1. AlbertoSD

    SOLD 80-series CDL Switch 93-94

    New OEM CDL Switch for a 1993 - 1994 80-series: Asking $60 plus shipping.
  2. Q

    HELP - Center Diff Lock and 4Low

    I have a fair amount of experience with 100-series Cruisers, some with 80-series, but NONE with 200-series. I am looking at buying a 2008 LX 570 with 228,000 miles, from the original owner. I know him and I know how the truck has been treated and maintained. In short, I have no concerns, save...
  3. Deathvalleypaul


    So California $36.48 including shipping. One available. Good Condition, with good lettering and no signs of wear or scratching This is the curved one that fits into dash of 1991-1994 Land Cruiser FJ80s. I will mark this notice sold when payment is received.
  4. ChrisDK

    Strange CDL mod ?

    Hi everybody I have a 1995 HDJ80 4.2TD 24valve manual. No axel-lockers but factory CDL (I presume :-) The previous owner made some kind of mod to the CDL wiring I can’t understand. The CDL hasn’t been working in the time I’ve owned the vehicle. At the Transfer Control Relay a pin on the...
  5. Lil Green 80

    80 series stuck in neutral, won't drive.

    Hey there, I've recently bought a 96 gxl cruiser with part time 4wd. I was out 4wding the other week when I stopped to press the cdl switch I lost all drive, car would select all gears but would just rev. I've had the gearbox out and everything is fine. The actuator works perfectly but still...
  6. B

    Wanted 1991-1994 Center Diff Lock Switch

    Like the subject says, looking for a CDL switch for my 94 Land Cruiser.
  7. krs2fur

    CDL stuck - HELP!!!!

    Last weekend, I grenaded my T/C (91 FJ80). I got a good take out from a local guy that parts out FJ80's, but he kept the CDL motor, so I swapped mine over. Because I knew it was in a locked state when I pulled the old one out, I rolled the gear on the replacement T/C into the locked position...
  8. A

    91 3fe erratic CDL light

    Hey yall, first a quick thank you for all the knowledge being shared on this site. I just recently bought my cruiser and I do not think I would have pulled the trigger if it wasnt for the confidence that this amazing resource that is IH8MUD instills in me. I have a 91 fj80, bought it with...
  9. Vavrinyuk

    1997 LX450 CDL not engaging ... HELP!

    Hey everyone I have 1997 LX450 I have been trying to get the CDL to engage. I read a bunch of posts about troubleshooting and making sure all fuse/relays are working. I checked all the sensors and connections on the transfer case they seem to all look good and working fine. I also did the...
  10. Zac Brooks

    CDL / VC Stuck

    Hey guys! I know there are other post on this topic, however I feel like my situation is a little more specific. I have a '96 FZJ80 with lockers. I have the 2.5" old man emu lift and BF Goodrich AT K02's. When I bought the vehicle the ABS light was on and has always been on. The CDL indicator...
  11. gummycarbs

    CDL Sensor Location

    I was having a hard time finding the CDL sensor, particularly since it was covered in leaking protective oil, so here are some photos to help others. It's accessible from the right side of the transfer case, just behind the transmission crossmember. I got it loose with a 27mm open ended...
  12. A

    Yet another CDL Issue

    Hey Mud, I've exhausted my troubleshooting skills on my CDL not engaging when it should. I have a 1996 LX450 (no locking front or rear diff) with 144.5k miles, stock aside from adding the factory dash CDL switch. When you turn the key to ACC and it does the bulb check, ABS lights up but the...
  13. C

    CDL won't lock. Help

    Hello, I bought an FJ80 a few months ago. It's a 93 with only a center locking differential. Just recently I had someone redo the breaks In the front. They did a great job and I am not sure if it's coincidence or not but my CDL won't lock anymore. Any ideas what has gone wrong? Still shifts...
  14. jerzjer

    97 FJ80 CDL or front locker problem?

    I have a 1997 LX450 with stock lockers front and rear. I am having problems getting either the CDL or the front locker unlocked. I do not have the switch on the dash so the CDL locks automatically when I shift to low range. Everything looks like it is working properly according to the indicator...
  15. JackAttack13

    CDL Detection Switch Part Number HELP NEEDED.

    Hi All, So I tracked down what I think is causing my CDL light to stay on full time. I am hoping that this switch is stuck in the "ON" position. I have found multiple threads talking about the switch, but nowhere does it list the part number. Hoping someone here has ordered it, or has...
  16. 99UZJay

    Wanted Early FZJ80 CDL switch

    Hey guys, i'm looking for a CDL switch for a '93 FZJ80. If ya have one lurking around, or know where one is feel free to PM me. Thanks in advance!
  17. duggy

    Wanted [TX] 80 Parts Green Rear Hatch, CDL actuator

    I need the follow parts below: Forest Green rear upper hatch CDL Actuator Passenger and Driver headlights and corner lights 91-94 CDL Switch Hood latch mechanism Located in Houston Texas
  18. SpamEggsandRice

    Wanted CDL switch and Diff Selector switch

    I'm looking for a CDL switch Let me know if you have one. Thanks in advance.
  19. Mudder92

    Buying a 1994 LC, its out of state so I can't physically look at the dash, to check for lockers.

    I'm buying my third LC next week. I've owned a 1992 and a 1997. Loved the 92 hated the 97. The one that I'm looking into now is a 1994. It's in great shape and fully loaded. The only real problem I guess, is that I don't know if it has lockers on it. I can't really see the dash very well in the...
  20. 916rockcrusher

    80 CDL trouble after bad decision

    Being the impatient person I am I decided to try using an ect dash switch for my center dif lock. I didn't want to wait to have an actual switch shipped. It worked great until I turned it off. It turned off the center diff lock and abs lights and now they won't come back on. CDL isn't engaging...
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