bottle jack

  1. scoobiedubes

    Wanted 1966 Bottle Jack & handle

    EDIT: Apparently the bottle jack I have isn't correct, so I'm looking to buy a jack and a jack handle. If you've got the whole kit (with the extensions) and want to put it all together that's fine too. ORIGINAL TEXT (for context with the replies below) I've got an early bottle jack and the...
  2. sunrk

    Bottle jack alternatives and how to safely store/secure them

    I ditched the factory jack some time back as mine was dodgy and it doesn't work well with a lifted 80. Instead I have a Masada MH-7 which is bigger but made in Japan is high quality. It does't fit into the factory jack pocket (and that's a pretty poor place to put the jack IMHO). pic page...
  3. swamp-thing

    Wanted Broken Yellow bottle jack

    I would like to find a functioning yellow landcruiser bottle jack with a cracked / broken base ( as many are ). Let me know what you've got kicking around & the asking price! Thanks!
  4. shmukster

    For Sale FJ62 bottle jack in PA

    Selling a nice bottle jack came from an FJ62. looks good and works good. Price $48 shipped anywhere in the CONUS. best to email me
  5. B

    Wanted Bottle Jack accessories

    Am in need of an early model toyota bottle Jack acessories 1.Jack rod 2.Jack handle extension 3. Jack handle
  6. Farmboy29455

    For Sale 1975 FJ40 bottle jack w/tools

    Jack, rods, tire iron, and rod holders. $250 plus the ride from 97070
  7. shmukster

    For Sale FJ62 bottle jack and tool kit

    Selling the bottle jack and what looks to be a complete tool kit, came from an 88 FJ62. Everything is in good shape and looks to have been barely ever used. Bag is in good shape too. Price $125 shipped anywhere in the CONUS. Best to email me
  8. GaryN

    For Sale [CA] Bottle jack and holder - SOLD

    SOLD Used, though likely hardly used. Includes holder $25 + shipping UPDATE: its been sold
  9. IrishCRZR

    Wanted FJ60 or FJ62 windshield washer reservoir; bottle jack & spare tire tool

    Hi, I cracked my brittle washer reservoir removing it while getting to the antenna. Anyone have a spare in good enough shape to ship to 60613? Motor not required, just the white plastic tub with clean cap and funnel/filter. Also, truck did not come with any tools. Looking for a bottle jack and...
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