1. Jalbao

    1972 FJ40 Transfer Case Shifter Inner Boot

    Does the 1972 FJ40 3-Speed have an Inner Boot for the Transfer Case Shifter? If so, do you know where I can buy the OEM or After Market replacement? For clarity - I am about to buy an Inner Boot replacement for my 3-Speed Shifter and I noticed that my Transfer Case Shifter does not have an...
  2. Randy88FJ62

    Rear eBrake boot replacement? And other rear brake components

    Swapped a FF FZJ80 axle under my truck and now I want to freshen up the rear brakes. Looking online it's difficult to find a complete kit. The boots on the backing plates where the ebrake cable enters are toast. Do they sell replacement boots? Is there a good complete kit out there for all the...
  3. MPG LOL

    Outer tie rod/steering boot leak at 92k (98 LC)

    Hi all - This is my first real post on the forum after a long time of lurking, admiring, and learning. I purchased a 98 LC a couple months ago with 92k on the clock and admittedly didn't do a thorough enough inspection beforehand. However, the only major issues I have found are blown CV boots...
  4. 65swb45

    For Sale  Rare OE early dizzy boot, CA

    Like it's FJ60 big brother, but designed for the 78-80 small-cap electronic dizzies. Only seen a couple of these guys out there. Dirty, but has no tears and all snaps work. Stored indoors for the last 25 years. $115 shipped . No PMs please.
  5. hidesertwheelin

    CV boot question

    So I took my Lx470 to the Toyota dealership to have the Cv boots changed on on of my axles. I bought the Cv boot kit from another Toyota dealer and then decided to have the dealer near me do the repair. They just called and said the boots don't fit and that I have a after market Cv shaft. Does...
  6. lethal1

    Wanted  100 Series Rubber Boot for DS Front Door

    I had to fix my intermittent window issue and in the process my buddy cut the rubber boot to hell. Looking to buy one or if someone knows the PN that would be great too. Thanks!! 1999 Lexus LX470
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