SOLD 97 center lock 250k mostly stock

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Hey Mudders, It’s time for me to sell my 80. I bought it about 4 years ago and have brought the miles to just over 250k. I’ts better than I found it with new tires (33” Toyo Open Country ATII Xtremes with about 35k on them) and a major tune up that included new wires and plugs by Little Rock’s

This has been an “every other daily” driver for me with .00001% light off-road use.
It has a recovered front driver seat and Weather Tec mats all around but other that it is stock and has the normal things you’d find: slow windows, leather on steering wheel and shifter is split. Passenger side seat control knob is busted off (seat does adjust with a pointy object). It had been wrecked by a previous owner that is on the car fax but everything drives straight and smooth. Body work was done professionally and tiny bits of overspray in the engine compartment are the only evidence other than the car fax.

Big thing is that the rig has low oil pressure at idle that has progressed over the last 4 years. 2 years ago we identified this and i started running Lucas and high viscosity oil in it. It has absolutely no knocks or anything that indicates impending doom.
Plenty of power, smooth shifting, cold air, hot heat front and rear, always a mid-south truck far as i can tell so no evident rusty beyond normal surface tarnish.

The mech and I feel like this rig will keep trucking just fine for many more miles but I need to pay for the GX470 I just bought and the wife says we’re starting to look like a car lot. I’m going to start it at 5k but feel free to let me know what you all think it worth.

I’ll get some newer nitty gritty pics up soon.


Dropbox album of photos taken today 12/12/17
Dropbox - Cruiser



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