1. RumDoodle

    For Sale  Carolinas: Xventure XV3 Deluxe + Alu-Cab RTT and Shadow Awning

    Bought this setup a year ago and took it out west for pandemic roam-free trip. I will not have access to garage storage in new home so regrettably moved to sell to next adventurer. Will consider selling just the tent & awning without trailer and solar. Trailer is a Schutt Industries 2017 XV3...
  2. mustyGX

    Homemade 270 Awning Bag

    So, I made my own 270 awning and am having a heck of a time finding a bag for it. I ordered the ARB awning bag part # 815206 and two months later found out it’s on back order (like everything else) and ARB has no timeline for resupply. Most replacement bags I’ve found are for awnings with a...
  3. Hambone185

    For Sale  The Bush Co 270 XT Awning (MD/DC/VA/DE/ lower PA area)

    $1250 firm. Awning only, no brackets. It was purchased for my Van Toy Hauler in June 2020 from Midguard Adventure Equipment in Texas. I will upgrade to the Max version for better sliding door coverage when sold. It was mounted to the Van Rack in late July for one surfing trip and then removed...
  4. FJ40wifey

    Help with Father’s Day gift. FJ40 Awning advice

    I’m trying to plan an epic Father’s Day gift for my husband. He has this beautifully restored FJ40 in the garage and it doesn’t get much use. I thought it would be fun to get him an awning for it and create a summer bucket list for our family with links to off-road locations we can visit. I’m...
  5. 100seriesThrGrt

    SOLD  Denver: ARB Shade Awning 2500x2500

    Selling an ARB Shade Awning 2500x2500. This is the largest awning ARB makes/made (could not find anywhere to buy one new after a quick google search). Stowed dimensions: 8' 2" (2500mm) x 7" x 7" Shade coverage: 8' 2" (2500mm) x 8' 2" (2500mm) Full disclosure: The awning has a couple minor...
  6. Ironman 4x4 Lexus GX460 Overland Build ep. 03

    Ironman 4x4 Lexus GX460 Overland Build ep. 03

    Why consider a Lexus GX460 as a family overland vehicle and still be a daily driver? The third episode of a 10 week series following our build journey.
  7. Ironman 4x4 USA

    Ironman 4x4 Awnings

    A vehicle-mounted awning makes outdoor adventures so much better. Instant quick shade when you need it for an on the trail lunch. An easy get out of the weather quick shelter making it possible to keep creating that perfect camp meal. Perfect for a day at the beach or an extended surf...
  8. How To Set Up The Ironman 4x4 Awning

    How To Set Up The Ironman 4x4 Awning

    All of the tips and tricks that make setting up an awning by yourself super easy, so easy in fact, you may be tempted to spontaneously set up your awning at ...
  9. How To Set Up The Ironman 4x4 Awning Xtra

    How To Set Up The Ironman 4x4 Awning Xtra

    We show you some helpful tips and tricks that make setting up the Ironman Awning Xtra super easy. Available for both our 2 meter awnings and our 2.5 meter aw...
  10. What Makes Ironman 4x4 Awnings So Amazing

    What Makes Ironman 4x4 Awnings So Amazing

    A vehicle-mounted awning makes outdoor adventures so much better. Instant quick shade when you need it for an on the trail lunch. An easy get out of the weat...
  11. WoodyCreature

    ARB Awning on Factory Roof Rack/Bars (100 and 200 Series)

    Posting this in both 100 and 200 forums as this is a solution that works with both rigs. ARB 2500 Awning. Yakima Mighty Mounts.
  12. Dustin Messina

    SOLD  ARB 2500 Awning $200

    I have an ARB 2500 awning, mounted for two months never used. Replaced with Foxwing. $200 firm local pickup only in Brandon, MS
  13. rainbow94

    For Sale  ARB 2000 Awning SLC/ PC, Utah *SOLD

    Interested in selling my ARB 2000 series awning. Bought it new a year ago but rarely used it. Only selling to move to a 270 degree style as it fits my needs better. Don't want to ship, selling local in Salt Lake City or Park City Utah areas. Price new $279.99, looking to get $200 OBO...
  14. cruisercesar

    SOLD  FoxWing Awning by OzTent and African Outback Loadbars

    FoxWing Awning by OzTent SOLD. African Outback load bars (4) SOLD. Awning is complete and in very good condition. Excellent design and function. Provides tons of shade and coverage. Easy to set-up and take-down. African Outback load bars (4) provide a solid mounting platform for RTTs...
  15. sugarsam

    Stock Roof Rail Mounts

    Hey all, so my team and I are working on a roof rail mount to fit on stock roof rails so that you can attach awnings/lights/shovel etc. without the need of a roof rack. Were in the process of testing them and will have a beta public test run in late-January. I wanted to see interest from...
  16. RFB

    For Sale  ARB 2500 AWNING

  17. M

    Freespirit Recreation Group Buy!!!

    Hello all, I am putting together a Group Buy through Freespirit Recreation. The Freespirit Recreation products included in the group buy are as follows. Message me on color availability. High Country Series Tents Medium MSRP $1595 Group Buy Price $1355.75 Large MSRP $2195 Group Buy...
  18. SOAZtim

    Alucab Shadow Awning review

    Well, I avoided getting an awning like the plague for the last 15 or so years. The only ones I sorta liked were the Hannibal awning because they self supported and folded away quickly. They always seemed expensive and hard to get so when I saw the Alucab one I thought it finally looked like...
  19. titanpat57

    For Sale  FS: ARB 2500x2500 Awning and ARB Awning Room SE NY

    Sold Like new....Pick up only....located in Beacon, NY 12508 $350 for both, will not split up Thanks for looking!
  20. Torq

    Awning Extension Mounting/Stowing and Usage

    I just got my Tepui Awning Extension and I haven't had a chance to unpack or mount it yet, but it's a little bulkier than I expected. Anybody have any pictures or videos of how they've mounted/stowed it and setup procedure and time? I plan to set it up at each camp spot for sleeping quarters...
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