1. C

    Dodge  Rebuilt ‘15 Charger 3.6L V6 Pentastar and I’m losing oil

    Just like the title says. The car was flooded during tropical storm Imelda, but luckily it shut off as soon as it hit high water. Damages were shattered piston and bent/broken con rod in cylinder, along with the oil jet. I honed and bored all cylinders 0.030in over, replaced pistons and piston...
  2. Hiace4wd

    Half a year overland trip with ONE battery for starting & aux

    So, as a signal of how you can solve things differently I create this thread. I see everybody keep adding batteries to there rigs. 2 batteries for starting (even if you have only 12v) and then two extra batteries for the equipment (fridge and stuff). But then, yes, the batteries need to be...
  3. T

    For Sale  OME 863 springs & 4 nitro charger shocks.

    I have rear 863 springs and all shocks plus steering stabilizer for sale. $150 plus shipping. High mileage but good for a budget minded trail rig. Likely 100k miles.
  4. inkpot

    Super Charger hoses

    Can't find the Search function on my fone anymore. I think this came up recently but I can't find a thread. Anyone sell the entire set of hoses, or do I have to go out and source them individually??
  5. PNWScooby

    Cig/12v not powering USB charger

    Ever since installing my Kenwood double DIN head unit I have had trouble getting my 12v cig lighter to power my phone charger. The adapter that goes in lights up green so it is at least getting some power. Then when the USB cord is connected from it to the phone... the phone is not charging...
  6. landcruiserjunky

    Super Charger Compatibility?

    Whats the deal with GX470's and TRD SuperChargers? I know they are no longer in production. Does the same TRD SuperCharger that the 100s use work on the 470s? What's the difference in needed parts? Has anyone done one? Thanks!
  7. woytovich

    DC-DC Charger recommendations

    Thinking of getting a DC-DC charger to charge the battery in my portable smart battery box while driving. Considering the CETK D250s Dual D250S DUAL Anyone have any experience with this one or any others please post up. Thanks, Mark
  8. Matserelli

    Wanted  2UZ-FE Super Charger Kit

    Looking for a full trd super charger kit for a 99' Land Cruiser. If you got one, name your price. Thanks!
  9. Tom Springer

    For Sale  Old Man Emu Nitro Charger Front Shocks

    Two Old Man Emu 6000 Nitro Charger Front Shocks for Land Cruiser 100 or LX470. I used them for less than 1000 miles.
  10. Fantom

    Anyone in Australia familiar with Powertech MB3691 24VDC to 12VDC charger?

    There are a few options out there for running 12VDC components on 24VDC trucks. Ranging from running direct off converters to running things off a battery and charging it. I know several guys on here have set up systems using solar charge controllers and converters to recharge batteries. A few...
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