1. DakotaKid

    For Sale  Sioux Falls SD. Alternator bracket, spare tire bracket

    Powder coated alternator bracket. 30$ Each plus the ride. Flat rate usps
  2. 1

    Throttle out, runs fine. In, stalls.

    Amateur car repairer here.. Stalling problems with my 1982 FJ60. Replaced: Gas line, alternator, distributor caps, core, battery. With the manual choke out she revs high but will turn over. Foot off accelerator, stall. The carborater ball is floating and now.. not sure what next. I need an...
  3. B

    WTF should I do ?! WIFE CRASHED THE CAR

    Long Story Short... Wife crashed the 05 gx470 (our nice car) with 150k miles . The fix it shop told me I couldn't drive it, but I did, I just couldn't turn right. The engine sounds fine, but now will die if I take jumpers off (alternator?). I left it as is all winter as my estimate was 8k for a...
  4. M

    Lights dimming & low idle voltage troubleshooting

    Howdy folks! I recently acquired a beautiful '01 LX470 and I upgraded some of the stock electrical with a 370 Amp Alternator from DC Power Engineering, as well as replacing doing the big 3 (battery to ALT, ALT to ground, battery to ground) with thick 0/2 gauge wire. I added an AGM battery (and...
  5. A

    For Sale  Fj40 alternators

    Have extra alternators if anyone is interested. $60 shipped.
  6. ChaserFJ60

    FJ60 Alternator HOT

    1984 FJ60 Dual battery's. After a few min of driving my alternator gets too hot to touch. Even before I had the two battery's it would do this. Is this normal? I cant find anything else about this on MUD or the FSM. Thanks!
  7. FJ8097IDAHO

    For Sale  OEM ALTERNATOR 1993-1997, 27060-66070-84, 80amp.

    I ordered an OEM Alternator from Toyota in the fall of 2020. I ended up upgrading my Alternator and didn't need it for my FJ80 build. I am looking to sell the OEM one and am based in Idaho. Below is an image of the invoice; it's new and not refurbished. $200 seems like a good deal and includes...
  8. F

    High Output Alternator For KZJ78 in USA

    Hi everyone , new to the forum Just purchased a kzj78 few weeks ago. Located in NY I need to source a high output Alternator Here in the states. Ive been looking and can only find them in AUS and 1. The alternators i have found dont specify the fitment on a KZJ78, but they are for a 1kzte so i...
  9. FJ40 that green thing

    Alternator Rebuild/Voltage Regulator issues

    I just recently had my alternator rebuilt by a pro on an 82 FJ45 with 2F engine. Truck starts and runs fine since replacement but I’m having concerns with the voltage. I have a digital voltmeter on the dash I just installed and noticed when at idle it’s at 13-14 where it should be but as I...
  10. OG62

    Alternator Bolt

    Just wondering if anybody knows the size of the bottom alternator mount bolt nut on an FJ62? Mine is missing and I also have a rattle noise that goes away when I push on the alternator tensioning bolt. Could that noise be caused by missing that nut? TIA
  11. laser whipcream

    Alternator Issue/Debate

    My first post as a member as I've exasperated all other options. Thank you all in advance should you decide to take a look into my issue. My internally regulated alternator on my 1982 FJ60 stopped charging my battery. I was unsuccessful at finding one locally, so I ordered a new Altec one from...
  12. Salsita

    High Output Alternator Updgrade- Big 3 question

    Swapped out the alternator with a Phoenix Alernator 240 amp high output one. Doing the big 3, positive terminal on alternator to + battery, engine block to -battery, and body to -battery. I left the existing ground wire from battery in place to the engine block and doubled up the new one instead...
  13. afnos

    Power window inop when hot

    My driver (right) side power window stops working when the ambient temperature is hot, which is often here in Vegas. I noticed a while back when the old battery voltage was low the window was intermittent. Now, when I use the window switch the voltage on the dash gauge drops while the switch...
  14. Honger

    3F Alternator Upgrade

    So @MES posted up his alternator swap... and it proved very timely. I believe my existing alternator, with external voltage regulator, has been dying a slow death for some time. It came to a head on our camping trip to Coronado National Forest in early May. Our daily drives/explorations weren't...
  15. Drake2

    Trade  WI - 2 Used FJ40 Alternators for Pre-68 Front Heater Box / Working Pre-68 Wiper Motors / DualMatic Hubs

    I have had plenty of things for sale so let's try a trade this time. I received these 2 OEM alternators with a crate of misc parts I had shipped over from California. Both alternators spin but working condition is unknown. Would like to trade them for any of the following needed items...
  16. Seazedd

    dead batteries

    Hi guys. I just had the alternator replaced on my 100 series glx. The dash lights would flick on intermittently so auto elec replaced it. He tested charging and load test batteries and said everything was now fine. 2 days later I go out to car, turn the key and nothing. No dash lights at all and...
  17. Stevenmjones144

    FJ80 Alternator issue

    I have a 1991 FJ80 with the 3FE. I recently found out I have a bad alternator. And it is no longer in production. p/n 27060-61091-84 I removed it, and purchased a re-man alternator. p/n 210-0177 Found out that the mounting holes on the new alternator are too small. suggestions?
  18. E

    Battery Keeps Dying

    Hello, A few months ago I bought an 85 FJ60, but recently I've had some battery problems. It started about two months ago when I think I left an interior light on overnight because in the morning when I tried to start it the battery was dead. When I tried to jump it, the battery sparked and...
  19. A

    HZJ78 Poptop Camper -- Help!

    Hey, I'm a new user (first post, go easy on me), and new to the Land Cruiser world. I recently purchased a 2002 HZJ78 Troopy camper (pictured below) from a Swiss couple who were original owners, had the camper built and took the thing around the world (Australia, Africa, and bottom of South...
  20. D0C3CB34-01B4-4B57-BD2A-27468B4A79A4.jpeg


    DC Power Engineering alternator for 5.3L V8 swap in a 80 series Land Cruiser
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