Weird Center Diff Lock Issue

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Jul 27, 2016
Hi Guys

I picked up my1992 gxl 80 last week, Absolutely love it.

Although there is a couple things that need some work.
It has a part time 4x4 kit installed, and basically whats happening is the centre diff lock light is on when it should be off. Everything works fine and I know im not locked up because she turns not dramas and wheel don't chirp or nothing. And soon as I turn off the CDL and put it in gear with the hubs unlocked it makes a terrible grinding sound and the car doesn't move.

So yeah, its just light the light is in reverse to what it should be. And im starting to get sick of looking at it.

Anyone got any ideas?

It sounds like it has manual hubs, but the transfercase was not changed to a part time setup.

From what you describe the CDL is operating as it should.
I think your exactly right, is it dangerous to be driving round on with it like this?
Nope, just leave it one of two ways:

- hubs locked, cdl unlocked
- hubs unlocked, cdl locked
I would think that offroad you can have it as - hubs locked, cdl locked - in addition to those options. Just don't want to do that on pavement.

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