1. Honger

    3F Alternator Upgrade

    So @MES posted up his alternator swap... and it proved very timely. I believe my existing alternator, with external voltage regulator, has been dying a slow death for some time. It came to a head on our camping trip to Coronado National Forest in early May. Our daily drives/explorations weren't...
  2. Drake2

    Trade  WI - 2 Used FJ40 Alternators for Pre-68 Front Heater Box / Working Pre-68 Wiper Motors / DualMatic Hubs

    I have had plenty of things for sale so let's try a trade this time. I received these 2 OEM alternators with a crate of misc parts I had shipped over from California. Both alternators spin but working condition is unknown. Would like to trade them for any of the following needed items...
  3. Seazedd

    dead batteries

    Hi guys. I just had the alternator replaced on my 100 series glx. The dash lights would flick on intermittently so auto elec replaced it. He tested charging and load test batteries and said everything was now fine. 2 days later I go out to car, turn the key and nothing. No dash lights at all and...
  4. S

    FJ80 Alternator issue

    I have a 1991 FJ80 with the 3FE. I recently found out I have a bad alternator. And it is no longer in production. p/n 27060-61091-84 I removed it, and purchased a re-man alternator. p/n 210-0177 Found out that the mounting holes on the new alternator are too small. suggestions?
  5. E

    Battery Keeps Dying

    Hello, A few months ago I bought an 85 FJ60, but recently I've had some battery problems. It started about two months ago when I think I left an interior light on overnight because in the morning when I tried to start it the battery was dead. When I tried to jump it, the battery sparked and...
  6. A

    HZJ78 Poptop Camper -- Help!

    Hey, I'm a new user (first post, go easy on me), and new to the Land Cruiser world. I recently purchased a 2002 HZJ78 Troopy camper (pictured below) from a Swiss couple who were original owners, had the camper built and took the thing around the world (Australia, Africa, and bottom of South...
  7. D0C3CB34-01B4-4B57-BD2A-27468B4A79A4.jpeg


    DC Power Engineering alternator for 5.3L V8 swap in a 80 series Land Cruiser
  8. DKSchrute

    Engine Re-Assembly Help 85FJ

    Hey Friends, First time poster here. Just picked up my 05/85 FJ this weekend- drove about 6 hours away to get her and trailer her home. She could used some TLC, but she’s a 60 series wagon and she’s a beaut. She spent the first 21 years of her life down in Alabama and Georgia, so very little...
  9. DesertCruiser80

    Shaking Alternator Hits Exhaust Manifold

    Hey guys, I've been slowly base lining my truck and have an interesting problem. At a certain RPM, about 650, the alternator shakes back and forth hitting the exhaust manifold. I actually suspecting the engine was knocking because of the similarity in sound and the fact that it happens when the...
  10. hank14

    FJ60 Alternator Choices

    This has been rehashed before, but I wanted to show what I had and give props to B-Z Rebuilders in LA for their quick turnaround on my Nippondenso alternator. $109.00 including return shipping with 1 week total turnaround. In other threads it was stated that they do the rebuilds for
  11. O

    HJ61 24v vs 12v

    Hello all, I’m new here and new to my cruiser in general. Just got a 1989 HJ61 RHD turbo diesel 12HT and am needing to learn more. Alternator just went out and so I am trying to understand the pros and cons of 24v vs 12v. Is the 24volt system just good for more starting power in cold climates or...
  12. J

    Alternator vaccum

    Hi all, struggling with an old diesel Toyota hi ace. So the van had no vaccum going to the brake booster and the vacuum pump on the alternator was doing nothing so I replaced the alternator and still no vaccum? Sent the new alternator back and got another new one but still the same thing? All...
  13. dcruiser666

    Alternator pulley destruction

    Had a pretty terrifying breakdown yesterday and curious if anyone has experienced this before. Was driving on the highway when what’s displayed in the image occurred. Started with a loud pop and then dash lights coming on. I was able to shut the engine down by disconnecting the battery, because...
  14. B

    Alternator Question

    Would anyone have a picture or diagram of the 100 series alternator? Having trouble working with a headlamp seeing all the connections and bolts I need to remove. Thanks in advance.
  15. V

    1985 12V Alternator woahs

    Looking for some advice. I'm a mechanic with some decent Landcruiser experience but seem to be stumped on this 12V internally regulated, 3b Diesel alternator. It needs a rebuild, but I havent had any luck trying to find the regulator for it. I can find the 24V regs but not the 12V ones. Also...
  16. leucadiacruiser

    SOLD  Rebuilt 2F alternator San Diego $120

    Just had this rebuilt by Richer Electric in Oceanside. Warranty transfers with the sticker on the alternator. Denso parts inside. I'll cover tax. Local pickup. $120 takes it. Thanks for looking!!
  17. Conrad1986

    Charge light relay...

    G'day, I've just signed up in hope to shed some light on the problem I've got in my hj61 1986 12ht. I feel like I've read all threads related to charging issues read the workshop manual and done a tonne of Google searches and work on the cruiser with no luck. I was driving when the dash...
  18. Fortitude4wd

    Mercedes  Om617 with tachometer(fix?) Using alternator.

    I had a heck of a time finding any information on this subject. I'm doing an om617 swap and am using the Dakota digital dsl-1e unit. In order to get a signal from the alternator you need a "w" connection, well the stock Benz alternator and the Saab 900 alternator don't have one stock so you need...
  19. FJ60Cam

    Alternator Differences - 2:00 vs 10:00

    I got both of these in a batch of cores to rebuild, and noticed that one has the voltage regulator in the 10:00 position, and one in the 2:00 position. 2:00 unit... 10:00 unit... The 2:00 unit is what I’m accustomed to seeing. Was the 10:00 ever used? Can it be used? I don’t have a...
  20. dirtrick

    Death of a star ter?

    A no-start issue has me wondering how does a starter act as it dies? Do they tend to go quickly or slowly? Does it somehow gain friction, or does it simply do nothing? Battery charger is telling me the battery is charged but everything else says otherwise... freakin mysterious pixies.
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