1. A

    For Sale ARB Twin Compressor Kit, SLEE Compressor Brackets, Mud Flap Eliminators, LCP AC Fan Kit

    Hi All, Just about everything has sold. I only have the SLEE air compressor bracket for a 3rd Gen Tacoma remaining ($85). Thanks! I've recently sold my LC100 and have a few extras available for sale. I'm in Frederick, MD (for local pickup) everything else i can ship for whatever the UPS...
  2. Das Shtig

    Wanted AC compressor valve

    8837160390 It’s called a suction valve, And it’s from a 2001 LX 470 AC compressor. It’s the plate that the lines bolt into. Please sell me yours!
  3. KonTiki

    Wanted 3FE FJ62 A/C compressor service port (AL/US)

    Im looking for just the service ports off the AC compressor, this style. The part held in the hand in the first pic. Second pic shows it mounted to the compressor. I dont need the entire compressor.
  4. cruisercadia

    For Sale FJ60 A/C Compressor

    Recently bought from cruiserparts but didn't need it. Ready to ship. $80+shipping.

    For Sale 80 series parts, GX470 Wheels, FJ Cruiser Wheels other stuff idk

    Selling some stuff I have laying around to finance my regear and lockers. Located in Southend of Charlotte, NC. Willing to ship on buyers dime. 80 series OME steering stabilizer less than 2k miles: $70 its rattle canned green, and is missing some of the hardware but would be a perfect...
  6. DoubleNickels

    For Sale FJ60 AC Compressor, Boise Idaho, $25 + Shipping

    Hello Mudders This AC compressor came off an early 80's FJ60. I pulled the engine from a trashed vehicle and can't speak to the compressor's function. It's heavy and bulky, would probably be at least $35 to ship (gut feel). Thanks for your interest! Regards Calvin
  7. lewscruise

    A/C Heater Probs

    Hey fellow Cruisers, I live in Northern Utah, which means in September you use your heater in the morning and A/C in the afternoon. My daily drive is about 15 miles, and my a/c or heater won't kick on until I'm about pulling into my work in the morning or pulling into my driveway at night...
  8. B

    For Sale TJM Air Locker and Compressor (1st gen Tacoma)

    I am selling a brand new, in the box TJM Air Locker and Compressor. All hardware, switches, lines, and instructions included. I bought to put in my 01' Tacoma but am now selling the truck (you can buy the both!) Should fit any non-TRD rear axle for the first gen tacomas and 4runners. Asking...
  9. DieselEd

    AHC Bracket to ARB Compressor Bracket Conversion

    I face so much creative and helpful content at this forum, so I thought I have to share my modifications on the AHC Reservoir Bracket to convert it to a ARB Compressor Bracket. Please keep in mind, that I deleted my AHC completely and wanted to use that spot for something usefull. Since I have...
  10. livelarg

    TJM compressor water locked?

    Howdy all, I was in some pretty deep muddy water the other day. I turned on my rear lockers about halfway through. My rear locker didn't work. I checked all the wiring and I have power to the little compressor that actuates my locker. I took off the air connector, and a little water spit out...
  11. BGarcia88FJ62

    AC Compressor

    No AC in the Truck, No Plans to have AC. Compressor is just an Idler pulley as it is. If I disconnected the lines from the compressor and left them open am I asking for trouble? potentially seizing the compressor or would it be fine. :beer:
  12. Charles4x4

    Wanted A/C Compressor for '87 4Runner 22R-E

    The front seal on mine went bad. Need a replacement. Anyone have one in good working condition? I'm in Birmingham, AL (35216). Current one below:
  13. stock

    Dual Battery and ARB compressor

    Is it me? I'm searching all over looking for pictures of where folks set up a dual battery system and having and ARB compressor under the hood. I have the stock battery now, but have an ARB rear locker being installed this weekend. I want to have the compressor mounted in a position where it's...
  14. prerunner84

    Wanted Ac compressor 1993 80

    looking for a ac compressor used in good working condition. Thanks
  15. baldilocks

    For Sale 1993-80 series AC compressor and expansion valve

    I don't know if it works because the AC system had no refrigerant in it when I bought the vehicle and I replaced the entire system before recharging. $20 plus the ride or local pick up in Vacaville, CA.
  16. Charles4x4

    A/C Compressor Seal Leak?

    Just got a 4Runner from TX over the weekend. The PO told me I needed to recharge my '87s A/C system with R12 and it'd be good to go. Bought R12a on Amazon and went to work. The system held pressure but I could hear some hissing. A/C finally blew cold, but wasn't freezing as I was expecting...
  17. Beej

    For Sale SOLD - York 210 A/C compressor for onboard air

    Hey folks, Bought this to start my OBA project but I'm delaying the project and moving so I'll have to grab another one when I get ready again. This one looks to be in good used shape! I haven't tested it since I bought it on eBay late last year but had every confidence it would work for my...
  18. bujbot

    For Sale ARB RD08 locking diff & 12V compressor

    Hello, I’m selling the ARB locking diff and compressor that came with my FJ40. I’ve never installed it on the Truck and I don’t think it has even been installed on mine before. I honestly don’t know much about these parts or lockers at all, but I’m not going to install it and it seems a shame...
  19. LandCruiserPhil

    PUMA Compressor Installation on a LX470

    Having had 7+ years of excellent performance and reliability out of the PUMA in my 80 series it was an easy choice when I upgraded my MV-50 compressor in our LX. I wanted it to take up as little space as possible and be travel friendly. We use the LX as our travel/tow vehicle and it gets packed...
  20. tampacruiser95

    Possible to repurpose compressor for rear locker?

    Something I was wondering about today. I am ditching the airbags for different suspension, but if the compressor works, anyway to keep it and wire the locker so it can be engaged via the height control button?
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