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  1. C

    Brake Tubes and fuel lines 2000 Lexus LX 470

    Has anyone replaced the brake tubes on a 100 series. I got a quote for $1400. I was wondering how tough it is. I am struggling to find much information on here, but then again I am new to the forum. I see a lot of folks doing the break hoses but my lines/tubes are rusty. Another mechanic asked...
  2. Beej

    For Sale Brand new 80 OEM extended soft brake lines

    Hey folks, I'm selling the following brake line hoses. These are 5 of the 7 needed to extend your brake lines for 75mm+ lift. You'll still need to pick up the 2 fronts at the caliper. These are the brake lines referenced in this thread: OEM Extended Brake Lines w/ part numbers Toyota...
  3. C

    1967 fj40 master cylinder

    Looking for some help with master cylinder replacement on my 67 fj40, it has the very small brake lines and i can not find a size for the fitting that screws into the master cylinder. I want to use an adapter fitting so as to use a master cylinder with 3/16th standard fitting. has anyone done...
  4. joker77535

    Brake kine failure

    OK guys i need some help i finally got my baby running again after starter issues only to attempt to pull it out of the barn when I lost all brake pressure. needless to say after an hour of troubleshooting and bleeding i found the the rear hard line going across the axle had a pin hole in it...
  5. K

    Good place to buy tube fittings for brake lines?

    I've been searching for a place to buy 3/16 tube 10MM tube nuts to redo my brake lines but I'm having a hard time finding a good source. I would also like to buy a few tube nuts with a groove so I can clip them for the flex to solid line joints. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. gummycarbs

    PSA: Avoid NAPA brake lines

    Just a heads up that NAPA brake lines don't fit properly, at least the ones they sell as "front, outer" brake lines. The roll pin used as a locating pin is too close to the banjo bolt opening. I was able to use them by knocking the roll pin out entirely, then holding them in place with...
  7. qaclange

    Steel/hard Brake line size for 100 series? And bending your own?

    Hello My fellow cruisers. I have really bad corrosion on my brake lines, one actually burst recently, and I was going to take a stab at bending my own. I wondered if anyone knew the size (3/16, 6mm....etc) for a 2005 Cruiser. And if anyone had any experience or tips that would be great!
  8. Krondor

    Where to start, Brake lines

    Hey Y'all, I am currently trying to figure out my brake line situation on my '66 Resto-mod. I am swapping to a dual circuit brake cylinder with a brake booster most likely from an FJ80. The previous owner installed disc brakes from who knows what. I may look at swapping the calipers and...
  9. RFB

    Man A Fre Brake lines

    Ok Ive currently got SLEE SS brakeline and they have about 4 yrs on them, I got replacement from man A fre along with TREs My question is why are the slee or dorman for that matter so much larger in diameter than the man a fre' anyone use them and have an opinion either way??
  10. X

    For Sale Hilux Extended Brake Line Kit from Marlincrawler

    Garage clean out time. Will not be needing these as truck was sold long ago. I believe these will work on any Toyota Pickup or 4Runner 1979-95, but firm up with Marlin Crawler if you don't know for sure, because I don't. These were manufactured by a military supplier, Crown Fabrications...
  11. X

    For Sale 80 Series OEM Extended Brake Lines

    Extended brake lines for 3-5 inch lift sourced from Cruiserdan. Decided to go with 2", so didn't need. Paid $144, yours for $110 shipped.
  12. Webster77

    HDJ81 extended brake lines

    Anyone know of a kit that replaces the stock brake lines with extended braided for st least a 3 inch lift?
  13. ccslider

    Extended brake lines - Fjz80

    I've been searching for extended brake line options and have found several threads about using T100 / tundra lines. The only issue is that I don't know if tundra is for the front or what. I don't really need to go the SS route and only need a few inches extended. Can someone chime in about...
  14. swank1231

    81 BJ42 restoration project

    Hello all. I'm in the process of re-assembling my Canadian spec land cruiser and needed to ask what experiences with aftermarket parts are products I should seek or avoid. As you can see from my avatar, it's a total rebuild. And I'm in the market for a complete brake line set (rigid and flex) ...
  15. landcruiserLV

    For Sale 80 Series misc parts (Las Vegas)

    From my 1996 LC. Pick up in Las Vegas is strongly preferred but willing to ship. Take EVERYTHING listed below for $0 FREE if you come and get all of it. Cleaning garage, Just want it all gone. If No takers after a week or so I can piece them out / individual prices are listed below. Updated...
  16. Goliath125

    Brake Lines '91 80 series

    Hello, new member but not a new visitor of the forum. So this is my first car, by choice of course, and I'm in the process of replacing the brake lines and fittings so I can finally drive it. I have taken a section of the rear lines off and I was trying to replace that section with a new line...
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