1. B

    No charging - occationally

    I have a LC 100 99 model with 450 000 km. Last week I started to experience problem with charging - for several hours - no charging emptying batteries with no charge lamp. I bought a voltmeter for the lighter port to closely monitor the voltage as my garasje have not been able to fic it...
  2. 74fj40

    For Sale  Denver- FJ40 intake, exhaust, distributor, alternator, fuel filter, fuel pumps

    Selling some extra parts I have laying around Happy to ship on buyers dime. Intake manifold- $125 Exhaust manifold-$75 Distributor- $50 Alternator- $50 Fuel filter- make offer? Timing cover-$20
  3. Eicca

    Alternator rebuild kit source? Unsure of what's trustworthy

    Mom's 1999 was making a funny moaning noise yesterday, so I went and took a look. Definitely alternator side of the engine. With my stethoscope I couldn't hear it through the power steering pump, could kind of hear it through the tensioner, but I couldn't get the scope onto the alternator to...
  4. coloradocurtfj78

    Alternator not charging

    New alternator, new voltage regulator and still not charging battery? Disconnected the (green) wiring harness going to the voltage regulator and noticed one of the wire connectors was missing inside the harness (see attached picture) was curious if anyone has the same harness that could check...
  5. TeCKis300

    Alternator Failure Modes?

    2009 LX570 with 169k miles. 20-40A of aftermarket loads on occasion. Swapped out this failing alternator that showed symptoms of low voltage and not sufficiently charging the starting battery. Tore this down...

    alternator wire harness PART NUMBER

    Hi I'm searching for a part number for the complete alternator wire harness from the main 12volt pig tail to the relay box
  7. rideglobally

    12ht alternator connection

    There are two post on the alternator the white is positive. The other is negative correct? Can i connect the black negative wire anywhere I can get ground (negative) or directly to battery negative. Are these the only two wire connected to these two post? Is there another wire? As you can see I...
  8. roma042987

    For Sale  3b 12 volt alternator

    Recently removed from my 40 and in good shape. I'm hanging on to the hoses. $300
  9. SkiBum506

    HZJ75 bolt sourcing help please.

    My belts started squeaking on startup and when I went to look I realized the lower bolt on the alternator is missing. While looking over the engine I also noticed that two of the three bolts holding the power steering reservoir are missing. I have a 1990 HZJ75 and currently located in Reno, NV...
  10. COS80

    Photoman alternator instructions

    Hello. I recently bought an 80 series with a 130A Tundra alternator and what I believe is a photoman bracket kit. If there ever were instructions for installation, and if anyone still has these, please send them to me - I would greatly appreciate it. I got the alternator out, but I'm...
  11. Goebeler

    Wanted  1975 2f alternator

    Anyone have a working old alternator for a 75 2f? Mine is working but is loud so guessing it is failing. Bascally looking for one to swap to be sure that s where the noise is coming from. Engine is a relatively fresh rebuild and new after pump so thinking the alt is the noise. Let me know what...
  12. W

    87 Alternator Question

    Removed the alt and bracket in order to make room to replace some hoses and clean up the bracket. The alt had some dirt on it, as well as inside via the backside holes. I never took the alternator apart, but attempted to blow some of the dirt out via air compressor. Cleaned up the outside and...
  13. Dangerson

    For Sale  KY - garage clearing 80 series stuff - seats, ECM, 170 alternator, and MORE

    I am clearing out the garage and have all the available items below for sale (pics available - please email Middle and 3rd row seat set (2 middle, 2 rear) - tan leather from an LX450 - $599 (w/free delivery within 100 miles of zip 40022); otherwise local pickup 1FZ-FE used...
  14. deltapine1

    Easiest Alternator Removal ???

    I have read several threads as well as swapped on 80 series alternator previously. I am missing something as I read the alternator can be swapped without removing the battery, battery tray, oil filter and Power Steering Reservoir to Pump hose. The last swap I assisted on we pulled the fan...
  15. atlasmac

    New member. Alternator failing after three days? 100 series.

    Hi. New Member here from Missoula, Montana. I have a 2001 100 series land cruiser. The other day I changed out my alternator. I had noticed the battery light come on and I was measuring ~12 volts from the alternator. When I got in there and looked at the old alternator the ground wire was...
  16. CharlieS

    Question - what would you do? - Alternator/Core

    I recently changed out my alternator for a Toyota Reman. Turns out, the one I removed was working fine (the sound I was hearing was the power steering gears). The replacement had a $75 core charge, plus I'd need to pay to ship it, let's say $20 for argument's sake. My what would you do...
  17. B

    Alternator Brush part issue

    Hey yall, 93 HDJ81- found my alternator output low. Brushes are extremely worn, ordered part (looked up part # on jp-carparts to make sure had correct part # for my import) from local toyota dealer and it's a bit different. My old brushes didn't have the plastic housing around the brushes and...
  18. A

    Alternator replacement in 2023.

    Land Cruiser 2001 4.7L around Irvine. So, I replaced the battery with the new one a week ago, and the battery light came on in a week's time. Drove for around 40 minutes with the AC on till arrived home and the battery died. Charged the battery and drove to the nearest O'Reilly and their...
  19. J

    Direct connecting a LiFePo4 battery to a 60 amp alternator.

    I was starting to highjack CND's thread with the LC200, so here's a new one. Kind of a continuation from my winching with Lithium thread, which concludes that winching with Lithium is somewhat new territory. At least when I set up my winch wiring, I made the leads long enough to reach both my...
  20. cnd

    Direct-Connecting deep-cycle Lifepo4 to LC200 Alternator ?

    The specs on my LC200 Alternator says it puts out 14.6 volts and can handle 150A. I'm planning 300AH or 400AH Lifepo4 batteries (to power my fridge, induction cooker, air-fryer, charge my eScooter, etc etc.) I've already got 600W solar and a 50A MPPT charger. It seems kinda crazy to spend huge...
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