keep it and wire the locker so it can be engaged via the height control button?
  8. Shickalee

    1999 New A/C Compressor Issue

    Last year in May, I replaced the AC system with a Denso compressor and component kit. The AC was working fine but I would not say great, as in ice cold. Late fall the AC light started blinking and no AC. I fiddled with the connectors and the A/C started working again but the AC light started...
  9. MastiffDad14

    Compressor Opinions Wanted

    I was just getting ready to order the ARB Dual compressor and a 2.5 gallon tank to put where the spare tire resides. I started to dig into the specs of the compressor (4.65CFM AT 29PSI) and compare to other offerings. Sure there are more powerful units but they are also much more expensive. I...
  10. Jaybird1

    Air compressor

    80 gal 5hp single phase. Recommendations? Under $1k
  11. jr24jk

    For Sale  ARB twin compressor new 12v

    Selling a new arb twin compressor 12v comes wiring harness and rocker switch. New nvern been used $400 these retail for $530 plus tax. Location : los angeles ca Local pick up only
  12. cruiseroutfit

    Buy a ARB locker (or two) and get a free compressor and more!

    ARB LOCKER PROMO - We've been waiting patiently to be able to share this promo offer! Achieve true four wheel drive with an ARB Air Locker, which have been commanding power for the last 25 years. Used by the some of the biggest names in off road racing and by expedition teams around the globe...
  13. MastiffDad14

    Arb Compressor mounting ideas with AHC

    I'd like to add an arb compressor twin or single have not made up my mind yet, I tried searching for mounting locations for AHC equipped trucks but I have not comd up with anything. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  14. coldbeerbrent

    New Puma 12v compressor for sale

    I've been holding on to the 12v Puma compressor for a couple of years New Never used Never Powered up I bought 2 of these at Shoppers Supply In AJ It comes with hose and the Anderson connector Kit by Land Cruiser Phil. Asking $230.00
  15. 350HJ75

    BJ73 AC compressor wire

    I Purchased by BJ73 with no AC compressor, sourced one today and installed it but was a bit baffled because there was no where to plug it in... the single wire to the clutch to activate it. Looking at the wiring diagram below this is what i am looking for, i think. I believe i have the VSV...
  16. pdxlc200

    Slee Air Compressor Tray

    Thought I would comment on the fit and finish of the Slee ARB Compressor mount. I put on the single compressor and a Blue Sea 50 amp switch. Turned out pretty cool I think.
  17. MisipLC

    Bolt Sizes - A/C Compressor Bracket

    Anyone know the size, thread and length of 4 bolts that mount the compressor bracket to the side of ending, the one bolt that goes in the front, and bolts mounting compressor to bracket?
  18. SurfSwitch

    Doing an Air Compressor with External Fitting Install

    Exploring offroad has become somewhat of a weekly adventure for me, so I'm going to upgrade my compressor for airing down. I stumbled upon this thread on a VW Samba forum while randomly looking at compressor installs and thought some of you might enjoy it. I'll probably install my compressor...
  19. LXColorado

    ARB Twin Compressor Install

    Slee was having a deal, so I decided it was time to buy a real air compressor. I've gone through four air compressors with two SUV's (the ones you get at Pep Boys). In the amount of time I've spent inflating tires, I could have had another trip under my belt! So, I purchased the ARB Twin...
  20. Bardiya

    Why does my compressor sound like death

    My A/C compressor has been making a horrible noise lately, well it's what a compressor sounds like on cheaper cars. It's a ticking sound that is completely noticeable from inside the car when the radio is off and it started when the high and low pressure lines were removed and rebuilt. Anyone...
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