1. killrdanasurfer

    Funky squelch on cold engine starts

    2000 LC 293,xxx miles, on cold start ups there is a squelch that sounds like it's coming from driver side behind the firewall, very distinct inside the cabin, hard to locate in the engine bay over the engine noise. Some times it'll last about 30 seconds. Other times it'll go for a bout a mile...
  2. Ketzer

    Stumbling when cold in 3-4 gear...

    I'm having an issue when I first take off driving in the morning. It will pull fine in first and second getting out of the neighborhood, once I get out on the highway and try 3-4, it begins to really stumble and even pop out the exhaust. I tried starting it up and letting it sit and idle for...
  3. E

    A/C unit not cold enough

    I used my A/C for the first time the other day and it was not cold enough. Roasting in the truck and it was only 80 degrees outside. I'm not excited for when it hits 100 degrees in a couple of months. Where would I begin to diagnose the problem? Plenty of air flow - just not cold enough.
  4. Lumpskie

    Is this smoke excessive for cold start?

    Hey guys, My wife drove the Landcruiser today, which gave me a chance to look at it from the outside while it was running. I noticed that, when she started it, there was a little white smoke coming out of the exhaust. Then, when she accelerated onto the road, I saw this: Is this smoke...
  5. Borrego Bar

    For Sale  $4,600 - 1991 FJ80 in SoCal, 188k, Cold A/C, Smogged

    $4,600 FIRM - IN-PERSON CASH ONLY, NO SHIPPING OR WIRING. LOCATED IN SAN DIEGO 92107. Cold A/C 188k original miles Lien free Current registration Passed Smog April 2017 Newer tires Brand new front and back brake pads and rotors / drums Brand new valve cover gasket and valve adjustment...
  6. 80 Sack

    May Meeting at Huffine Cold Smoke Coffee

    That's right gang. We have officially grown out of the Cold Smoke on 19th, and we will meet at their new location. The meeting will be this coming Tuesday the 9th at 7 pm. After this month, we should be back to meeting at Lindley Park! Hope to see you all there! Thanks, TC
  7. A

    1FZ-FE Rebuilt but have a Rod Noise when Cold Start

    Hi, I just do a master rebuild of the 1FZ-FE. The engine is rebuild with 0.25 clearance not standard. I notice a BIG loud noise when cold start or when the truck is sitting for 3 to 4h. The Knock noise last for about 2 seconds! the times that RPM goes up and down when starting. What is this...
  8. G

    Normal idle when cold or warm. High idle when hot after driving

    So I have an issue where my truck runs fine when cool and after a few minutes of driving but anything longer than say 10 minutes the engine wants to run at very high idle at all times. Almost 2000 rpm. Anyone had this issue before?
  9. S

    Changed serpentine belt and still slight squeal after cold start???

    So, last week I heard a slight squeal during cold starts. The squeal is intermittent and very faint. It seems as if something kicks on causing it to start the slight squeal, and then stops whenever "it" kicks off. It is completely eliminated after warm up. I replaced the belt with a new OEM...
  10. G

    HVAC Automatic Climate Control is Either Hot or Cold

    The automatic climate control system in my 97 40th Anniversary LC can be set to full heat or full cold only ...nothing in between (like warm) ...when in automatic or manual setting. So my only adjustments are Hot, Cold and fan speed. Any explanations or suggestions ? Thanks !
  11. airsix

    Bizarre oil pressure - low on cold start, higher after warmup

    Searching the forum I can't find any posts describing this condition. '96 FZJ80, 1FZ-FE, 210,000 miles. This is a recent development. On cold start (temps around 40F) I'm registering nearly zero movement on the oil pressure gauge. After warmup (coolant at full operating temp) oil pressure...
  12. gummycarbs

    Newb question: normal fast idle on cold startup

    Hi, I bought a well-worn 1994 Land Cruiser four days ago and I don't have a factory manual yet, so pardon the basic questions. What is a normal fast-idle RPM, starting up cold, on a moderately cold day? Say, 40°F. How quickly does it drop to the (I think) 650 RPM regular idle? And does it...
  13. C

    Rough idle almost stalling on cold start

    It happens especially after a rain. The red low battery light will also intermittently come on during the almost stalls. There's no codes being generated and I recently replaced the battery with a diehard gold. The rough idle goes away once warm but the red battery light will intermittently come...
  14. ccasteel

    Wanted  '88 fj62 cold start timer switch 89462-20010

    I am needing a cold start timer switch for an '88 3FE. It's the square connector and the no longer available part number is 89462-20010. Below is a pic of the harness side of the connector.
  15. CrankySheds

    FJ40 Speedometer doesn't like the Cold

    Greetngs all. My '72 FJ40 today lost it's speedo needle. It has shown an inexplicable sensitivity to the cold lately. When the temperature outside nears 32F and I get up to close to 40mph, the cluster starts making a racket and the needle starts bouncing around. Today, when it wasn't that...
  16. HemiAlex

    Cold start misfire on my 2F

    I've got an issue where once the truck is first started in the morning or becomes cool, it will "pop" once as a misfire on the first real tip in of the throttle. -It wont do it more than once as long as I'm driving in that session. It the engine undergoes a hot restart, it will not pop. It...
  17. EasternYeti

    Vortec Cold Air Intake Options? lets see your pics

    Hi Guys, The P.O of my rig had installed a FJ62 intake w/ the snorkel outlet box. With the vortec, and the way its setup, its suffocating it. Picture a fat kid running a mile while breathing through a straw. Since its not a diesel, and I wont be fording any rivers that would necessitate the...
  18. NeverGiveUpYota

    "Cold" Valve Adjustment

    Seeking over the phone guidance now. I have her all opened up and feeler guage in hand. Measurements seem odd, some tight, some not. And for the life of me I can not bump my truck to get TDC in the sight window. Its either before or after and is pissing me off. I have both marks lightened up...
  19. C

    FJ62 Transmission slips in reverse when cold

    I have a 1988 FJ62 with about 60k on a rebuilt factory transmission. When I first start it in the morning, regardless of the ambient temperature, I will put in reverse and the transmission will engage normally and they disengage after backing up 5 or 10 feet. It will then reengage and maybe do...
  20. ZGMikey

    Cold Engine vs. Hot Engine Maintenance Ops. - FJ62

    I've got the car in the garage with the axles broken down and the exhaust a little cut up due to the PO pulling the cats. Tonight I thought I would check compression and set valve clearances. Checked the FSM and both processes are based on a hot engine. Has anybody performed these with a cold...
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