1. J

    Part time kits manual 93 vs auto 95

    Hey guys I have a 1993 manual 1fzfe 80 series with factory full time 4wd. I also have a factory auto 80 with part time 4wd in it as a parts car. I was wondering if I can use the the transfer case off the auto and axels to convert the manual to a part time. So really are the transfer cases the...
  2. Dusin

    1fz auto reverse problem in low range

    I've recently got my self a 95 auto 1fz 80 series and just been out playing in some sand. When I got the thing stuck on a hill and try to reverse out of it in low it would move backward the tiniest bit then do nothing and roll forward again and wouldnt rev up then it would stall occasionally. I...
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