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  1. Red Beard

    CDL Switch moved to panel left of steering wheel

    After hitting my CDL switch with my knee a couple times already (once on the highway), I'm wondering if anyone has moved their CDL switch to the panel left of the steering wheel below. (Photo is from here: Factory Switch to Control Air Lockers – Part 1 -...
  2. John Beauvais

    For Sale  80 Series CDL switches 95-97

    I have several used CDL switches; $75 shipped in the 48 states. Other areas please contact me first to determine shipping. I also have a couple hazard switches as well; $20+ shipping
  3. Cass007

    Pin-7 Mod Help

    I've watched the YouTube video, read a few threads and followed the Slee directions and installed the CDL switch in the dash. I also got into the kick panel and and located the the proper wire for the Pin-7 Mod. That is where I found a hitch ... the black wire with the red stripe (Pin-6) was...
  4. Q

    HELP - Center Diff Lock and 4Low

    I have a fair amount of experience with 100-series Cruisers, some with 80-series, but NONE with 200-series. I am looking at buying a 2008 LX 570 with 228,000 miles, from the original owner. I know him and I know how the truck has been treated and maintained. In short, I have no concerns, save...
  5. B

    CDL switch not engaging

    Hi guys I am aware that this has been tackled before but I am having a bit of a headache. I have a 1996 1FZ-FE. Recently my father put a new battery in reverse and it blew the fusible link. Since then the CDL switch will not engage on 4H and ABS light is constantly on. However if I put the...
  6. ChrisDK

    Strange CDL mod ?

    Hi everybody I have a 1995 HDJ80 4.2TD 24valve manual. No axel-lockers but factory CDL (I presume :-) The previous owner made some kind of mod to the CDL wiring I can’t understand. The CDL hasn’t been working in the time I’ve owned the vehicle. At the Transfer Control Relay a pin on the...
  7. J

    Diff Locks & 4WD lights not working

    Hello guys, I'm posting a new thread here because I need some help with an issue that has been bothering for a while. I own a 1998 LC100 VX-R 2UZ -FE with 5MT, it only has 32.000 Kms in stock form. The LC is immaculate, but it is very strange that all of the sudden, CDL, RDL and 4WD lights are...

    For Sale  95-97 CDL Switch

    (1) VGC tested and cleaned center differential lock switch for 95 -97 FZJ 80's and LX 450's. $40 shipped in USA. Includes pigtail. Reply to thread or send me a PM for payment instructions.
  9. 99UZJay

    Wanted  Early FZJ80 CDL switch

    Hey guys, i'm looking for a CDL switch for a '93 FZJ80. If ya have one lurking around, or know where one is feel free to PM me. Thanks in advance!
  10. SpamEggsandRice

    Wanted  CDL switch and Diff Selector switch

    I'm looking for a CDL switch Let me know if you have one. Thanks in advance.
  11. Fletch80

    Weird Center Diff Lock Issue

    Hi Guys I picked up my1992 gxl 80 last week, Absolutely love it. Although there is a couple things that need some work. It has a part time 4x4 kit installed, and basically whats happening is the centre diff lock light is on when it should be off. Everything works fine and I know im not locked...
  12. bubfuji

    For Sale  Center Diff Lock button FZJ80 95-97

    I have 5 more center diff lock switches that I made from the Tercel, 4Runner, Cruiser Hazard switches. I guess I went crazy in the junk yard.... These switches were disassembled cleaned and re-greased, and tested in my 1997 FZJ80. The Toyota center diff lock image has been added. The switch...
  13. tampacruiser95

    Quick CDL switch question

    I've searched the forums but I can't really find this answer. I also search the Slee newbie guide. I bought a CDL switch - am I reading correctly that the wiring harness is already present behind the dash? Is it obviously marked? All I need to do is pop the switch in and plug it in? Is it as...
  14. F

    Wanted  94 CDL Switch

    Hello all, I need a CDL switch. Cruiser parts is out of their used stock, and I'm trying to snag one without buying new. Thanks for your help.
  15. mervo

    CDL switch installed, transfer indicator switch replaced, still nothing.

    Hey all, After installing the OEM dash mounted CDL switch in accordance with various youtube vids my dash was reading a whole lot of NOTHING. No ABS, No locker engaged. As per usual I did hear the obvious 'whirring' that Kumar mentions in the informative Slee article. (found here: Slee - Fixing...
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