1. D

    SOLD  Indiana: OME Rear Lifted Coil Springs Land Cruiser 80/100/105 Series

    Rear Lifted Coil Springs Land Cruiser 80/100/105 Series OME coil springs 2860. They are almost brand new. Asking $120 including shipping within US
  2. K

    Igniter assembly, capacitor?

    Hey guys, probably a dumb question, but what exactly is this thing circled in yellow? And, what does it do? And, now that my wires have been smoked/burnt in the areas circled green, what does that mean for internals? It looks like a little capacitor that comes from the ground of the battery...
  3. blahblahblah

    For Sale  CA BayArea - Ironman4x4 6" coil springs - front and rear

    Set of 4 Ironman4x4 6" 80 series coils. They were on my truck for about 1.5 years before I decided to drop to a 4" spring. They are in good shape and ride well. $300 for all 4. Located in Danville, CA. Local pickup only. Not interested in shipping at this time. TOYO60B TOYO61B
  4. CruiseLanderAZ

    source for new OEM springs (100 series)

    I'm trying to find some new OEM rear springs but most dealers either have it as a discontinued part or want about $400 for both springs. Anyone have a source for slightly used or new that is cheaper?
  5. Unca Charlie

    P0300 code with no other codes - 1999 100

    After scanning this site, I;ve seen a lot of P0300 codes, but usually a bunch of other codes that follow along. I was driving yesterday, and the motor just started running like it dropped a cylinder. Checked the code and saw P0300 and nothing else. I have 155K on this LC. Most of these seem to...
  6. LittleRedWgon

    Random no Acceleration and a bucking bronco

    Hey guys, My 85 FJ60 is having some issues... I had put a brand new OEM Coil along with other upgrades into my rig last year...everything had been running fine until I had it in the shop recently for a few minor things. I got it back and it randomly starts sputtering and will not...
  7. F

    shudder miss under load acceleration

    read many many posts about this problem. 1999 lc 300,000 miles upon acceleration shudder miss at idle lack of power on acceleration determined NOT driveline related suspected coil issue removed coil plugs while running one at a time, each cyl affected eng sound (unplug maf sensor so engine...
  8. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  8 1/2 + wrap front FJ80 Coil springs for lifting 4 Runner $85 pair

    SoCal These could be considered 9 wrap depending on how you count them. Good condition, not rusted, no sag or lean when they were on the car. Shipping is outrageously expensive, unless you have your own shipping account. LOCAL PICKUP PLEASE.
  9. V

    Wanted  Metal tech 1.5 or 2 inch spacers

    If you want to let go of your MT spacer, please let me know. Thanks!
  10. CruiseLanderAZ

    SOLD  100 Series - Stock Coil Springs - Phoenix AZ

    I have a pair of stock coil springs from my 2000 LC. 180k miles - truck never overloaded or abused. I recently upgraded to OME 860 as part of the lift so these need a new home. Local pickup - Will trade for 6 pack of craft :beer: Shipped - You cover shipping and they're yours
  11. DoubleNickels

    For Sale  SOLD Igniters and Coils, 1F, 2F, Boise Idaho, $??

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Cleaning the garage out (Still....), found these in a box. Make me an offer? Located in Boise Idaho. All proceeds are going toward new upholstery in the pig. Help a brother out! Willing to sell all together or independently. Thanks! Calvin
  12. J

    Wanted  FJ40 Igniter/ Coil

    I’m looking for an OEM igniter/coil for a 5/1977 FJ40. I would like something that is in good condition with all the proper connectors. Please let me know what you have. Thanks! Jeff
  13. V

    Wanted  861/862 coil springs

    Looking for used pairs of 861 and 862 coil springs. Pls. PM me for price. Thank you.
  14. B

    SOLD  Fj80 stock coil springs

    Set of four oem coil springs from 1994 80 series. Good used condition. Upgraded to ome springs . 100$ plus shipping. Can include rear shocks (oem tokico) for free if needed.
  15. B

    SOLD  Fj80 stock coil springs

    Set of four oem coil springs from 1994 80 series. Good used condition. Upgraded to ome springs . 100$ plus shipping. Can include rear shocks (oem tokico) for free if needed.
  16. S

    For Sale  SO CAL Locked and Built LX450 Lowered Price!

    New price $13,000 OBO Vehicle with Extra Parts, Tranny, Power Steering box (perfect for your hydro assist project) wriring harness, computer, drive lines, lower end of motor etc. California, USA I am happy to post more pics and send my cell through a private conversation. My family and I...
  17. Borrego

    22r destroyed dizzy rotor, now it won't time...

    HELP! I have a 1985 22r. I was driving down the trail, and all of a sudden lost all power, the truck completely shut down. I put it on the flatbed and took it home. I looked at the distributor and the rotor was destroyed and parts were melted to the cap! I've never seen this before. I cleaned...
  18. bigezvol

    Another Petronix Coil Wiring Question ('74 f.5)

    I know, i know... this has been covered a million times, but i'm having trouble getting spark to the coil and not sure what's going on. 1974 Fj40 with a new Petronix Igniter Ii and the Flamethrower II coil with a new gear reduction starter. On the starter end of things I have the B/Y wire...
  19. FxFormat

    Wanted  100 Series 30mm rear coil spring spacers

    If you have a set that you are getting rid of because you're doing a real lift kit, lmk. Thank you i'm located in northern VA
  20. half k cruiser

    Dobinsons 3 inch Progressive / Flexi Coil Review Pt.2

    In case you missed pt.1 you can view it here Dobinsons 3 inch Progressive / Flexi coil review . This thread will be my thoughts and photos from my most recent trip. This has been long delayed as I've gathered all of the various pics together and had to resize them for uploading. The trip was as...
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