center diff lock

  1. W

    CDL switch relocation

    Hey all, this is my first tech post, so bare with me. Getting in and out of the Cruiser, I regularly knock the CDL switch. I’m currently making an overhead switch panel in the sunnies holder. So, I took the opportunity relocate the CDL switch up there. Working out what wires are needed and...
  2. B

    Wanted  1991-1994 Center Diff Lock Switch

    Like the subject says, looking for a CDL switch for my 94 Land Cruiser.
  3. rustycoon

    SOLD  97 center lock 250k mostly stock

    Hey Mudders, It’s time for me to sell my 80. I bought it about 4 years ago and have brought the miles to just over 250k. I’ts better than I found it with new tires (33” Toyo Open Country ATII Xtremes with about 35k on them) and a major tune up that included new wires and plugs by Little Rock’s...
  4. Zac Brooks

    CDL / VC Stuck

    Hey guys! I know there are other post on this topic, however I feel like my situation is a little more specific. I have a '96 FZJ80 with lockers. I have the 2.5" old man emu lift and BF Goodrich AT K02's. When I bought the vehicle the ABS light was on and has always been on. The CDL indicator...
  5. A

    Yet another CDL Issue

    Hey Mud, I've exhausted my troubleshooting skills on my CDL not engaging when it should. I have a 1996 LX450 (no locking front or rear diff) with 144.5k miles, stock aside from adding the factory dash CDL switch. When you turn the key to ACC and it does the bulb check, ABS lights up but the...
  6. K

    Center diff lock stuck?

    I'm gonna be honest. I have no idea what the problem is. The center diff lock light doesn't stay on but there are two symptoms that make me think it may be stuck: -There is an occasional clunk, usually after coming out of a turn. It kinda sounds like it may be from a u-joint or something...
  7. mod5csi

    For Sale  Denver FZJ80 Transfer Case HF2AV

    $300 80 series Toyota Land Cruiser transfer case, HF2AV, v iscous coupler removed but available free, 150k miles wire harness, sensors, and actuator extra also: $300 set of 4 American Racing wheels, 16x8, 6 lug, 108mm bore, 5” backspace $50 each Viscous Coupler for 80 series Land Cruiser...
  8. I

    1999 LC - Front drive train slippage? Loud grinding noise. Center diff lock controls it

    I originally posted about this on 11/20 but no replies were received. I have some new information. I have verified that as long as the center differential lock (CDL) is engaged that the noise and engine revving doesn't occur. I believe something is slipping in the driver's side front wheel...
  9. SurfSwitch

    Proper Center Diff Lock Operation Question

    I searched but couldn't find the quick answer I was looking for. Newbie question for Center Diff Lock Operation: I've got a locked '99, and I'm wondering if I'm missing something here. When I shift into low range the center diff lock light comes on. Hitting the center diff lock button on the...
  10. 916rockcrusher

    80 CDL trouble after bad decision

    Being the impatient person I am I decided to try using an ect dash switch for my center dif lock. I didn't want to wait to have an actual switch shipped. It worked great until I turned it off. It turned off the center diff lock and abs lights and now they won't come back on. CDL isn't engaging...
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